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The Helldivers

By: Banitt

Chapter 1, The planet Koulou was found to have a huge amounts of Hardonite, a rock much like coal, but burns much slower, and does not come with the problems of pollution. The only problem is that there are billions of dangerous and hostile aliens on the planet of Koulou. ******* A new elite unit known as E1, or Helldivers, has been created for the purpose of terminating the aliens and defending the precious Hardonite. Follow Barrett Taylor (Tazz) and the Helldivers on their dangerous mission on the planet Koulou.

I looked down the sites of my A1011 assault rifle, and aimed it towards a Korean sniper that was standing on the top of a four-story building. He was just turning his head in my direction when I fired the weapon. It was a clean shot straight through the head. I heard Sgt. Petterson yell out from behind me, “Nice shot rook! I think I may come to like you yet.”

It was four in the morning. We were in the middle of some damn country in the Middle East protecting the Iraqi’s from the Koreans who had declared war on them for no reason other than power.

I had just finished my basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia only two months earlier. A few guys had come to the base for recruiting purposes for a new unit called E1, or Helldivers if you don’t want to get technical. One of the guys explained to us that it was a new elite unit designed for, I quote, “Getting the job done right, fast, and with the least amount of casualties as possible.”

Now, I myself had always liked to try new things, whether it be eating a new food, or possibly joining a new elite unit that would be fighting the most intense battles anyone had ever seen. So, of course I signed my name on the paper, and before you know it I’m in a poor, third world country fighting the whole god damned Korean army with only three other guys; and this was only my training.

“That was the last of them I think.” Said Landers, our commanding officer. “The briefing said that after we finished with the village, we go up the mountain to the Korean outpost, and hold them off until reinforcements arrive.”

Pvt. Henderson punched Landers arm and started walking towards the mountain. As he was walking away he said, “We’d better get ourselves a move on boys, that outpost is more than fifteen kilometers away from here, and it’s all uphill.”

We walked for seven hours, struggling to get up the mountain. Well, I was struggling anyways. “Hey Tazz, you must have put the setting for eighty instead of seventy-nine on your sleep number bed.” All four of us laughed at that one.

Being the rookie had its downfalls. Actually it was nothing but downfalls. You were the butt of all jokes, you didn’t know most of the guys yet, and when a firefight occurred you had no idea what to do because you didn’t know how everything worked quite yet; but the guys tried their best to explain everything too me, and it didn’t seem like they were frustrated at all.

All four of us stopped when we were almost to the top of the mountain. Landers turned to us, “Alright guys here we go. At the top of the mountain there is a man built valley. That is where the outpost is located.

“There is only one way into the valley, and it’s just a small, narrow driveway. What we are gonna do is get in there, knock out the communications tower so that they cannot call for backup, establish a position somewhere with enough cover to hide behind, and finally sit tight and hold the fort.”

Henderson lifted his sniper and said, “I’ll take position at the top of the valley ridge and provide cover for you three.”

“You got it.” Said landers. Henderson turned away and started jogging to his position. Landers, Petterson, and I began making our way around the backside of the mountain to the entrance of the valley.

Landers was right about the entrance, it looked like a prius could barely fit through there. He kneeled down about fifty yards from the entrance. I thought it odd that there were no guards around. “Alright boys. When we go in there you two are gonna find a place to hunker down and draw the fire while I make my way to the communications tower and stick some C4 to it. Got it?” We both nodded, my helmet moving around on my head as I did so. “Alright then, lets get a move on than shall we?” The three of us whispered Hooyah as we stood up and started towards the valley.

I drew point, and looked around the corner through the entrance, I spotted four soldiers sitting on the porch of a wooden building, and six others were standing around in a circle paying hackie-sack with full gear on.

My rifle seemed abnormally light as I lifted it to my shoulder to take the shot. When I pulled the trigger nothing happened except a loud click. “Shit!” the six Koreans playing hackie-sack looked over in my direction as I struggled to get the clip into my gun. Finally it was loaded, but the Koreans had already grabbed their guns.

Shots rang out everywhere, most of them hitting the rock wall of the valley, sending dust and debris into my eyes. “God damnit Tazz!” Petterson yelled as he began firing at the Koreans with extreme accuracy.

Before I knew it the six soldiers were dead, and we were moving into the valley. Once Petterson got in he began running to the left, and Landers straightforward. I followed Petterson, and shot the four soldiers that were on the porch. More Koreans began filing out between the buildings, guns in hand.

As I ran, I emptied my clip, killing seven of the Koreans. They just kept coming! Petterson and I ran to a small, steel building that was secluded from the rest of the outpost. Petterson opened the door, and I went in making sure it was clear. What I saw in there was disturbing. There were four beds in the room with dead, and bloody bodies on them. In the far right corner was a large rack that held some sorts of metal tools. “Oh my God, it’s a fricken torcher chamber.” I said, fear obviously evident within my voice.

“Shut up man! Get to a window and make your self useful.” I listened to him, and started shooting out the window nearest to me. I had shot over fifteen of the Koreans when I heard something explode. I looked over to the communications tower, which was slowly toppling over. Petterson slapped me on the back and said; “Now we really got to pick up the pace. We need to make sure Landers can get to us safely.” I nodded, and continued shooting out the window.

I had only one clip left for my rifle when I spotted Landers running down the trail towards us. He was shooting like mad, and was just about surrounded by the Koreans, but he kept going.

When he reached the building he said, “These guys don’t know what their doing! I saw one guy who couldn’t even figure out how to shoot his gun!”

We fought for another hour before out reinforcements arrived. Sixty of our soldiers walked into the valley and cleared it out. A man in a black Kevlar vest walked up to Landers, “Your team needs to come with me, you’re ready for the real combat.” It was General Mason.

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