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Jasmine did everything rite her entire life. She got good grades in high school. Never got in trouble, stayed away from boys, always listened to her parents, and even got into Harverd Law School. She had everything going for her except for a life of her own. That was until she met Zach. A smooth talking, handsome older man. Zach knows a lot about living on the edge and breaking the rules. Jasmine soon finds out that the two of them have more in commen then anyone would think. He is cursed just like her. Or as he would say gifted, evolved, special just like her, and the others. He offers her the one thing that she has always wanted. Freedom. A life of her own thats not dictated by everyone else. Some edventure. Will Jasmine choice to keep on the path she is on now? Or join Zach and his friends in a life of recklessness. Will she like all that Zach can offer or will she get in over her head? View table of contents...


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~~Who would have known that being different, that my gift would lead to this? Would have lead to me running for my life from a complete psychopath through this abandoned building that was supposed to be our safe haven. A safe place for my kind, people like me to go and not have to hide who we really were from the norms. I remember when I was younger. My parents would always tell me that as long as I did exactly what they said no one would ever know I was different. So I listened, I did everything they asked of me. They where wrong. Zach knew I was different, and he found me. He recruited me. I see now that was what is was. He seemed so nice. He understood what I was going through, what it was like to have to hide. He offered me such great things and I believed him. I was not the only one. There was others. I was just the one who found out the truth about him and tried to do something about it.

That is what lead us to this moment. I was running from the first man I ever let into my life. I knew that if he caught me it would be the end of my life. I do not know how much longer I can keep this up. The gash on my leg is bleeding pretty bad and my limp is getting worse by the minute. I can't help but look back and notice that he is gaining on me every second. Of he catches me I won't be able to fight back not with this broken arm. There really is no hope. No hope at all.


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