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A book I started writing after reading some James Patterson View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 Prologue

Picture this. You are walking to the bus just like every day. Then, a boy walks up to you. You two become friends over time but then you realize your friendship is limited to 10 days, 20 hours, 43 minuets, and 25 seconds. What If I told you that was true. Your days are limited. Not in the way you think. What if I told you you only had 10 days to live? Would you believe me? All who are afraid of dying or just hate to see everyone else die please, put the book down and walk away. Go back to your worthless lives among this planet. For the rest of you. This is your warning. In about 10 days and 20 hours your world, Earth, will blow up.

The only way to save it is to kill one person, just one, who is hiding out in this world. Me. I am the destruction of your world. I am a walking time bomb that is more catastrophic then the nuke and the only way to defuse me is to fire one bullet in the back of my head and you will only have 2 hours to do so.

My Species of beings are, how should I put this, Universally friendly. We think that the planet Earth is too polluted so the high lord of my planet sent me down. I am an expendable. One who doesn't serve any purpose on my planet except to die. The high lord planted a bomb within me. This bomb has the power to explode 2 planets of a relativity small size, almost like your mars. Which is exactly what we needed to blow up your planet. Now, most people would think that this is just a joke. I can assure you that this is not a joke. As you were reading this a message was written. This message is going to be sent to all of the television and Radio broadcasts in the world. This message will warn the people of earth that I am roaming around and that they will have only 2 hours to kill me. Obviously the leaders of the world will not buy this so we planed a little example. The destruction of a state called Massachusetts. A smallish state on the East coast of a country called America. We are going to blow up that state first. Just so you'll believe us.

We first picked up transmissions from Mass. That is how we found Earth. Apparently a huge population of human watch T.V. And we picked up a signal from one person that was watching a show called "The Daily Show". That is also how we found that the Earth was polluted.

My mission is not only to blow up the Earth though. My other mission is to find a way that you, the humans, should live. I have been here for 7 years but haven't found any reason. I live in Massachusetts and there is no logical reason for humans to live. I am modeled after a 12 year old. I must go to this thing they call school for 5 days a week with limited vacation time. Children are supposed to learn there but really, school is just a jail that parents drop them off to so they don't have to take care of them.

It sickens me how much people can hate each other in this world. Although some might say it is amazing how people can love each other a lot too. I know that love on this planet doesn't last long. There is a lot of people that make fun of love or devorse because they don't love each other anymore. I know a boy a t school who's mother devosed ten times and didn't look back.

There was a ton of warnings that you had to clean up your planet. 9/11, suicide bombers that was all us. We can corrupt the mind. We have something of a super power. We can make anyone do anything. Of course, We are unable to use it on our own kind. As a child we learn to use it and after a while we can master it. We usually use it on the animals of our planet to practice. The only reason we don't use it on the whole world and tell you people to stop polluting is because we can't use it on more than one person at once. The bombers would usually tell the victims to stop polluting the earth and anyone who survived the bombing would either become a politician for the earth, a hippie, or a comedian. Some people just move on with their worthless lives and forget about the whole thing. I regret using bombs to get our attention but my father says that is the only way to get your attention.

I don't believe him.

My father is a very intelligent man who can sometimes be cruel. He once caught me eating dessert before dinner and gave me a, what do Earthlings say? A swirly? He puts my head in the toilet then flushes it. He got that from a transmission we picked up from Earth as well. It was a show called "Ned's Declassified school survival guild". It felt so weird the first time he did it but I got used to it. My father gets all of his "Disciplinary" ways from transmissions.

Me? My name is Sidd. In my human form I am an African American looking 12 year old with hair about 5 inches long. I usually wear what every 12 year old wears. Jeans, a t-shirt and a hoddie with skater shoes and not matching laces but I am still on the bottom of the popularity chart. I think it was because when I first came to this planet I knew too much for someone my age. In fact I was way smarter than any child in my age group which, in turn, dubbed me a geek. In 5th grade the P.E. teacher was harassing a young girl about my age in the school grounds. I beat him up and gave him a warning. I didn't get any praise for it either in fact the P.E. teacher lied and told the whole school I brutally assaulted a teacher without reason. I was a hero to the girl but a bad influence to the other children in other mother's opinion.

As an alien from another planet you'd think it would be cool. I say it is the worst burden ever. I can't give myself up until the warning is sent out, at that time my picture and my location will be sent to all of the leaders in the world and they will be put to the test. I can't get an friends either because I would get too close and defuse myself so I try to stay away from everyone. It's very sad, really. Even though I am an alien I do still have emotions like love, hate, anger. They, no doubt, may be my downfall though.


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