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Slaves we are not

Novel By: cainfox
Science fiction

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Title: Slaves we are not. Author: Cain fox Prologue: The current world the year is 2,234. The land witch human dominate is decorated in high tower structures with solar panel's scattered on top of them. Expect for some areas around the globe used for farming, lumber cutting and coal mining. The creatures known as the 'furs' are the main source of labor. Created through genetic experimentation to create the perfect soldier in early 2,100, during the great wars. They were a success. The furs were great soldiers and were use for a long time till around 2,189 when the treaty was signed to mark the end of the wars but the government kept seeking for cheaper labor and Saw that they could make these solders into slaves. Saying we made you we do as we please, giving you little to no rights. But a lot of the population did not like this and started forming a rebellion against the government. Chapter 1: grey skies ahead "What going on!" I yell as I walk in the doors of the slave halls, Coal dust filling the air Making me cough "You have to get back to work! Leo wants to know why you're all laying around." "Oh shut up you damn vixen. Master pet going to whip us" Tom a grey wolf sitting on at one of the front tables of the slave house said thoughtfully surrounded by other slave. "Tom did you do this? You dumb ass, are you trying to get beat again?" I said taken back by his actions. "Listen Clare" Tom said getting up and walking over to her. "Were not working today! Now don't get that cute red and black tail of yours all riled up. Go back tell Leo" "Why don't you PET" He softly whisper in her ear as he pulls the skirt out and let go snapping it back in place. Pushing him back into the other slave behind him, He just smirked at me." Get back from me you creep. I hope he clips you, You jackass!" I yelled as I ran out of the slave house. I ran for a quarter of a mile away from the slave house only slowing down once. I crossed the small path to the flower field and stopping to calm down a little. I dint realize that I was crying until I stop to catch my breath. "He such a jackass, he try to embarrassed me just 'cause I'm a house slave. Making fun of my tight clothes and the unnatural black stripes under my eyes." I yell angrily at the ground. Am I really that different? I think to myself as I sit down in the grass. My short skirt catching the soft wind, am I really that different from the worker's? Leo calls me his little fox and treats me nicely, well when I don't talk back. I clean the house and do errands for him like this one. But Tom and the other's always treat me horribly, calling me is pet and toy. I think to myself as I sit there wiping away the tears. As I stand up I walk the rest of the way to the house. Approaching the entrance I did my best to hide the fact I was crying taking a moment to admire the house. The house was painted mostly black with red and white swirling into each other then exploding out, an odd design, the curved roof making it stand out. It was originally built to hide the solar panels, But made it look unique and Leo always liked odd and creative things he loved art with a passion and uniqueness. As I walked into the nice entrance of Leo's house. I had the privilege of living in one of the rooms of the beautiful house. All the walls painted red with nice plush carpet and a stair case to both sides. "Clare hunny so why were they not in the coal mines working" Leo ask coming down the stairs. As if he knew she was coming. Awe walked down the stairs in his white suit with black embroidery letters on the right chest L.S. My ears were pressed against her head and tail in between my legs. "They refuse to work sir" I said quietly. Not wanting him to get mad. "It ok little fox but there will be Consequence's to this, I just need to install some proper rules and punishments. I've been too lenient on them. Any ideal of whom behind this?" Leo asked annoyed "Um Tt-Tom was the influencer I think" I slowly said stuttering. "Of course it has been three months since I bought him, and all he has done is cause several fights and causing my favorite little fur to cry. Now he's a leader of a small rebellious group." Leo sigh calmly "What do you want me to do sir." I asked nervously. "Go clean yourself up. We're going to have a party tonight, here" He said throwing her a key "Use that to get in my room later I have a dress laid out for you, we're going to show you off tonight." As I look up are eyes met for a second. His green eye's look as if a horrible thought was on his mind and his beard made it impossible to see his mouth. His hair was long and straight and black as crow wings. What was he thinking I wonder as I caught the keys. "Thank you master" I said going up the other flight of stairs to the right. "Oh yes Clare if he makes you cry again. He won't be happy. I can't have him hurting you now." Leo said before walking downstairs and out the door. As I heard that I quiver a little. As much as I hate him I don't want him hurt. I think to myself as I enter the top hall I quickly went to the shower room ignoring all the pictures and cameras. The one thing I hate most about Leo house was the lack of privacy. But it was necessary for there were a lot of expensive items here. I turn and open the door that said 'bathing room' on it and walk in quickly. Shutting the door behind me and putting the key on the sink. I undress and got in the shower I had all the time in the world to enjoy the bathroom that was as large as a master bedroom. With a three man tub and a sit-in shower as well as the stand shower in one I was in, with nice smooth rock tile flooring, leading to a soft blue carpet under a large window of the flower field. It was very nice but not as nice as the warm water. After soaking myself I lather shampoo all over my body taking care to rinse it all out. I step out of the shower and grab a towel to rap around my chest as best I could. Then I went to the mirror to work on my hair and fur. Smoothing out my face fur and muzzle. I admire my soft orange fur that goes all the way around my head to the side of my chin then curve up to my nose. Then my white chest that make my blue eye's look so much brighter. I look like an average vixen fur, except for the odd black fur under each eye that about a inch long and they curve up. I then grab the brush to work on my brown thick hair so I can get it to lay just right. I love my coat I think as I dry my arms and legs off. I open the laundry chute beside the mirror and drop my cloths down. Taking the key off the sink I wrap the towel around my waist again. Walking right across the hall to Leo room, as I insert the key. You hear a simple click that it unlocked. I walk in to the master bed room, it felt weird. Why I don't know it felt like the hallway with eyes on me from every direction. I ignored it as I walk up to the purple draped bed to look at the dress. It was black with red lining on the sides of it. Making it almost glow in the light. I put on the size D bra that lay by the dress. There big, yes but get in the way as I'm small at 5'7 and only 120 pounds. So they kind of hurt. I then put on the black panty that was laid atop the dress. Then the dress itself, I then pulled my tail through the tail hole in the back. Realizing forgot to brush which was in a mess. After going back to the bathroom and brushing it out. I look at myself in the mirror and wish I could dress like this every day. Then the thought hit me, Wait had he given me such a fancy dress, Usually I server drinks unless I'm serving in this. No that not right, what he is planning, I think as I leave the bathroom to go to my room.


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