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Reverie is the story of Trance, an ordinary person with nothing interesting about him, who loses his memory and wakes up with a clean slate. He finds out he has been saved by a resistance, Advent, who saved him after a battle with Nascent, the oppressive government of the city state. Trance is forced into the fray with Advent and Nascent and is forced to flee the city of Eden to find a way to either bring peace or abolish one of the two factions.

In a semi post-apocalyptic world, where North America is occupied by city states and an Empire ruled by dictators and wandering tribes of strange creatures called Cynics, everything is different yet hauntingly familiar. Featuring characters from "A Deliverance" and "Trickster", Reverie is not a sequel to any of the stories but something entirely new and sporadic. Your bodies best be ready, because once Reverie starts, it isn't going to stop until it reaches the very end. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 12, 2012    Reads: 64    Comments: 23    Likes: 6   


He floated around in space, curled up in a ball and spinning around. A spinning feeling was in his head and he wanted to open his eyes desperately to see where he was exactly. Countless times he tried but his body was too weak. After what felt like another hopeless try, he felt something ethereal lift off his body, a relief like he had never felt before, and he left his curled up position.

He opened his eyes finally, blinded by the sudden flood of color and saw stars and galaxies hovering past him. He felt his eyes widen but he didn't gasp for air or panic. Everything passed by him slowly and he felt no breeze. He tried to remember how he ended up in such an odd position but his brain failed to work. He couldn't recall his name nor anything personal. His slate was clean and although he was scared by his blank memory, he felt like something else was going on.

Everything seemed hazy around him. He knew of space before but everything seemed warped and discolored. Maybe it was just normally like this and he couldn't remember correctly? Part of his memory was already twisted as it was.

Then he heard a faint rumble. He looked around looking for the source but only saw stars. Then a light erupted in a vertical line in front of him. Sound erupted into his ears and suddenly he felt pain. All emotion flooded into his body and he let out a blood-curling scream. He sat up and for a second he saw people and machines huddled around him, holding surgical equipment and face masks.

"Give him more drugs! We need more time on him!" one of them screamed over his cries. The mask on his face filled up with a sour tasting gas and he fell back through the rip in space and floated around again. All his emotion disappeared and he started floating around again. He forgot about the vertical rip and continued to float around endlessly.


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