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Noboraska Island: Chapter 1

Novel By: CanadiansKid24
Science fiction

Elridos was a well wealthy new elected Pharaoh in charge of Kitoguna, regaining his faith in life again when he met meeting his sweet heart Dyminus and happily married. Not long after Elridos fought in the war of Megiddo. Things seemed to be going right for Elridos, until disaster struck at the feast!

The chapter will continue to decades later to an old French fisherman Jacqunia Sjwono. He enjoyed his job very much. One day after his long shift of fishing, he would black out for a moment, only to find himself on what could change the world forever! View table of contents...



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Chapter 1

A peaceful green island lies alone full of bright green valleys, and the passive sounds of a waterfall splashing into the ever flowing streams within a green tropical forest. The island is surrounded by the clean, clear but dangerous waters of the European side of the Atlantic Ocean. It was an island where a nature lover would to breathe in every breath of its fresh air until the day they perish. It was an island that once unknown to global history only soon to become a well-known story. A story like a fantasy fairy tale you would tell your children before tucking them into bed. It's a story which involves miracles and wishes and begins at the time of ancient Egypt, truly one of the early stages of human kind.

Elridos Gunera who once had his life at risk in the great battle of Megiddo before he married the love of his dreams Dyminus. Elridos, now Pharaoh of the village of Kitoguna, which is pronounced

"kit-toe-goon-a." A friendly town populated with the rich and average. The town is well known for its marketing, citizens visit daily for food, and clothing, as well, many visit to find work. The town scatters a mix of single and six story buildings which house a blend of homes and businesses Kitoguna is not located fare but still need to go the miles by camel to reach the Nile River past Cairo. At night it's so very quiet that you can hear of sand travelling in the wind from a distance in a deserted dessert.

Elridos was the new elected Pharaoh of Kitoguna. His house was surrounded by dessert. Kitoguna was like looking at a small dot in the distance from Elridos home. Elridos home was a richly built one story constructed from thick mud bricks. The yard was guarded by a mud brick fence with a large wooden gate. Once through the gate you were able to see a large courtyard which housed many small plants and reflecting gardens. Stepping down a three flight stairway you enter a short path which leads to an ivory bridge which spans a pool of still water. From the ivory bridge a red carpet marks a winding path leading to two golden thrones.

Tonight was a special night for the newly elected. Elridos wore his tunic down to his knees. His thick black hair is short and braided. On the center of his crown is a small man made of polished steel and wearing the same white silk shendyts and a nemes over his head to represent his wealth of his society culture. He had a false beard wore on his chin looking like a goatee. Bulk leather sandals protected his otherwise bare feet. His skin was darkened from the sun and coloured a deep mocha. His eyes are as green as healthy cut spring grass. Elridos was tall for the time measuring just about five feet five inches with broad shoulders and a lean wiry muscular frame. Whether sitting at the throne, leading a discussion at a table or directing the army Elridos commanded attention. As the new Pharaoh Elridos was truly an imposing figure!

Upon this evening Elridos sat in the head chair at the end the dining room table with his wife, Dyminus to his right. As strong and imposing as Elridos was, the beauty of Dyminus was his equal. Dyminus was just over five feet tall and had small frame which emitted tenderness. The most striking feature of Dyminus was her light blue eyes which glistened like night stars. Dyminus had on her bead necklace which was made from tiny hand polished pebbles. The necklace reflected many colours from the large candles lighting the table. Her hair matched color of Elridos's hair, except she let it flow to her shoulders. Dyminus's long dark violet beadnet dress reached the floor. Like Dyminus's eyes, the stars did sparkle on this clear humid night of 1500 B.C.

The families of Elridos and Dyminus are gathered in the dining room. All the women and the men are wearing their finest clothing. It was the night of the election feast to celebrate the new emperor. It was to be a feast of feasts with roasted beef, roasted lamb, fresh maize breads, and roasted corn. The meal was cooked and served by Elridos's personal cooks. To drink there was water, barley wine and beer. The dining room was filled to capacity with seventeen people sitting around the long wooden table. The table was the center piece of the room for not only was it brimming with food but also had intricate carvings in it which were filled with gold.

A hush came over the chatter filled dining room when Elridos rose from his chair tapping his wine cup with a spoon. He spoke in his native Egyptian language. "Attention, may I have everyone please rise." Everyone rose from their chairs. Dyminus smile showed off her clean white teeth. "Dearly beloved, ever since my day in battle, my heart lost faith in humanity. Dyminus, her charm will not heal my heart for humanity, but what she can heal is the passion I thought I never had for love. Dyminus's gave me a healing to piece in my heart where it ached." Elridos announced holding Dyminus's hands. "Dyminus, I would like to be the man to make promise to you, to be there when you are depressed, to make your laugh, smile, to comfort when you cry allowing your tears to rain on my shoulders, prevent and protect you from harm's way, importantly to be the man who keeps his promises for eternity. I love you Dyminus." The people clap as they kissed each other on the lips. Elridos and Dyminus turns to their guest.

"To my family and friends around the table I promise to lead you with honour, respect, truth and trust. As it is my goal to protect Dyminus, it is also my goal to protect and grow Kitoguna to being the envy of the land. I promise to listen to you and act only in a manner which will make you proud to say I am your Pharaoh." They guest make a toast for Elridos's election before Elridos announces. "Now, let us serve our stomachs."

Dyminus took a sip from her wine cup however as she places the cup of red wine back on the table she places a hand on her chest. Dyminus felt light headed and the room began to swirl. Gasping for air she falls from her chair. "My dear?" Elridos called to Dyminus. Bubbled foam begins to leak from her mouth as she lies sprawled on her back on the floor. Every rose from their meals to see what was the matter.

Elridos sat up Dyminus in his arm. Dyminus did not response. "Dyminus!" Elridos cried. No answer, her head is tilted back and her eyes remain closed. Elridos is sadden, "Get out, the fest is over!" he snapped. The guards stepped in to escort the people out of the dining room. Elridos sat alone on the dining room with Dyminus in his arms and begins to weep into her dress.

Now what does wishes and miracles have to do with this story? The principal of this story occurs centuries later in 1922 in the early season of May and a fisherman is into his journey back home to Cherbourg, France. In the early 1900's Cherbourg is still just a small fishing village although it wouldn't be much longer until it became it important piece in WWII. For now it was a very peaceful and beautiful town to live in. Jacqunia Sjwono had finished his route and his nets were full. Jacqunia had grown up with the traditions of catching fish in a net as inspired by his great grandfather. Jacqunia was admiring the splashing waves as he looked from his seine net trawler. The Bonite', named after his grandfather, was thirty feet long and could drop a sixty foot Siene net. The net was made from thick hemp rope with large white floats around the top. As he peered over the ocean Jacqunia was wearing a grey wool sweater with black wool pants tucked in his black leather rain boots. His wavy grey hair matched the color of his thick tangled beard. Jacqunia was a little on the heavy side and stood about five feet six inches high. Jacqunia hands and face were rough from many years at sea and from the miles of netting hauled on board. On his head was a leather wrapped wool cap and clenched between his teeth was a long wooden pipe. Jacqunia enjoyed a good laugh and eyes were always twinkling. Jacqunia was getting old and he knew that there were not many more years of fishing left in his body which made these peaceful times at sea all the more special to him. As with all good things this peaceful image was about to change.

Dark clouds were quickly travelling towards him and the waves began to increase causing his boat to rock. The wind picked up speed at rate faster than Jacqunia had ever experienced in his life. It was as if nature itself was turning on him and using all its fury to do so. Jacqunia ran to tie down his nets and tackle just as it began to pour a heavy cold rain. The sky was full of the sounds of rumbling thunder and the dark clouds quickly swallowed the sun. The boat was in peril. Suddenly a large cresting wave slammed into the side of the boat causing Jacqunia to fall and hit the side of the boat where he lost consciousness. The Bonite' was now adrift in the storm ravaged sea.

Jacqunia awoke to a sun filled sky and large lump on the side of his head. He squinted in the bright sun and rubbed his pounding head. Jacqunia noticed his boat was not moving and the air was very still. Sitting slowly he leans against the inside wall of his boat. He then gingerly gets to his feet to find the boat is grounded on the sandy beach of an island. He climbs out of the boat walked towards a tropical forest stretching along the beach coast. All Jacqunia can hear were the sound of the calm soothing waves crawling up the beach and returning to the ocean. Before Jacqunia ventured into the tropical jungle he referenced his compass and studied his world map. The map was made on a large sheet of thick hemp paper and was sketched in a deep black ink. While the map was very detailed he could not locate this island on it. Checking his compass and map again he still couldn't recognize the atmosphere of where he was now stranded. Ensuring that his compass was not broken Jacqunia realized that he was now on an uncharted island. Shaking off the effects from the bump on his head he tries to remember what led him to this place. He recalled travelling home and the sudden violent storm but everything else was a blank.

Jacqunia decided to explore the jungle to search for help. He packed some drinking water, his world map and his old cap as he set off to explore. During his travels he came across some odd writing in the mud of the jungle. He found a word which did not come from any other cultural or language he knew. Reading the letters he pronounced it as

"Noboraska." Jacqunia studies his map again. The word Noboraska did not show on the diagram as an island or country. "Bonjouer!" he called hoping someone around would understand. The more Jacqunia wandered the more baffled he was. The other thought that crossed his mind was where is all the wildlife? All Jacqunia found was a healthy environment of plant life but did not see any other living creatures. He began to hear the flowing water and not much further he found a rapid flowing river leading to a waterfall. Jacqunia splashed his face into the river. He studies the flowing waters which he would find himself face to face when attracted to the sound of water falling. Jacqunia can smell the salt from the Atlantic Ocean as he felt the tiny drops hit his cheeks from the mist. Jacqunia watches the stunning image feeling his whole body freeze preventing him to step away. But he couldn't he needed to know what this place could be?

He turned to look at the water was scattered with only rock pebbles no fish jumping or swimming in the water were to be seen. Jacqunia felt some panic about this place. He calls again. "Bonjour," he spoke in his French language. "Can anyone here speak French? I am no threat!" Nothing appeared, only a warm wind blowing through his back.

Jacqunia wonders out of the jungle and back to his boat. After studying his situation he realized that his boat was not far in on the sand bank and that when the tide rose he may be able to break the boat free. For the remainder of the day he dug trench around boat and placed some large tree branches he cut from the thick jungle. Once the tide was at its highest he found that most of his boat was in water. Using the large branches as levers he was able to push his boat into deeper water.

Before starting his steam engines he carefully referenced his compass and marked on his world map the location of Noboraska. Looking at the jungle filled island he wondered if he should explore more as he couldn't understand why such a paradise did not have any signs of living creatures. Despite his head being full of questions Jacqunia decided the urge to return home was greater. Starting the engines he began the journey home.


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