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Jake Preston, a hacker, in the year 2XXX. Events beyond his control spiral him into the reluctant hero of a planet he hates. On land, air, water, or space, the Doll rains in combat. But facing a new opponent, it as the best weapon of humanity pales to them. The survival of the human race depends on the Doll's and there pilots known as Doll Boy's and Girl's. A new type of Doll is experimented on to fight an alien race known only as the "Unknown".

Fallow Jake as he finds being a thirty year old, in a six year old body, can be more of a prison, then going to a moon prison, or back high school. View table of contents...


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Edited 04/03/12

"You have been sentenced to life in prison, without the opportunity for parole. How do you plea?" The military judge looked at me with cold eyes. He had little intent of letting me get a fair trial. So it was little point to try and fight, least not after what I attempted.

"Guilty, you Earthling shit head."

The room was silent. My so called lawyer was looking at me in shock. I wanted all of them to know how I felt, what I did was not for pleasure, but simple hate for them. Every single one on this planet could go to hell.

"Then, the charges you face, you fully admit too?"

"I do."

My lawyer spoke to me slowly. "You know what you are doing? You are condemning yourself."

My sight never looked from the judge as I spoke to my counsel. "Shut up. I am tired. Just want a little room to myself."

"Damn it man, at least we can try for parole, this is not what…"

"I said, shut up." I had enough. "Please, your honor. Send me to the deepest place you can find." I addressed the court, and judge once more.

"You do know what you are asking?" The judge spoke softly, almost understanding, or perhaps it was more he didn't have to fight some long drawn out battle.

"I do, so, not to waist any of our time. Please either send me to jail, or execute me."

It took the judge only but moments. He granted my wish, life in prison. I was to be on a transport ship to the moon within the week to go to a prison colony on the moon. Tired, so very tired of fighting the earthlings. The so called mother planet for what they did, how they failed us. I wanted to die, or rest alone. Just so I didn't feel I needed to fight. They were doomed anyway, if I didn't try to tare them apart on my own, the 'Unknown' would kill them, get past there defense eventually.

So what does it matter? My name is Jake Preston. I thought this is how my story would end, alone waiting till the day I grew old or killed by the Unknown. Funny how the best laid plans get interrupted by fate.


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