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Breaking Evan

Novel By: Cid
Science fiction

Evan is - by all appearances - a normal, if eccentric, mechanic on a star-base. However, things set into motion fifty years ago have drastically changed not only the human race but the delicate balance of the surrounding space and the dealings between all races. What part does Evan play? What's so special about this one person? And why can't the star ship afford a simple creeper? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 24, 2009    Reads: 100    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Fifty years ago things were set in motion that we could never have comprehended. Fifty years ago we were just another people group in this wide expanse of dark sky and bright dots. We were never top of the totem pole; not out here at least. We were just another swatch of the genetic pool of possibilities, another target for those who inevitably want to dominate others. That was where things started; they were innocent enough. Some new ambassador from some far-off place no one had ever heard of. They came with open arms, offering just the right amount of warmth and distance to raise no eyebrows. At that time we were far too interested in other things to ask too many questions of our new friends, which was just as they liked it. They came in slowly, 'employing' people. If only we had been warned; others knew, but others could never warn us. You see, our new guests claws were in far too deep and they had been watching us for far too long. They are long-term planners like that; leaving planets to develop and evolve until it suited them to pay attention - but they were never ignorant. If you were going to ever peg one group over another for all those old UFO crazes, it would be them.

You see, no one warned us because they could not. Their strange ability to speak to the mind, control people with thoughts prevented others from being nothing more than controlled puppets. Later on we would realize just how far their power extended, but in the beginning no one did - and they underestimated us. You see, like with any race - they indulge in vices, and they were no different, indulging in pleasure slaves - the slaves even volunteering since the hold on their minds was so great. Perhaps if the wonders of the human reproduction system was fully known then - they would never have indulged so. Never before had they crossed with another race; indulged in pleasures, yes, but never had a child been born in such unions. Most of the races could not cross-produce and none with them.

The first children were surprises, assumed to be the product of multiple unions and brushed aside. It was probably a decade before they realized the damage, that they had contaminated themselves. It was too late. Their strange ability to communicate mind to mind and control others was warped in the human gene pool and became something else. Fifty years later, things were just more - complicated.


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