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Unescapable obliteration

Novel By: CryoDaemon
Science fiction

it is a scientifically proven fact that as humans we only use 10% of our potential and 10% of our brain power.
so what if the zombies weren't dunmb, slow creatures?
what if they were not only stronger and faster than u but also smarter?
and what if it wasn't these zombies that infected u, but something that u had lived with your entire life?
that is our story... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 15, 2010    Reads: 70    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

The Beginning...

This was the starting point of the end of the human race.
It started as nothing more than a black out. A surge in electromagnetic energy similar to that of an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) knocked out all power and communication. It affected the entire world.
The event caused every piece of technology capable of audio to go haywire. This emitted a unique signal of a unique frequency. The signal ,upon observation, would greatly affect the human mind causing it to revert back to its original animalistic state. This hence forth became known as 'The Signal' or to militia groups 'Blackband'.
The Signal was elegant in its destruction of the human mind. Samples weren't often observed after the incident but one of the few dissections was in fact recorded:
Location recorded: Classified
"Subject appears normal in sedated state, only symptoms of Blackband affliction are enhanced respiration, dilated pupils and elevated levels of aggression"
"Note: subject is a 27 year old male, Caucasian, 5-10, average build."
"Beginning termination of subject for dissection, injecting sodium thiopental causing temporary unconsciousness, injecting Pancuronium to cause paralysis rendering subject immobile, injecting potassium chloride causing cardiac arrest... no pulse found subject is successfully terminated, begin dissection"
"Internal organs appear intact, no sign of internal bleeding' however note that the heart is slightly swelled. Beginning dissection of brain... Multiple tumours visible, great pressure applied on medulla oblongata, explains excessive aggression, other tumours similar in size to golf balls"
"Examination of subject has enlightened us into the realization that this condition is irreversible. The Blackband activates dormant areas of the brain and causes its subject to revert into its primal state."
"There is no cure for this condition, and no hope for those of us unaffected. May god be with us..."
All subjects to be classified as code Zebra. -Shoot on sight-
End of records.
According to archaeological findings human life has existed on earth for as long as 3 million years in our undeveloped state but our humans of today, Homo sapiens , have been dated back as far as 180,000 years ago. That is how long it took our civilization to develop into its current state. Yet for all our glory, it was torn down in less than 10 minutes.
12:36.45 pm - EST
Monday 17th April
Unidentified Signal launched.
Source: Unknown
Radius affected: Unknown
Response: Unknown
Transmission terminated.
This is the beginning of our story...


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