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The Enemy Emerges

Novel By: DouglasASteel
Science fiction

Robert is an old retired Captian who enjoys to watch the three Space fleets tear into each other over nothing, but when another enemy emerges Robert is forced to take up his position once more and work together with the three space Fleets who will also have to work together. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 10, 2010    Reads: 78    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

Robert sat in the view room overlooking the great circular meeting room divided into three sections. Each section had a different flag settled behind the chair stationed at it; each of the flags represented the three great fleets of Earth. Robert laughed to himself, this was only the second fleet conference since the invention of the Faster than Light Stardrive over eighty years ago. The first had signified the end of the last Great War and the beginning of this sustained cold war between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Back on Earth the States and the Union were locked in stalemate over more than half of the Earths remaining oil supply. But for space exploration all unions that were capable created their own organization, the USA created the United States Defence Fleet dedicated to the defence of the USA from orbital attack from the USSR who retaliated with the creation of the Socialist Republic Exploration Fleet. Within the first five years of the creation of the two forces, war was once again on the horizon. To keep the peace the European Union created its own space force the European Task Fleet. This third force called for the first conference which was a huge success and both of the other forces set about their own goals. But with war staring the human race in the face once again the ETF had called for the second conference on the Mars colony of Galileo, Mars being the only place of neutral human territory. Robert laughed to himself again, just who was he explaining this all too. The viewing room was starting fill up with journalists as the starting time for the conference drew near. It took less than seven minutes for the entire room - and several others like it - to be filed. Robert was right at the front of his room with a clear view of the conference centre.
An entirety seemed to pass before the delegates and a fourth man, the mediator, entered the wide space. The delegates took their seats at their respective positions whilst the fourth man move to the back of the room to a chair which was not dissimilar to an old judges stand back in the twentieth century. As all of the journalists fell silent the mediator stood up to begin the conference.
"I would like to welcome you all," the mediator spoke his Japanese accent quite strong, "to the second major Fleet conference. Here we will settle the more recent arguments amongst the Fleets and hopefully avoid more war."
There was a unanimous nod from all three Fleet delegates, the mediator spoke again.
"Representing the United States Defence Fleet, we have Fleet Admiral Donald Merrit." The man seated in front of the USDF flag raised his head slightly at the mention of his name.
"For the Socialist Republic Exploration Fleet, we have Fleet Admiral MarijaPavliha, and representing the European Task Fleet, Fleet Admiral Nathan Anderson."
Neither of the other admirals reacted to their name being called.
After finishing his speech the Mediator sat back down in his seat, there was a silence that only lasted a few seconds but felt like a life time. Admiral Merrit rose to his feet. Robert noticed the Admirals stance; the six foot tall tank was shifting his weight constantly from left to right as he began to speak.
"I am here for one reason only today. That is to demand the return of Colony-One, from the SREF." The American man was growing in confidence. "It was attacked and occupied by their forces as it passed the Titan research Facility, and..."
He was interrupted by the SREF Admiral.
"Proof," she screamed, "where is your proof."
Sensing this could continue for some time Robert closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
He awoke when the young female reported jabbed him in the side, he looked at her, and she smiled back.
"What did I miss?" Robert asked her looking into the main conference hall to see the USDF and SREF admirals arguing, "Fighting again are they."
"No, this is still the same argument," the younger girl next to him replied, "It has been going on for hours now, the ETF admiral is yet to get a word in edgeways."
Robert was disappointed to learn that nothing had changed in the hours that he had been asleep. The other reporters loved this. There story would prove the Fleets inability to work together and delay space exploration again. There was a loud noise as someone cleared their throat, silence feel as everyone including the bickering Admirals looked around to see who it had been. The European Admiral rose to his feet he was not as tall as the other two but seemed to have a much bigger presence.
"Grow up you two," he yelled at the other Admiral, "It's like listening to an old married couple. I am going to retire for the day; I suggest you both do the same. We will continue tomorrow in a more civilised manner."
With his piece said the Admiral bowed to the mediator and left the conference hall, both of the remaining Admirals looked at each other then followed suit. The mediator dropped his head into his hands, and then proceeded to leave as well.
All the reporters and journalists began to pack up and leave the moment the mediator left the conference hall. Robert went to stand up preparing to leave before he got caught up in the exodus of the press, when a hand grabbed his sleeve, he turned to see the young reporter who had been sitting next to him.
"Can I ask your name?" She asked
"Robert Fletcher" Robert responded. "Yours?"
"Rachael Arroway. You're not he captain of the Destiny by any chance?"
"I was Captain of the Destiny, yes."
"The Captain of the Destiny! I don't believe it, can I interview you about the conference?"
"Only if you let me treat you to dinner?" He smiled as he asked.
"Sure, if you promise exclusive."
"It's a deal; I take it your staying in the Earth Rise Hotel."
"There is no other hotel on Mars."
"Then I'll pick you up at 8 in the lobby and take you to the best restaurant on the planet."


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