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EXOL8: The Experiment

Novel By: DracoWyrm
Science fiction

A sixteen year old is kidnapped by scientists... and what happens to her will surprise you...

Matthew Cathine is an average teenage guy, who has a seemingly normal life... untill he meets Exolia.

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Submitted:Sep 19, 2012    Reads: 767    Comments: 16    Likes: 4   

EX0L8: The Experiment A novel by DracoWyrm/Blake D. Price

I don't remember my name, or what life was like before... the lab. What I do remember, was the kidnapping. I remember it was cold, and raining hard. I was with several girls and guys, probably 'freinds'. That is, if the definition of 'freind' is someone who will leave and run away while you get kidnapped.

We had been walking to... somewhere when the black vans showed up. I remember tire screeching, a terrifying sound that haunts me still. Doors opened and slamed, pounding feet thundered as men in black grabbed a hold of me and began to drag me to their cars. I remember vauge fury when my 'freinds' began to run for their lives, abandoning me. The last thing I remember is a sweet scent filling my nose, and then nothing.

A few hours later...

I wake up in a tank, terrified. A strange, thick liquid surrounds me, and I hold in the urge to scream. Various lab workers are observing me, and I shudder, feeling vulerable dispite the reassuring feeling of my clothes. Suddenly, I feel a terrible burning pain, as my skin feels as though it is bubbling, and my vision begins to blur, and I slump forward, arlarms begin to blare and men begin shouting. Everything blacks out.

The Director looks down on the sprawled, helpless girl, a deep frown on his face.

"Is she still alive?" He asks in a deep, commanding voice.

"Yes sir, but she's weak. Her genes rejected the modifications. We don't know how."

The Director nods breifly.

"That is surprising. Very rare. Once she has recovered, try again. And one more thing. The military team is NOT to touch her. Or else." As the lab assistant leaves,the Directorkneels down next to the girl and whispers,

"Don't worry, my pet. They'll not touch you. Ever."


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