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The Second World

By: Entity

Chapter 1, This about a team discovering a new form of life on what would appear from a distance to be a lifeless world.

The Second World: Prologue

I rolled around in my sheets, forcing myself to move a little more with each toss and turn. Finally, I manage to throw myself to the floor, immediately forcing myself to function normally. I shook off the morning haze and stumbled to the coffee maker. As the coffee brewed, the aroma itself was enough to clear my head. A pack of cigarettes lay beside the coffee poy, one left. I had made sure to have at least one left for this morning. After that, I'd have to quit. Can't exactly smoke on an alien world.

I took the cigarette out of the pack and lit it. The smoke seemed dense. More dense than ever before, because I knew it would be my last. With a grunt I fell onto my bed and flipped on the news, where a reporter was standing eagerly nearby the launch pad that would soon take me far away. I remember the briefing.

The room was bright, colorless and clean. A man stood in front of us. "Do you know why you're here!?" he barked. "This is some timeshare crap isn't it?" I joked. "Dammit, I gotta quit answering these ads." "Very funny smart-ass." he said. Heavy sarcasm  in his voice crushed the humor that I had intended. "What's your name?" He asked. I gestured toward myself, wish a feigned shocked expression on my face. He didn't find that all too funny either. "Name, Now!" He demanded. "Okay, okay, fine already. Name's Howl Aeves." 

Wow, guess that's really all I remember. I tend to remember the people I piss off. Oh well. All I know is we're going to some abandoned planet. Rocks and dust aplenty. Cause sure, thats the whole reason I took this job. Rocks and dust, what fun. either way, at least it'll let me get some sleep. six months' stasis sleep. I can't wait.


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