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Help (A novel by Alec Lightwood)

Novel By: eragon96
Science fiction

Four kids from the 1600s have been chosen to come to 2013. They harness the powers of the four elements: water, fire, air, and earth. They will have to save the world...

Sorry the format isn't great. My computer doesn't have Word so it doesn't format when I copy/paste and I don't know how to format it. I apologize for that, but I hope you enjoy the story. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 10, 2011    Reads: 54    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Prologue: Every two hundred years or so a group of elite warriors appear.... One controls the powers of wind. One the powers of earth. One the powers of fire. And another the powers of water.... They are here to help in a time of great need. But they never seem to appear at the right times.... It's a mystery where they come from, who they really are, how they got here. But they always come. Always.... This time, it's a surprise.... Chapter One: ~Adam I was always a fish. Not literally, of course, but everyone called me that. As a kid, I was always in the water. Swimming, fishing, anything that had to do with water really. That's how I died. Or I thought I was dieing. I was just swimming around in the lake when, suddenly, something grabbed my shorts and pulled me under. I struggled to free myself from its grasp, to little use. As I ran out of air, my vision blurring and slowly fading out, I thought I heard a voice whispering. I didn't understand what it was saying and before I could make it out, everything went black. I awoke surrouned by water. I gasped, sucking water into my lungs. Quickly, I opened my eyes and looked up. Blurry sunlight filtered through the cool blue water. I kicked off the ground and swam up to the top. Spluttering water, I gasped for air, feeling the sweet mixture of oxygen and other gases flooding into my lungs. I paddled to the edge of the pool (though I didn't know it was called a pool at that point) and clutched onto the concrete. I was still trying to fill my lungs, calm the beating of my heart, quiet the rushing of water in my ears. Suddenly, a barrage of images, thoughts, sounds, flooded my mind. I was so overwhelmed that I accidentally let go of the side and sank into the water. I kicked to the surface, my eyes wide. The thoughts that filled my mind were memories. Memories of a life that wasn't mine. They were... Not exactly horrible, but I wouldn't want them to be mine. But they were mine. This life, this time, I'm in, those memories are of that. I swam to the stairs that led into the pool and slowly climbed out, feeling kind of serene and peaceful. I was wearing the shorts from my last memory, the last memory of MY life. I felt a tingling in my hand and I held my palm out to look at it. Before I had my hand all the way up, a beam of water shot from my palm and I fell backwards into the pool in surprise. I hit the bottom of the pool, staring at my hand. I didn't take my eyes off of my hand as I floated to the surface, too shocked to even swim up. When my head broke the surface, I held my hand up to examine it in the sunlight. There was a pale blue circle about the size of a quarter in the center of my palm. It was glowing and, as I watched, it faded until there was nothing but the color of my skin. I was entranced by this and decided to test it out. I held up both my hands (you know, to see if the other one could shoot water too) and focused on the screen opposite me. Out of nowhere, beams of water shot out of my hands and I smiled. This is so cool!! I thought. I got out of the water and went inside the house, now my house. I didn't get what was going on, but I didn't question it. I learned not to question things a long time ago (try like four hundred years ago). I walked around the house for a minute, looking at things that were only familiar because of the memories. I went to 'my room' and looked around. It was nice, though everything looks very different from what I was used to. I went to the closet and picked up a pair of pant and a shirt to change out of my wet shorts. When I was changed I lay down on the bed and drifted to sleep....


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