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Novel By: Factxzrx
Science fiction

A group of Paranormal's venture out in to a Paranormal being themselves. View table of contents...


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"Oooh guys I'm not liking this" she said, spitting cob webs out in to a wind of dust, wiping tears from off her cheek as she continues to hear the blur of echoes pass her by. She continues to step, stepping in behind her hand as she waves out in front of her. She swings, feeling the webs shed, hearing them as they blend in to the sound, and feeling of her right as she drags it along the wall.
����������� "Stacey" Jim yells out for her, "Stacey, where are you?" He yelled out again thinking she was just a few yards ahead of him after turning back to see where the other's where. Stacey continues to walk on slowly, her lips mumbling, the aches and squeals beginning to throb in her throat and the fear of opening her eyes then being struck by a spider has her in a squint only opening her eyes when she strives for a for that forgotten breath.
����������� The five of them were warned, denied activity and the project was to be scrapped. The signs on the gates told them one thing and told their professor another as it would any and all who would take a stand in under the pin spiked ent5ryway that read; Paranormal phenomena- please do not enter- This premises is private- Trespasser's will be prosecuted- Danger- Stay out- Enter at own risk.
Paranormal Phenomena is exactly what the five have been studying for. The professor had granted them a full accessed weekend for the use of his equipment but not there, not in the Tomb, the Tomb that once held its tower up in a sky as a church and museum. Now down into the earth, sunk in to cliffs side that once played its means for a scenery and now is known for swallowing the ancient land mark in to its own earthly grave. Answers were yet to be discovered, questions would fall as the tower did it self in to the one wicked act of witchery, Evil and all its spirits from in the towns people whenever a scientific question was to be answered. The Professor immediately denied his students access or approval to go on, explore and to even look back. The site had been forgotten, no longer listed, and till this day undocumented as a registered landmark. The towns Mayer him self had denied any acknowledgment of the land, telling the professor; he had only heard about it from when he was a kid, that it's a myth, only a freak project that had been or is some what of a rock cliff from in the cliff its self. That it is to dangerous to be a monument or even explored and if anyone was or is hurt on the private land, he or his people are not responsible. Charges will be made and any attempted to publicize will be considered a threat and insult.
����������� Jim continues to stalk his way thru, looking for Stacey, watching for any signs of light that could lead him in to another. This has got to be over soon, he jester's as the rocks fall down his face from the top of his head as he scrapes it up in to the tunnels wall. Jim like the other's has had his ways in life, being a paranormal himself, parent problems and left with only a thought of it all a being of a coincidental venture that he is stuck in. 'Drift' is what the other's call him, sometimes mixing it with 'Whiff' or 'Blink' using the call's as encouragement or simply to tease him. The professor relates to him as the remarkable one, the child with out virtue thou a virtue to be judged and Jim holds it in a high regard, his highest. His pain and emotion from being gifted with the knowledge of having the ability to tell a time, its being and so forth has once lead him to believe it is fate; a fate towards his own death. Once hating it, to be able to tell what was in store from a few minutes and on some occasions a few hours, already knowing what and how his next breath was going to be left him in a state of death. Not wanting to know any longer or to become with in its existence, life it's self or living with the fact that he and him only was to know and feel before anyone else could on this planet that he had been placed upon had almost ended his life. It was the Professor and his fellow friends from in the Professor's establishment that has cured and leads Jim in along a life that he has now come to except; A life from in living, is how he relates to and with.

����������� "Nope, uh ah, I isn't moving," said Leroy the teams cook, waiter and handy man. He has been stuck, sitting put for the last several hours. Not wanting to move and hasn't since he broke out a argument with Jessica and Rick. He sits where he knows he can be met and if he was to move then he would have to bring along a lot more Twinkies and potato chips to keep him company. The gum that he had chewed during their venture to and in has now left its stale scent of once being and no longer welcome from in his breath. The same breath that had started his argument and now being occupied with the chips and Twinkies he had packed in to his sack along with the ones he had stored for the others for when they have their break. "Nope" he continues, spitting up and letting its though land from out of the light that sits next to his right leg, shining over the chip bags and Twinkie wrapper's. "Ah uh, I'm not moving a inch." He said then shook his head remembering telling the other's that he cant move, that the gum had been telling him that it was a bad idea and if he was going to go on then he might as well be a chew for them because what they heard was no one gets in and that there is no way from in. That's what landed him on his backside, sitting in a few yards in to the tunnels entryway and now alone as the other's had ventured in. Leroy is and always was stubborn; he continues to hum, letting his being know that he is not going in or on, even the rumbles from in his back side as it rests on the tunnels dirt ground agrees and argues from in the calls that keep arguing with him to come in. He'll tease his emotions. He has and does but the thought of his one gum, the tropical fruit flavor, his favorite that has now left him to its stale pleasure; a insult to him. Has him not willing or taking in any deep breaths where the tunnels dirt could get in to his mouth, in under his skin and defiantly not deep in to his lungs. Leroy is the teams psychic, a power that has left him once in a great fear, trauma and nightmares that he has learned to control from in the service and study that the Professor has shared with him. The touch, his touch and if it was meant to be touched then Leroy will. If its touched then its heard, if shows no interest then his reaction is to strongly let go. It has taken Leroy a good set of years now to finally come forth with himself, to have a clear understanding of this world and most of what it has to offer. To him he's the offer and if he's offered it can get hectic. Leroy likes to argue, to let himself be manipulated for fun. A side affect the Professor has come to regret but learned to respect from after he had counseled him away from his fear's and un comforts from in his unique gift of reading a touch and translating its being. At one time, it was hard to believe and now leaves Leroy with a sense of humor only the thought from in his Tropical fruit bubble gum is lead to enjoy.
Leroy continues to reject the energy he has been left with. He sits all alone with only the chips and Twinkies to for fill his need for speech as the tunnels rocks, walls and dirt beneath him a in a hesitation from yet to receive a read.

����������� "I can't motion anything." Said Jessica, letting Rick know she's lost, that they have to keep in the tunnel if they plan on getting some where. "You're telling me you cant find or get in anywhere." Rick said waving the flashlight around and rolling his eyes from being sick of the same old tunnel that has been leading them in to a nowhere. "I'm amazed oow." He said watching Jessica balance her self from in her steps as if she was on a tight rope. "How are we going to find Stacy or Jim?" She asked then stopped as her left foot sunk down in thru the tunnels floor. "Jess, are you, what's?" Jessica waves her hand at him, leaving Rick to him self and with the a shock of fear on his face as he watches her sink down in thru the floor and now leaving him to him self as the dust rises up into his light.

����������� "This has got to be seen." Jessica said, watching as the flaming pit bubbled and flared its flames. She squats down after stepping back and away from in its light. The flaming pit went on as if it burned in to a wall, leaving her to its opening as its glow dies in thru the tunnel way. She looks up measuring for her self how far of a leap it would be then shakes her head knowing that she's stuck unless she jumped up and hit it on the noise. Jessica has been the professor's wildest one, a tiger, his screaming chimp and calls her Nile-ing jewel. She is his best-kept secret and has watched many go insane from in the amuse she provides. A un explainable being, remarkable in any way and un stoppable. He had to tame her himself after her parents could no longer provide care for the misfit infant that could walk thru walls, stand in front of a moving bus and aside that had come to inherited a attitude that the professor could only match with a adolescent baboon wile he had lead her in thru her young adult life. Jessica is his rebellious one, not taking order's from anyone and doing what ever it is she'd please as if she ruled the earth she walks upon, a earth that has been set for her to walk upon or as she sys it; To walk thru.
Jessica's unremarkable ability to walk thru walls or anything that stood in her way has kept her isolated the professor had explained to her many times that this world is unique, like her, like the others; unique but remains out numbered. She now agrees with him and he gives her little gifts now and then but this one has been made clear to steer away from.
����������� The dirt splits in to a grinding dust as it spits into a spraying flame. Jessica watches, seeing how the rocks just spit up in lava like drips and wondering how it was that the pooling flame held its stand amongst a cave of stone. She steps back, feeling the heat being reduced from off her face then turned and began walking in to the tunnel way.

����������� "Stacey,Jim " yelled Rick�walking back wards, stepping slowly and watching for any sing of light. "Oh I can't take it anymore". Joins in with the turn as he turns his back to the tunnel and begins walking back over the treads that had leaded him in. He watches as his continue to tread out, thinking he hasn't come out this far that Stacey was right behind him before he turned and she was gone but his and his only continue to lead way as he follows them on thru. "I should have gave her the light. She has one, we all have one." His thoughts of being lost, that he must have dozed off or fell in on a path as�they fell into one of�they're own begins to set wonder as he shines the light on over the single set of treads that lead on. He watches, looking down as the dirt blows up, giving him a meaning before it continues to mix in to guilt. He has felt this way before but has never questioned it. A question that has him now debating if he was as unique as the Professor had always told him, if he indeed was caring enough to except the responsibilities for his reactions. The reactions that now leave him face to face with the stunt he could have but is not entirely sure if he did or not due to the tunnel being unpredictable its self and leaving him with his own clue of clues from in the treads on the dirt floor and not exactly letting him know if he had vanished or not leaving Stacey to her self. A useless being strikes thru him, a feeling he had come to endure only when he had a set of eyes to be using wile his being was useless. Invisibility is his craft, a being like no other leaving him to the use of others as his was not used or sought upon. The professor's favorite child.�Rick had been with the Professor since he had been born. A child who's mother too was also in a invisible spell, a women that had been a fellow student of the Professor from in his days of study and left him with yet another a study that is unexplained or spoken for from after she had passed away.�Rick was well looked after, raised from in the habitat that his mother was part of and then it was passed onto the professor and he alone took to the responsibilities of caring and raising the child of his one dear friend and colleague.�Rick was and is the professor's hand that isn't there and when he is there he isn't there. The professor takes pleasure in teasing him, knowing that�Rick is able to take responsibilities for his own actions and has left him proud knowing that one of his, the one closest to him as a son is well educated and smart enough to one day caring on his family's name. "Stacey."�He yelled out flashing the light on and off then leaning over and picking up a rock then throwing it out so anyone and if her could hear its rumbling echoes.

����������� "Are you still here?" Asked Stacey stepping in under the tunnels entryway's light and stopping in front of Leroy as he sits in his place.
����������� "Well ya" He said.
����������� "Who else is here?"
����������� "Me and you and if there's a spider nesting some where in that head web you got going on."
Stacey shakes her head, runs her hands in thru her long golden brown hair then leans over, and grabs the potato chip bag up off the ground. Leroy pats the ground next to him with his right hand, rubs it then says. "Come on, have a seat. I've been dieing to talk to some one all afternoon. "Hu, Hu" Stacey said, smirks on to the chubby stubborn guy that she is well aware and warned not to start any arguments with or try to think of any conversation about something he dose not know about. She hisses her teeth, showing them off then turns and kneels down sitting her self along the tunnels wall next to him.
����������� "No ketchup" Said Leroy as she begin tipping the bag over her hand and letting its crumbs fill in to it.
����������� "Oh? Hu, hu."
����������� "My gum" He said, sobbing then sucking a wind up in his noise. Stacey smiled locking her lips together, trying not to let out a wind of laughter.
����������� "Oh boo hoo" Leroy said catching her front in the corner of his right eye then joins in on the giggles as Stacy laughs on.
����������� Stacey is a critter the Professor loves. The other's call him on it, challenging his study of her, saying he is only after her immortality and he will stop at nothing to find it. Stacey carries a Vampires genetic trait and Leroy has had the privilege to once be accompanying the doctor for tending her need. The need for blood and with out she is stoned from in the life she already exists in; a life of immortal. When her time comes for a need for blood, a boost, the means for livelily, if she is with out then she's as good as the tombstones in the grave yard that the Professor himself had discovered her in. He tells her she's a angel, a life from in the depth of deaths and she alone is a life from in death that would kill to be alive. Stacey alike Jessica treat the professor like a father of their own and would never let anything happen to him or have him let down. Stacey, the professors strongest, his prot�g� from in the death of organisms and his own as he wouldn't let any other scientist or study be from in between them. He loves her like a child, the love she holds for him despite its sorrow of knowing one day he too will be set in under a tomb of stone.
����������� "So what's the word?" Stacey asked, bringing a stone up from off the tunnels floor and holding it out in front of her.
����������� "I cant answer that." Said Leroy, turning his head away.
����������� "Oh, you've been here all this time wile we, they've been in there and you haven't made a read."
����������� "I did not want to come. I made it perfectly clear when I lost my tropical chew. So I tell you the same. There's the tunnel, have fun and I'll see you all from in this side."
����������� "Leroy"
����������� "What" He said, lowing his head, knowing that his crush, the crush he has on her is going to be letting her in.
����������� "Come on, let's go. I bet you have been being rude all this time hu. Probably getting in a butt massaged."
����������� "Oh give it to me." He said, lifting his head up, holding out his hand, and holding a big ugly grin on his face. Stacey sets the stone on to his hand; Leroy closes it, brings up his other hand, licks the tip of his fingers then set them in on the stone. Stacey watches as he begins to crack a smile, looking down in to his hand as he twiddles his finger in around the stone.
����������� "I can't tell ya," He said, dropping the stone back onto the dirt floor.
����������� "What"
����������� "Can't"
����������� "Leroy" Stacey shook out from in under her breath, bring her hand up and clenching a fist. Leroy hums, turning his head the other way, looking in to the tunnels entryway.
����������� "You got two seconds to spit it out buster." Said Stacey. Leroy turns his head back, looks down in along the tunnel then says. "We have our selves a guest we cant disturb or under stand. I couldn't make out exactly what I was supposed to. It's as if there's a different language here or something. Maybe I've been ignoring them this whole time and now they're doing the same to me." Stacey reaches for his shirt, grabs it and pulls his head in to hers asking, "You lying to me Leroy. I'm not playing."
����������� "I don't know but what ever it is its dark and hostile. Were not explores we're guest's." Stacey lets go, letting him fall back against the wall then says. "We have to go in."
����������� "I'll be here minding my own business."
����������� "No," She said, standing up on to her feet then says. "Let's go." Leroy sobs his bottom lip, sets his hand onto the ground then springs out his leg and stands saying. "Let's go, you and these ugly cruel rocks."


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