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Michelle Terinova and James Taylor get kidnapped by a company that is up to no good. Will they put their diffrences beside and rise save the world? Will a romance heat up? Or will Charlie's death get the best of Michelle? What will happen?! Find out by reading! This is a challenge for ximmortalfaithx.
Blue- Science Fiction 17:Michelle Terinova(F)- Creative, Artistic, Positive, Determined to finish something she has started. Earth- England 4: James Taylor(M)- Demanding, Natural Leader, Strong, Will do anything for those weaker than him, Has a natural instinct to assist or care for others. View table of contents...


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It was a time for mourning; it was a time for laughs. The Terinova family didn't know what emotions boggled their minds; they didn't even remember what laughing sounded like. Actually, a laugh was barely heard in the Terinova household, after they found out that Charlie, the youngest child, had died. The thing was though, the death wasn't accidental. It was almost like they knew it was coming, but yet they still treated it like it was unexpected.
Charlie had always been a very content young boy. From the day he was born he always had a smile on his face. He barely cried and always ate his food when he heard the words, 'open up the choo-choo train.' He always listened, and the family never thought that his life would end in some stupid dare. Even though Charlie was very well behaved, over the years he turned into a daredevil, anyway. Now, I assume you might be thinking about how young Charlie became this way, correct? Well, he was always afraid to say the word 'no' when a dare was brought up. When his friends dared him to scale up the 100 foot titanium rimed bath of bubbling, toxic waste, he did, thinking he'd come back down safely. When they dared him to jump into it, too, he did, thinking if he jumped in and then out quickly enough he would survive. That is how Charlie Terinova died, but the family he left behind would never be the same without Charlie.
The sadness of the family was becoming less noticeable, and the Terinova family, although obviously still upset about Charlies sudden death, were able to finally accept the fact and move on with their lives. The only person in the family who was able to bounce back quickly was Michelle, who always looked on the positive side of things. For instance, after Charlies death Michelle convinced the family to pick up and move so they could get a fresh start, and within two months after the suggestion of moving was brought up, they finally
did move. To Padiham, England, to be exact, coming from Arlington, Texas in America.
Michelle stretched her arms, shaking the sleep off her body. She arouse from the air mattress and gazed out the window; the sun was peaking over the horizon and the sky was splattered pink and purple. She knew school didn't start for a few hours, so she had plenty of time to fully wake up. She finger combed out her red, curly locks that draped to her ribcage. The extreme shine of each strand made it seem like her hair was sprinkled in crystal dust. As she tried to walk across the room, towards the kitchen, she stepped over various boxes, cardboard and plastic that were filled with clothes, musty stuffed animals and of course, a few posters of Michelle's favorite celebrities she printed off the computer. She ducked under the archway that led to the empty living room. Taking a few steps across the stained, orange carpet, she was then in the kitchen.
Mrs. Terinova was sitting at the kitchen table, drowning
her sorrows in pancakes and ice cream. Mr. Terinova on the other hand, was reading the newspaper, trying to forget about his sadness by reading about an intelligent cat who saved a family from their burning home. Fortunately, everyone lived. Mr. Taylor smiled at that fact. At least someone's life wasn't as screwed up as their life was since Charlie passed away.
Mrs. Terinova looked up from her ice cream and scanned Michelle, as if she hadn't seen her in one hundred years.
"Hi honey. Your awake early," she stated, shocked that her daughter was awake at five in the morning. Michelle smiled, taking her seat in a mismatched rocking chair which they had to use as a dinning room chair. It wasn't anything new to Michelle, though.
"Hey Mom, Dad. Yeah, I guess I just like to get into 'a waking up early' type of routine on the first day of school so I can be ready when the bus comes. I like to make a good impression on my first day of a new school." She replied, with a hopeful look on her face that made her Mother proud. Of course, Michelle was the only positive one after Charlie unfortunately died. Not that she was happy about it, of course, but it's just that she found it pointless to cry for so long and dwell on it. Dwelling on today makes a worse tomorrow, as Michelle always thought.
After breakfast, Michelle skipped back to her room with joy. She always liked the first day of school, especially when she moved. Each time she could be a different person. Sometimes she was the most popular girl while other times, like at her old school, she was the unpopular girl who sat in the corner of the girls bathroom, just crying about how mean the other students were to her.
After taking time to primp in the mirror, she contemplated her eyes to the alarm clock that sat on the old nightstand table. It was six forty five in the morning now, meaning the bus came to pick her up in about fifteen minutes. She picked up her backpack and slung it over her shoulders, making sure it sat comfortably on her back. After she had Scoliosis surgery, she wasn't supposed to wear anything that could hurt her back. She had to be careful, but she luckily talked her parents in to letting her carry a backpack like the one she was wearing now. She smiled proudly and took one last glimpse in the mirror before she would go outside to stand in the freezing cold as she waited for the bus. She was amazed everyday at the eyes God had given her; they were beautifully prominent and in the right lighting, they looked like teal colored pearls. To top it off, she had luscious, jet black, long lashes that curled upwards; so she barely had to wear that much mascara. She smiled once again, thanking her parents and God for her beautiful eyes. Michelle was never conceited, she was just confident. Well, at least that's how she would
seem to be in her new school.
James Taylor stopped abruptly as his Mom spun him around, facing him directly to her. She glared, placing her hands on her hips; she was obviously angry with him, which wasn't uncommon knowing the tension between the two. They still loved each other, I mean, come on, they were family. It's just that James always kept what he was feeling all to himself up until last year, when he finally blew up and shared - not so nicely - what was actually causing him stress inside. Of course, his Mom payed no attention to what he thought and never tried to change her ways - and neither did his Dad. They always favored Josh, his fraternal twin brother, since he was well....how do I explain it? The overachiever, goody goody type who is, of course, interested in what his parents are interested in. Their Mom, Mrs. Taylor, was a vet, while their Dad, Mr. Taylor, was a swim coach for Carlson Junior High, which both of the boys graduated from about three years ago. It wasn't a surprise that Josh aced the class and James failed the class, even though they could both swim at the same exact speed and they both were equally good at their technique. This doesn't have to do with the fact that they are twins, it actually has to do with the fact that James wanted to beat his brother at something for once, but unfortunately, he came out equal. Which I guess he could deal with, but he was really angry when Josh got an +A while he got a -F.
"Where do you think you're going?" Mrs. Taylor asked as James stepped into the beat up, 1987 Chevy Chevette car. He slammed the door, ignoring the fact that if he slammed it too hard it could fall off. Of course, this was his birthday present while Josh got a new, 2009 black Honda convertible. Apparently, their parents were afraid James would crash into a pole or something and impregnate some random whore in the backseat, so they didn't want to get him 'a new car'. This was obviously a lie, and James knew this. He didn't even have a girlfriend, plus he was a virgin, and he wasn't even thinking
that much about sex. Also, he was a better driver than Josh by far.
"Well, let's see; it's Monday morning, I'm starting a new school today and it starts in fifteen minutes. Where do you think I'm going Mom, to a strip club or something? I'm going to school!" James scoffed, as he placed his key in the ignition and started up the car.
"I don't believe that. I'm driving you to school on my way to work today. It's a new school and I don't want you going in the wrong entrance. I also don't want you to stop and get junk food at the gas station so you'll be late for your first day. I don't want you messing this up for us, James Morris Taylor. We can't afford to move again, so you better
not mess this up. Your lucky I didn't send you to Military school!" Mrs. Taylor yelled back, lighting up a cigarette.
"Mom, I won't get banned from school again. I promise. I won't bring beer into homeroom again. I promise. Just let me drive to school. I'm not a baby and I'm sure I can find my way around. Plus, they have this program for the new kids and it takes up the whole first period. I even have a map. I'll be fine!" James replied, hoping his Mom would let him go to school by himself. It's not like he was embarrassed of his Mom, it's just that he didn't want to be dropped off at school. I mean, he
is sixteen years old. Mrs. Taylor nodded, and threw her cigarette on the ground. As she stomped on it, James drove away, the car clunking up and down.
When James walked in the school building, everyone turned to him. Nerds clutched against their lockers, obviously afraid due to James's tough guy look. That look included a leather jacket, ripped jeans, black Converse shoes, and a tight, v-neck shirt that showed off his buff chest and slight, curly chest hair. Girls whispered with crooked smiles across their faces, although James didn't notice, nor did he care. By the time he got to his locker, most people stopped starring in awe, but still a few people were still looking. This was the first time James and his family has ever moved, so it was pretty hard to adjust. Being in England now rather than America, it was sort of different. James ran his fingers through his chocolate brown, tousled ringlets, hoping no one would smell his wet, shower fresh hair. Since he was out of his regular, no scent shampoo, he had to use Mrs. Taylor's shampoo, the one in the round, pink bottle, which much to Jame's dislike, had a girly scent. He would like to smell it on a girl, but for him, it was a definite no-no.
The first period bell rang, yet James hesitated to get to class. He walked down the hallway once again, treating it like a cat walk. He wasn't conceited either, but he did like to strut when he walked. I guess he thought it gave him more of a 'sex appeal,' yet strangely, he didn't have to try. He already had it, except most girls in his old school were turned off by his attitude. That's probably the reason why he was still a virgin.
Class was starting; James decided to make an entrance. He navigated through the doors and took his seat, just making the final bell for the period. Knowing him, it was lucky he actually
attended class; it was great he was able to get there on time. In front of the room stood a very pregnant woman, who he assumed was the teacher. As she began to write her name on the chalkboard, James looked around at the students. Unlike his old school in Boston, Massachusetts, they had a program for new kids on the first day of school. During first period the teacher would show the students maps of the school, where the bathrooms were, etc., all on the teacher's computer.
"Hello class, I am Mrs. Lawler," she held onto her stomach, "and this is Gabby. Say hi Gabby," she talked into her stomach, with a hopeful look on her face, she continued, "oh! She kicked!" She excitedly replied, much to the dislike of the class, since no one really cared. Especially James. He just wanted school to be over already so he could go read the Playboy sitting under his bed. Mrs. Lawler coughed awkwardly, ready to continue. "I will only have you for this period unless some of you are in my English class, fourth period. We have a lot to cover here, though, so I guess we'll start with where the nurse is, where the bathrooms are, where the water fountains are located and well....whatever else." She said with a grin from ear to ear. Within a few seconds James was already drifting off.
Michelle yawned, hoping the class would be over soon. She studied the students who were sitting next to her; she already began picking out who would look good as a 'clique'. Of course, she would be the leader of the clique. She knew she wouldn't be popular, but it was just a fantasy, I guess. She observed each person, looking to see who had the nicest face to draw. She stopped, looking at one girl with dark skin and beautiful green eyes. The girl
looked nice, but hopefully she was nice on the inside, Michelle thought. I guess she would just have to find out by talking to her sometime. Maybe at lunch.
As an artist, Michelle always liked to draw the easy faces, one that could possibly make her money in the future if she sold it. Being immortal, she had plenty of time to do that. Everyone was immortal, yet some people got bored of being 16 for five years, 17 for five years, 18 for five years, 19 for five years, 20 for five years and 21 for five years and etc.. People now had a longer lifespan than usual, and if they take care of themselves - and don't, like Charlie, jump into toxic waste -, then they
could live forever, as long as they were moderately healthy. That's why nobody ate junk food that much anymore.
Just as Mrs. Lawler finished speaking and directing people where to go, the bell
finally rung. It was about eight forty five in the morning at this point, so lunch was pretty far away. As Michelle was about to leave the classroom, she stopped, realizing she bumped into someone. In particular, it was James Taylor, yet Michelle did not know who the gorgeous guy was.
"Oh! I'm so, so, so, so sorry!" She apologized, seeing both of their books fell to the floor. James glared at her instead of accepting the apology. He looked to the floor, seeing her purse had spilled as well. He picked up a white item, not knowing what it was. Michelle looked up, embarrassingly seeing he held one of her tampons in his hand. She immediately took it from him and quickly stuffed it back into her fake brand name purse.
"Just watch where you're going," James replied; he was staring at her with daggers.
"Oh....alright," she responded faintly, now scared at how tough the mysterious boy looked. She was determined to find out his name, yet she was too afraid to go up to him and ask. I guess it would be all in a matter of time before she even talks to him again. All in a matter of time.


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