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The Paradox war. A war fought in the past, to give victory in the future. Tellur, a young captain of the London guard, is about to find out that you cant escape the past, and that defeat will mean the end of his existence. The future is uncertain, the present hangs in the balance, and so the past must become the greatest battleground of any war. For in the paradox war, time is relative, victory must be absolute, there can be no mercy, no surrender, for as the paradox war draws its last breath, only time will show the victors. Time, for Tellur and his fellow Timeriders, is very much of the essence. View table of contents...


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The Paradox Wars.

Intro. - The changing of the guard.

A bird hopped lightly in the cold snow, searching for food in the bare patches of earth that shone through the slowly melting snow. The silence giving the area a chilling, yet almost blissful effect, blissful, that is, until the bird was hit by a pulse from somewhere on the battlements of the city nearby. The city was London, a former capital of the Pendall Empire. The man who fired the weapon was a guardsman named Tellur, who was now really wishing he hadn't shot that bird. The source of Tellur's remorse was not his conscience, but rather a rather large and burly officer,who at this point in time was shouting at Tellur to "get his time-wasting backside to the Commander's office right now." Tellur wasn't the kind of man who normally shot at innocent birds, but he did suffer from the common ailment that troubles guardsmen, which was sheer boredom, not just your average 'man i wish this person would shut up boredom' but mind boggling, soul destroying boredom, the kind that only occurs when you have finished an exam with hours still to go on the clock. Infact the 5ft 11" Tellur was not a man who liked unneccessary violence, but one moment of stupidity would land him in solitary for a few days.

The Commander looked at the brown-haired northerner as he crossed the walkway into the officer's block. The Commander, that was all anyone called him, held Tellur's military and personal records in his hand, with the pretence that he would actually go through them, yet the Commander knew the file off by heart, as he had been scrolling through it since he had read the letter. It was this letter that meant that there was an unwantedgentleman in his office, it was this letter thatmeant that Tellur would soon be releived of guard duty, to be posted in a far more exhilarating occupation. This letter was not only going to change the future, it was going to change the past.

Chapter 1. - Time difference.

Tellur glanced at the grim faced woman opposite him in the copter, and attempted a smile, the woman allowed a brief smile to cross her face, only to replace it a fraction of a second later with a look of annoyance. Well, thought Tellur, at least I got a smile this time, his previous travel companions had maintained the stony faced decorum expected of the Imperial Time Forces, the branch of the Emperor's armies concerned with mainstream time battles. They were in effect the weight behind the fist that was involved in striking against the Republic's Temperal Legions. That was about all Tellur knew about the time conflict that had ravaged the Earth. Tellur, therefore, had no clue as to what he was to become, nor what he was about to do, and hadnt the foggiest as to his current location.

His location, as it happens, was St. Micheal's Mount, in Cornwall, which at that point in time was the headquarters for the Timeriders. The commanding officer of which, was about to meet Tellur, and change his life, forever. "Hello Captain Tellur, come inside." requested the rotund major who was sent to escort Tellur to the briefing room. Tellur, eyes drooping, followed silently, his left foot was numb from the flight, and all he really wanted was to lie down in a warm comfy bed, infact any bed, except perhaps those at the London garrison's barracks, now they were awful, thought Tellur, reminiscing on the past,only to be brought swiftly back to the present by an all too familiar voice, which had just asked him to sit down. The owner of the voice, and the commander of the Timeriders, happened to be Calum Mcrone, General in the Imperial Army, and also Tellur's godfather. "I suppose you are wondering why you are here, Tellur?" askedMcrone, who, before Tellur couldanswer, said, "you are hear Tellur because the war isnt going as well as we had hoped."This puzzledTellur, who replied,"I thought we had just hammered them in Madagascar". Mcrone looked up from his computer, which had flashed up a message from one of his in-field agents, "oh yes, we're doing fine in the present, but it is the past we're having difficulties with,in short Tellur the Republic's Timeweavers are winning, despite our best efforts." "Timeweavers?" a thoroughly confused Tellur replied, "what the hell are Timeweavers?" The look of annoyance on Mcrone's face deepened, he picked up the phone, dialled, shouted for several minutes, before slamming the reciever down with a curse. "It seems those morons in the ITF high command have let me down once more, and that I am going to have to brief you myself." Mcrone said wearily, rubbing his temples as he did so.

"Okay,"began Mcrone, "As you know our Empire hasbeen at war with the Republic for several years now, mainly centering about the argument as to who should rule, and which form ofgovernment is best. At first the war was fought, aswars had been since beforeEmpire had even been formed, in the present, on land, air and sea,but always in the present. Then, however, it took a suprising turn,our intelligence officers discovered the Republicans were preparing to go back in time, and to bring the fight to us there. The planthey have, is to change the course of history's most crucial battles, in order that they might prevent us from ever having any real power." No longer half asleep, but now fullyalert, Tellur asked, "but surely thats flawed, they cant becertain that theycan alter time the way they want to, right?" Mcrone smiled, "Exactly, exactly, which is why we were formed, the Timeriders, to counteract the agents they sent back in time, theTimeweavers, eventually they brought inmore troops, which would become the RTL," "which in turn led to the fromation of ITF."finished Tellur, grinning as Mcrone nodded in affirmation. The two paused, as an orderly brought in two hot mugs of coffee, and, to Tellur's delight, several digestive biscuits, Mcrone sipped his coffee, before putting it down on his desk, and saying, "As i was saying, we both formed time armies, to battle it out in the past, and recently things took a turn for the worse as we lost several battalions and many Timeriders in recent battles." Evidently the coffee had not helped Tellur who had fallen asleep, with a half eaten digestive in his hand. Mcrone, not put out by Tellur's inability to remain awake, picked up his phone once more, summoning orderlies to remove Tellur from his office, before dialling a number only he knew, a number that was attached to the phone carried by a particular Timerider of great importance, his name, unknown even to Mcrone, and even to the Pendall Emperor himself, but his codename was one that was known throughout both sides in the Paradox war, Maverick.


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