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Juhanis journey to become a jedi

Novel By: Gloria
Science fiction

A novel about Juhani becoming a jedi. View table of contents...



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Juhani rested in the peace of the stone circle. The silver marmor reflected the sunlight, creating a shining sphere of pure light. the Force was overwhelming here. It was warm, it sparked on Juhanis skin and through her entire body, its distinguished character was easy to perceive.

the Force was more than an energy field, Juhani knew. Beginning Jedi falsely believed the Force to be a force you could control. A servant. Juhani knew that reality was exactly the other way round. the Force was a being. A living force. With its own will, it cared about all beings. One could communicate with it. One could borrow its power. Yet not command it. And there was no need ever to command. the Force was your best friend if you honored it fully.

Juhani had noticed the overwhelming increase in her force-abilities since the fortunate day when she stopped trying to control the Force. She had exhausted herself for weeks, forcing herself to get a grip on the Force. It was only when she was entirely down with her energy and could no longer force control, that she felt the immense generosity of the Force flow through her. She recovered through the crystal energy of the Force, without any need to ask. the Force gave without obligation. Or, more precisely, it was gave when there was no obligation. Any attempt to squeeze the Force to ones own will was determined to fail.

Meanwhile, Juhani had understood why: the Force ruled the world. It was everywhere. The source of everything. As already pointed out, the Force was a being. Everything was a part of it. And so was Juhani. So were all beings, whether force-sensitive or not. Knowing this, it became obvious why forcing control over the Force was foolish.

Juhani had stopped being foolish.

She listened to the Force, let it flow through her, attended to its teachings. She wondered what she would learn next. So far, her progress was subtle. Only her readiness towards the Force had increased. Yet her teacher had told her, that this was the beginning. And that made sense to her.

She had been told that she was allowed to point the direction in which she wanted to move. the Force would do the rest.

Now Juhani wondered, what ability she wanted to learn first: Moving things with her thoughts? Reading other people thoughts? Healing herself? Moving faster?

She had no damn clue, And she was ashamed about that. Recognizing the immense nature of the Force, she understood that learning such profane techniques were not adequate.

Thus, she wondered, what would be appropriate? She wanted to become a great, respected Jedi after all. What skills were demanded by Jedi? What skills did other practicioners lack? Juhani was confused.

Maybe she should learn something that nobody else could do? That would make her unique and valuable. She had to inspire herself. Maybe it was best to go to the Jedi enclave and pay attention to the local needs, thereby learning what was required from her.

She walked back to the Jedi enclave and watched the ongoing. It was diverse. Everyone was doing something different. Most were heading for somethings. Many students were listening to their teacher. Some were having a walk.

On the landing platform, nothing was happening. The enclave didn't have many visitors.

Visitors came to the other towns on the planet.

Malastaire was a beautiful planet, with plenty of green plains, lovely rock formations and hordes of wild, yet peaceful animals. It was a planet governed by the Force. It was no surprise that a renowned Jedi enclave was here. One could feel the Force everywhere, though not as strong as in Stonehenge where Juhani had just been.

Clueless about what to do, Juhani asked her teacher for an assignment.

"Honored teacher, I seek to intensify my understanding of the Force. What activity do you recommend me?"

Juhanis teacher, Quarodhron, was a male human Jedi in his 30s. He certainly wasn't the most amazing Jedi, given his role as teacher for the beginning pupils and he wasn't bursting in motivation either. The reason he was given his place in the Jedi Order was simply loyality to the Jedi rules. Tje Jedi adored loyality.

Quarodron said: "I see that your body has become receptive to the force. You have abandonned the desire to control the Force and opened yourself. That was an important progress.

Given your motivation, I understand that you want to proceed and need a new focus.

We want to start with something easy. This enclave required protection. I understand that you are no warrior. You don't yet have a lightsaber. And you won't need any for this task.

I want to you to acquire nightvision."

"Night-vision?" Juhani was surprised.

"Yes. You will find it very helpful everywhere in life. Just imagine its possibilities for the light side of the Force.

Pay attention to the name of our nature of the Force. It is the light side. Naturally, you will use all kind of light on your journey. There are different ways of doing it. For now, learn night-vision."

"Yes, Master Quarodron. Thank you."

"I know you are already aware of this, yet always keep the truth in mind when the going gets tough: Let the force guide you. Don't force. Follow."

"I will do."

"Now go to sleep, awake at evening and practice."

Juhani was surprised. She loved the idea of night-vision. How simple the idea was! Why hadn't she yet come to it? Smiling, she went to bed and set the clock to evening.

When she awoke, mild darkness lay upon the conclave. She sit to meditate, recognized the euphoria burning inside her, softly calmed it down as her teachers had told her that expectation led to disappointment, and opened herself up to the Force.

Concentrating on her breath, she felt the waves of the Force rise up in her. It took time to intensify the feeling. She wandered inside the Force, leaving the outside world behind her. She let go of all feelings and expectations. She listened.

The single focus of her mind was directed towards the idea of light. She breathed on the ocean of the Force, as its waves splashes around her, feeling like a sailor on a wild sea. Without disrupting the ocean, she focussed dimly on the idea of light. Each time, expectation and euphoria shot up in her, she softly moved away from them, letting them flow out of her mind, keeping the ocean and the light in focus.

As the moon travelled across the nightsky, passing by the stars, Juhani dived into the Force, sometimes riding on its waves, other times sinking into its depth, welcoming everything.

Amids the thundering waves, a new feeling reached her. Ice-cold rivers ran through her minds, snow-white, enormously cold yet comfortable, life-affirming. Juhanis saw the rivers flow down, forming shapes of unknown meaning, leaving a cold touch on her spirit.

The rivers formed a circle, running across its perimeter, continuously filling its center. When the last spot in the center got filled, a wave of cold wind consisting of tiny ice-crytals shot out of the circle blew across her and pushed her into a cold exctasy. Enlightment burned through her mind, a white fire from a foreign origin, it passed on to her body, fueling it with its power.

The vision collapsed and Juhani shot out of the ocean back into the conclave, crashing onto the floor. She gasped. Her clothes were covered in sweat. She looked at her hands. She screamed. They looked icy blue. Juhani glanced around the room, seeing it all in the same icy blue light. Glancing out of the window, she saw the moon and realized it was still night.

Then the realization shot through her. Night-vision. She had acquired it.


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