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Karlissa's mom is an alien from a planet called Jadus who went to Earth, which would make Karlissa an alien. She is taken to Jadus after her becoming when she turns sixteen, where she meets Tirstyinn, a Jadian also from Earth. There are secrets on Jadus, will the two figure it out, or will it all fall apart? PG for being hard to understand at times. View table of contents...



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Becoming: Chapter One

I clutch the shopping bag from Walmart and bite my lip. The chilly air blows a cold wing on me that makes my smooth, straight, dark blonde hair blow around wildly and causes me to regret wearing a t-shirt today. This is the coldest it's been all summer, but it's almost Fall, what can I say?

It's raining. Mom is preparing me for school in three days. Which means today is the last weekday of summer vacation. This year will be 10th grade, my first year of high school, but I turn sixteen in January. Sixteen. I shudder. The stories Mom told me are true. Which means…I'm toast. What are the stories, you might ask. Well, if you didn't stop to ask and read this sentence you probably would have known by now.

When I was six, Mom told me about a distant planed called Jadus. She sat with me for an hour on my birthday, telling me about the civilization there. The aliens. But their proper name was Jadians. They all had different, unique features, like aliens in sci-fi movies.

After that, once a year, Mom would sit with me for an hour and tell me more about Jadus and the Jadians. Always on my birthday.

When I was fourteen, Mom told me this story:

"One day, a young teenage pilot from Jadus wanted to try to fly a spaceship. Everything was going well, until she crashed on Earth."

"Mom," I interrupted, "don't you think that the stories about Jadus are kind of getting old? I'm fourteen now, I'm not mesmerized by fiction anymore."

"Let me continue. This is the last year, I promise."


"After she crashed on Earth, it wasn't long before she learned the habits and became human. Later on, a law was passed. Jadians could go to Earth and be like humans, but their children had to be told about the past, starting on their sixth birthday. Every year, they had to be told more and more, until their fourteenth birthday, when their parents had to tell them that the stories were true. Ant their parents had to reveal to them that they were Jadian. Their children's Jaiden form had to be revealed to them on their sixteenth birthday, called their Becoming. Many Jadians did this. I was one of them."

"No you weren't. Then you would have to be…" I don't even finish my sentence. Hadn't she been doing this since my sixth birthday? Maybe what I believed to be fiction was reality this whole time.

"Yes, I am Jadian, and so are you. Your becoming will happen when you're sixteen."

Of course, I didn't believe her at first, and I made that very clear. But then, she pulled out my journal and handed it to me. I flipped to April 1st, 2010.

Today I had a chance run-in with my favorite author. We were shopping and he happened to be at the same…..

I got confused when all that was there were shapes and symbols. I handed the journal back to Mom.

"That was your brain thinking in Jaiden. I bet every one of those entries has some Jaiden in it. How old were you then? Twelve. It's rare that this happens so early. It could be a sign of an early Becoming."

That was all the proof I needed. Mom never joked around much. And she never crossed the line when she wanted me to believe something. So, after I did the logic, I believed her. But it didn't affect my feelings toward the whole thing.

I rejected it for a while. I never talked about Jadus or Jadiens unless I had to. I tried my best not to even think about it, but every once in a while, I would let myself wonder what my Becoming would be like. But still knowing I only had two years left. Two.

After a while, I got used to the idea of Jadiens. I kind of had to, because Mom was always in her Jaiden form whenever we were at home. Always. Whenever we walked through the door to our house, she went straight into her Jaiden form. For a while, I considered writing my journal in Jaiden, but then I realized I could only understand it when I didn't need to. Which, for me, was the most annoying thing ever.

I turned fifteen, I started randomly writing in Jaiden more often. Even on school assignments. Of course, I never realized until the last second, when it was too late. I failed a lot of school papers. So much, that 'a lot' is an understatement. Only one of my teachers never gave me a bad grade when I wrote in Jaiden. Which I learned shortly after, was also from Jadus. Her daughter was my age, and went to my school. I noticed she was in some of my classes. I would talk to her and sit next to her every time. We bonded. I was glad I wasn't the only Jaiden in the whole school, and she was glad she wasn't the only one failing school assignments due to random moments when Jaiden took over her brain.

We both knew we were crumbling under the pressure of our Becoming. On top of that, the strictest teacher in the whole school, taught our shop class. We learned eventually that Jaiden took over more often when we were worried.

I showed more signs of Becoming early. Mom told me to prepare. Today, my body is throbbing. Bearably, but annoyingly.

When we get home, Mom skips going into her Jaiden form and starts talking to me.

"Karlissa," She begins, I know it's serious because she rarely uses my real name, she always calls me 'Karli' unless it's relating to Jadus, "you should probably lay down in your bed and rest. My Jaiden senses tell me your Becoming is probably today."

"What? I thought it wasn't until January."

"I told you it could happen early."

"But not this early, right?"


I reluctantly go lay down and it's a good thing I did, because no sooner to I lay down does a pain surge through me and I pass out.


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