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Sapiens :Artifact

Novel By: Imuildaeren
Science fiction

First sci-fi story. Set 200 years after our own time, the galaxy is an ancient thing where the the technolgy is diffrent from mans, more naturel and spirtual. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 18, 2009    Reads: 77    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

Aknuharah eased himself into his Data Seat, and looked at the city of Suithep before him. Buildings of stone mixed with ones made of modern durable hard plastics lay before him, the main population which was humans walked around doing their daily business. In the distance rose the mountainous pyramid of Anukhel build 5000 years ago.
Meda gripped her father's hand for dear life as they made their way through way through the labyrinth of city streets. They pushed out the crowd into ancient stone courtyard where a couple groups of people keeping to themselves. A crowd of humans dressed in military came up to the them and signed the deal of Meda's life.
"We , the humans, are the warriors of the galaxy. We are the ones that can kill millions of our very own species. The other races may have more intelligence, more understanding, but they know that if they were to cross the mightiest race since our cousins and creators they would perish" Shouted out a large bald man passionately to his group of young soldier grunts.
Bullets crashed into the side of the tank as it rolled through the village of Faroiuk on the war torn planet of Faroh. The tanks laser turret turned its self to the main group of ragtag attackers and fired. A long beam of blue light struck the first attacker destroying its then in a millisecond the blue energy hit the ground causing and explosion that obliterated the other attackers.
Aknuharah walked through the sparsely lit empty halls of the Anukhel, beside him was his young strange female human slave. He had called her Nuila, meaning mystic eye in Aiula, Nuila's eye certainly was strange for human, it was a blue so bright so that it was hard to look into her eyes. Aknuharah began to notice how Nuila had become quite a good looking human over the years, her bright blond hair always seemed to smooth and well cared for even if it hadn't been washed for days. The other slaves of the house were certainly caught in her charm; even the rich priests admired her and envy him for buying her when she was young.
Aknuharah was proud of his race and how in the past they had created the humans; the galaxy when they first game in contact with the Hukam they thought they were one of the most violent races in the galaxy but now with arrival of humans the crown of the most violent race was placed upon they're heads. The other races were shocked by the humans past, killing one another, killing other animals, thinking they own their planet, nations, human emotions and their lack of awareness of life. Because of this the other races have mistreated humans and have used the humans to repair their crumbling empire, humans have now changed the number of personnel in the military from 2 billion (They didn't even do much anyway) to 38 billion doing some kind of service linked with the military. With such a huge amount of humans in the military it changed dramatically from just some races fighting to full ranks different areas of work and the training of 92% of the human population. Now humans realize how they have been mistreated and they're extremely good vantage point.


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