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Swastika Project

By: Imuildaeren

Chapter 1, A super hero kinda story, with a twist.

The had been moon was high in the sky when Pierre was walking his dog in the local woods, when Pierre’s dog began to sniff a human like shape slouched next to a tree he expected the worse. As he had came closer he had noticed that it was young woman with a deep but relativity old cut running from the top of her forehead to her cheek. Pierre feeling sorry for the woman took her back to his house.
Nothing made sense to her. She didn’t know her name, she didn’t know where she was, and she didn’t really know anything. She knew she was in some bare bedroom, suddenly realizing that she didn’t even know what she looked like and seeing a mirror she made her way towards it. She was quite tall and elegant, seeing her face was a shock to her. The scar which made one eye a faded almost white color, her other eye was green. She reached up and touched her long soft raven black hair, and then she noticed something below her neck. She pulled her t-shirt away from it and found it to be a small swastika.
A day of hard thought later she had learned that she was in Russia in the United Peoples of Eurasia, a union of peoples that covered all of Europe Russia and central Asia. It was supposedly the greatest organization ever and was the pinnacle of freedom and humanity. As more days went she decided to name her self Raven after her hair. Raven began to be able to feel a great wave of energy come over her often sometimes for hours, she knew that she could do things with it but she didn’t know what.

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