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Achlys is just another average Husgwigardian. Until she meets Glynna. Achlys is in danger as soon as she befriends Glynna because well- because she's supposed to kill her. Achlys leaves her home planet, Pallet, with Glynna by her side. They leave Pallet 500 light years away and arrive at a strange new planet called Planet Earth. The journey is just beggining for them and are put to the test to blend into every day life. Which means school. Will they succesfully adjust to Earth life or will they be discovered as teen aliens? View table of contents...


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I'm walking around on a soft but dense blue ground. Yes, this is strange for you isn't it? I thought so. Well, Hushwigardians, complex shape shifters that take shape of specific animals that they connect with, live on a planet far away from your Earth called Pallet. It's a planet just a bit bigger than Earth. But much stranger.

Many Hushwigardians are wild but I am one of the lucky civilized ones. The place where the society of us is run is called the Hallow. The ones in charge there, called Placers, have made orders for all of the trained civil's to go and hunt down all of the wilds for… for what nobody is sure yet.

So, I'm walking around through a forest, in human form with a bow and a sheath of arrows on my back, a forest with monstrous blue umbrella trees and vast purple cabbage bushes. It has a heavy fog and I can barely see 6 feet in front of me. This is one of the key advantages of the Wilds. They can pretty much run around taunting us Civils because they know the forest better.

After a while I get tired of the dense fog so I change my eyes to falcons. Everything comes into focus and that's when I see a black lagoon sprouting ripples everywhere, not even 50 yards away. When I first spot her I had no idea I was meeting a person with an important role in my life. I take an arrow and notch it on my bow. She's swimming around in the black lagoon in mermaid form.

I walk out from the shadows and break a yellow oozing branch on the ground to get her attention. She looks up franticly and when she spots me she screeches and dives under water. Somehow I knew this would happen so I drop my bow and sheath and run and dive into the water.

I will my body to change and I feel my feet and legs merging together and growing scales, my hair growing longer and my eyes focus in the muck of the water, my lungs fill with air. I have radioactive vision when I'm in this form so I spot her still swimming down. Of course Wilds can swim fast but Civils are trained to capture and retrieve them alive so naturally we can swim a couple times faster.

I dive and easily catch up with her. I grab her hand and she looks up at me. I point to my temple with my forefinger and middle finger, which are now webbed like a frog. She gets the message that I will kill her if she resists and allows me to propel her up towards the shore easily.

When I surface I will my body to turn back into human form. I drag the Wild to the shore and grab my bow and sheath. I put out my hand, fingers spread, and with a blinding light she turns into human form. Human form is mainly the way Hushwigardians interact but sometimes you might see a Unicorn or Pegasus around.

"What is your name, Wild?" I say as I notch an arrow to my bow, making sure it's pointed at the ground. I look up and see her staring at me. I finally get a good look at her; she has curly jet black hair with warm caramel brown eyes. She looked so familiar I almost lowered my bow.

"Glynna," She whispered. "You're a civilized aren't you? You're taking me in?"

"Yes and yes. And if you resist I will have to take you down myself, which would be hostile," I said even though I had no intention of taking her down, even if she fought, I just needed her to cooperate.

"I knew this day would come… I always tried to make the best of life because I know that there is no hope for a wild to live a full life when the civilized are hunting us down,"

If what she said had meant to shake me, it did its job well. I lowered my bow and un-notched my arrow.

"C'mon, let's get going,"

I said as I walked up to her and held out my hand, palm up. A few seconds later a necklace appeared. The necklace was designed to keep Wilds from escaping. When the Wilds were intact with it they could walk 300 feet or so away from the Hushwigardian who controls the necklace and then come to stop with an invisible barrier. Nobody could pass the barrier unless they wished to die.

I put the necklace around Glynna's neck and, surprisingly, she didn't resist. I walked back the way I had come and again willed my eyes to change. After only a few short moments of walking I knew something was wrong. The fog had thickened even more and the air had dropped about 10 degrees. I turned around slowly to face where Glynna was supposed to be walking but when I faced around, she was nowhere to be seen. How could she have gotten away so fast and so quietly?

A fluorescent red light interrupted my thoughts. It was glowing to my left, unknown grounds that have never been searched before. I took a cautious step towards my left because I knew that was the way she had gone. Nothing happened so I took another step, and another, and another. Still nothing happened but I knew something would because when Wilds try to escape, they don't mess around.

I willed my body to change, again, but this time into something with wings. My arms spread out and they grew lighter and longer. I started to shrink until I was only about 2 feet tall. My feet grew into sharp talons while my face grew a beak. Every spot on my body started growing soft brown feathers of all different shades. I hopped off the ground and I soared into the sky. The ground shrunk as I rose to a height of 2,000 feet.

The sky was a grotesque brown even though it mainly stayed a beautiful sun set orange. We had fluffy pink things in our sky that nobody knew what to call because they were just so strange. It felt great to be flying again especially after a day of hunting, but this was just another chase so I knew to stay focused.

I dropped about 1,000 feet so I was gliding right above the trees. I could still see the bright red trail, glowing bright and strong through the rooftops of the trees. It took a couple of minutes to get to the end of it. A majestic unicorn was galloping beneath me. It had a glimmering silver coat and an ever color changing horn that when the light hit it, it was a different, more beautiful color. The red light seemed to follow her, as if it were trying to do something. Glynna seemed to run faster when she saw the red light was gaining on her.

That's when I realized something- she was running from it. I didn't know what was so scary about some light but I knew there was something defiantly wrong about it. I swooped down and flew along beside her. She looked at me with her brown eyes, now filled with fear.

'Help me!' A voice squeaked inside my head. I was so startled that I caught a breeze and took flight into the upper branches of the trees. I hit one branch and I fell, changing back into human on the way down. I landed not only 5 feet away from the red trail and I could hear a crackling sound. I got up with a groan and looked around.

I knew I had to help Glynna, not just to capture her, but telepathy only happens with Hushwigardians if they were important in both of each other's futures. I groped around in my pockets and drew what humans would call a wand, in my language it's actually a derbage, the ancient weapon of witchcraft.

"Intacto permatuala," I shouted with a complex flick. The red line flickered for a few seconds and with a loud pop, exploded. The heat and force that slammed into me sent me flying 10 feet into the air. The spell was for destroying things and I could say it worked pretty well.

I sat up, my head on fire. My bow, sheath, and my arrows had somehow disappeared during all of this. My derbage lay a couple feet away so I dragged my body across the damp ground to it. A sharp pain flickered through my body and I had to stop for a few seconds. After the pain eased, I kept dragging myself until I grabbed it. I closed my eyes out of pain. It seemed like only a few seconds before I remembered the reason I had exploded the red light in the first place. My eyes snapped open and I took a look at my damaged body. I was coated in so much blood that my head felt dizzy. I whispered:

"Remelius opaso" and watched as the blood evaporated off my body. When the blood was gone, I could see the wounds closing up slowly.

I looked around, realizing that the fog had dispersed. I saw Glynna's body lying to my left, moving, but only slightly. I got up slowly and walked over to her. I turned her body over so I could see the damage. Under her right eye a branch had caught her and left a deep cut. Her arms and legs were smeared in blood but she seemed to miss most of the damage. I snapped my fingers a couple of times in front of her face but it didn't work. I raised my derbage and muttered the incantation I had used on myself.

"Remelius opaso" And then words for waking up: "Hasafelous"

I back up now and watch as the blood melts away and her wounds close up. Her chocolate brown eyes crack open. She gasped and sat up. I held out my hand and she took it, looking grateful. I laughed, just to make the situation better.

"Well, as you now know, I cannot kill you. Unfortunately, I would die because our fates are now entwined," I said probably sounding bored. "Look, don't worry about it, I was starting to like you anyways," I told her smiling.

"Well I guess we can make this work. You seem alright too," She laughed as she tugged at the necklace I had put around her neck.

"Oh, right! I guess I'm just going to have to try to trust you from now on and you me," I said as I unlatched the necklace. "Well! Now that that is done, we should get moving,"

"What? Where are we going? You said you wouldn't turn me in!" She squealed, taking a few steps backward.

"Relax, were not going to the Hallow, it's too dangerous there. I have a different option, but it's up to you,"

"What is the other option?"

"I can't tell you, but I can show you. Oh and by the way, my name is Achlys," I said.

"Well, Achlys, you already know my name," Said Glynna, laughing. I took out a whistle and blew into it making sure it could be heard by anyone in a 10 mile radius.

I waited a few minutes, tapping my feet on the ground. A strong wind caught my hair and a bright light made me temporally blind. I could tell by Glynna's gasp that the same thing had happened to her, too. I brushed my hair back and saw that my motto m64 had landed 20 feet away hovering a few inches above the ground. It looked kind of like a modern day private jet- except, that it went the speed of light. It had my name written across the side of it, Achlys.

"What are we going to do with that?!" Glynna tried to yell over the noise the plane was making. I laughed and started toward my plane.

"C'mon, we've got a plane to catch!" I said pulling out my keys, glancing back at Glynna. She still had that crazed look in her eyes but at least she was walking.

I pushed the unlock button on my keys and the steps slide down from an opening in the bottom of the plane. I walked up the 10 steps and turned right. The inside of the aircraft was much more interesting and impressive then the outside. There were about 20 seats total, comfortable purple leather as the cushions. A 50 inch plasma screen television was in every row, to watch anything that came to mind. Also, a bar that served just about everything, including Toby, our bar guy.

"So, Achlys, this is your personal jet?" Glynna asked sounding amazed. I nodded and walked up to Toby.

"Toby, you can take Glynna's order while I go and talk to the pilot for a few," I said as I accepted a glass of clear liquid that could taste like everything and nothing at the same time. Warm fudgy brownies filled my mouth while a sigh escaped my lips. Handing back the glass to Toby, I preceded to the cockpit. I knocked on the door and when a light voice said "enter" I slid opened the door.

"Ahh, Achlys, where would you wish to go?" asked Dean, my personal pilot, with a bright smile. Dean had spiky blonde hair and eyes that were always changing color. At the moment they were electric blue. He looked very attractive, with his uniform and hair spiked up. Dean could be either 15 or 50, nobody really knew his actual age.

"Well, a place as far away from here as possible," I responded, returning his smile.

"As in where? I can sense that you already have a place in mind," He said sounding hesitant.

I bit my lip. Should tell him that the planet Earth would be the safest thing right now? We had to get as far away from Pallet as possible. 500 light years away sounded pretty safe at the moment.

"Don't call me crazy but we have to leave Pallet. Another planet, planet Earth, seems like the right place to go into hiding," I said watching the floor.

After a few moments of silence I glimpsed up. Dean was staring at me with his amazing blue eyes. I couldn't help but stare back at him until he cleared his throat and whispered:

"Achlys, I completely support you, but I think I have the right to know the whole story," he said with a very convincing gaze. So, for the next 10 minutes I told him what had happened, beginning with me leaving the Hallow. Dean was a very good listener, as he didn't interrupt me, at all, and he never took his eyes off of me. When I finished he smiled and turned his back on me.

"Of course, I'll take you to… to this 'Earth' you speak of- even though I may not be able to come back to retrieve you. You know that right?" He asked turning to face me again, tears in his eyes.

My feet moved automatically towards the boy in pain. I put my arms around him getting lost in his mystical eyes. Somehow, our lips find each other. After what seemed like only a few seconds, we break apart.

"Wow," is all I say as I leave the cockpit.

When I emerge from the cockpit, Glynna gives me a questioning look and I give her a fake smile. I take my seat in first class and Toby walks up to me and hands me a glass with a purple liquid in it. By the time I finish it, my eyes are already drooping. I allow myself a good night's sleep so I lie down on the 3 seater. As the dreams take over my consciousness, the last thing that goes through my mind is the name of Dean.


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