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The downfall of The Great Race Of Mankind

Novel By: Jonathan DeLacuso
Science fiction

It is the year of 4982. A new era in human history has begun. Humans are at the pinnacle of their power. In this society was born Michael Smith, a mix breed between a Xylonian and a human. He has secret abilities that allow him to do great things. When the world gets invaded by an evil, maleficent force known as Dark Lord will Michael be able to defend it? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: Introduction

It is the year 4982. The great era of mankind a.k.a. the Platinum age of the human race, since it was discovered that platinum is worth more than gold and some braniac thought it would be more original to call it the Platinum age rather than the Golden age, but if you ask that doesn't make much of a difference. By now the human race has colonized the universe. We hold in our possession a grand total of 125 planets in, so far discovered, 130 galaxies.

Not bad, huh? But don't think that the people of Earth developed so much all by themselves. We had help from extraterrestrials. The first ones that actually managed to get a contact with the human race are the Xylons and they live 300 light years away.

This is because Earth is 200 light years away from any planet with intelligent life and it is additional 100 light years away from a planet that has developed interplanetary travel.

The Xylon race is amongst the most developed races in the Universe. They are mostly humanoids with a little physical difference from the humans.

They have a third eye on their forehead. Now they have another very interesting power over the human race, they can read minds. Now I know that you think that it is impossible to read minds but it is true. Nobody is sure how does the mind-reading power work but there are many, in my opinion, weird theories.

For example, a theory by Dr. Mark tells us that the alien third eye focuses on the brainwaves in a way that it receives them and deciphers the brainwaves which are for human thought (and it works on the aliens by the same principal). This theory was widely accepted until one of the Xylons had an accident with a fork. He wasn't the sharpest of the Xylons and he thought that he could read the forks mind if he held it really close to his eye.

The result of this was that he poked himself in the eye and was completely third eye blind. But the important thing is that he could still read minds even better than he used to (because the mind reading is their sixth sense and it improves as they loose eyes, which was also discovered by this unfortunate accident.)

So, in the end, the theory was discarded and Dr. Mark was ridiculed by the entire science community (there is a term called "marking it" which is often used when you are expressing something utterly ridiculous).

And there is also another theory, which is even more ridiculous than the last one, which tells us that these creatures are refuges from Earth who, in the process of evolution and magical monolith they call the Chosen One, became what they are today. This theory, however ridiculous it sounds, has developed few cults around it.

This just proves that people will believe anything because the man responsible for the development of this theory (xylonian Ugbert Wallsworth) was thrown into the mental hospital because of his hallucinations (caused by the usage of LSD) which were sadly misinterpreted as visions creation.

However his teachings were not forgotten. So, all in all, there are many theories about the Xylonians power of mind reading but there is absolutely no way in proving any of them.

Since the Xylonians arrived on Earth a new time period has appeared in human history.

That time period is known as The Great Era of Mankind. As you know there are five eras of the human race: prehistory, ancient history, medieval ages, industrial age, the modern age and now the sixth The Great Era of Mankind. The humans were so blinded by their power that they gave themselves the liberty to call themselves The Great Race of Mankind.

You're probably wondering why I wrote every word in capital letters. It is because the humans were so arrogant that they written the name of their "empire" and their race in big letters.

If you ask me, this was too much. The human race is great and huge but they don't need to emphasize everything. Bigger isn't always better. I guess that this was why the mighty empire of Earth, in the end, fell like it was never there. But I'm getting way ahead of myself. And still forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Michael Smith. I am the oldest of two. My brother is Mike Smith and my mother is Xylonian ambassador Irene Smith and my father is a dentist John Smith.

Now I know what you think and surprisingly no, my mother does not have a third eye. This is because she had her third eye removed because, at that time, it was forbidden for a woman in a human marriage to have more than two eyes. Now it is different, but it is still weird to see a two eyed human with a three eyed Xylonian. Today on Earth live over 300 species of intelligent life and there are still prejudices about such little things like how many eyes one has. But I'm off topic again. My family is pretty much the same as any other mix family on Earth. But I'm not the same as everyone.

I posses a special power that not even my parents are aware of. I can create mechanical objects with my mind. Another power that some Xylonian mix breeds posses is the manipulation of mechanical objects with mere thought. It is very rare amongst any Xylonian mix breeds but I posses something that overcomes their power by far.

I can create anything from any mechanical object. I was able to transform an old computer into a multipurpose backpack. It has several features that include: a cyber shield (guaranteed to protect you from any laser known to man), a freeze gun (which freezes its victims to a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius), a cameo mode (which makes invisible and, as a bonus, it hides your body temperature, and your body aroma, so nothing can detect you), a blaster gun (fires concentrated proton blasts that can go from stun to blow them up) and, naturally, a jetpack (because jetpacks make everything cool).

My backpack looked like a real backpack with buttons and a computer screen. I'm not sure why I made it look like a backpack but I am glad I did. My parents never saw it but my brother knows about it. I'm a little overprotective over him because I am ten years older then he is.

I am eighteen and he is eight and I don't want him to get hurt. I even made him a "Multitooler". It is a Swiss army knife with an upgrade of a lock pick (if somebody catches him and imprisons him but I keep that in a child lock so he can't use it in a wrong way), an electric mini stun gun and a homing beacon (so I can find him no matter where he is at).

Unlike me my brother wasn't gifted with mechanical manipulation or even mind reading. Since he is the second male child from a human and Xylonian he received his father side and is all human. That is another reason why I felt like I had to protect him no matter what.

Humans are actually quite frail and I believe that this is the reason why they felt they need to build a strong military and, in their insecurity, to emphasize everything they do.

Anyway, the day that all this madness began was no different than any other. I was just sitting in my room, playing Holowar, a game designed by the Slumatarian gaming industry (the best extraterrestrial gaming industry in the universe). The way you play it is simple; you just shoot all the hostile aliens that have occupied your homeplanet. The Slumatarians (a race of super intelligent, and super nerdy, space slugs) have devised a small neuro chip, which is activated by thoughts, to give you a holographic picture of the gaming world so it truly gives you the complete feeling that you are in the game. Even the pain when you get shot is real. So, as I was saying, I was just playing

Holowar when my dad barged in my room and said: "Why are you wasting your life playing that game?"

He always had a problem with hologames. He thought that you can really get hurt playing those.

"In my time we didn't have those sorts of games you know?" he started one of his lectures again.

I will skip the part where he told me how dangerous is to play something that can cause you pain, how it is inappropriate to play those sorts of things and bla bla bla.

When he finally stopped his lecture I asked him, "Why did you come in here? Because I know you didn't come to lecture me again."

He said "Don't you talk to me like that. As a matter of fact I came here to tell you to pack your bags because we are going to Clay Island in about half an hour."


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