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A steam punk version of modern day mechanical dependence and worldly devistation. As Nightengale Jallen takes her rightful spot as the child prodigy of the famous Jackle Jallen in the world that she has always aspired to is taken abruptly. In her fight to protect what she loves most Nightengale is forced to face the secrets that where hidden from her for so many years. View table of contents...



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A small blonde haired girl dodged her way through the crowd, her long pigtails bobbing with every step as she followed a taller black haired female wearing a pinstripe dress. Slightly out of fashion but the style suited the serious teenage woman. As the female stopped the blonde came to stand behind her on the right of the girl. They were standing near the front of the auditorium at the military weaponry expo. So far they had seen more than their fair share of the current marvels that had took their place on the large presentation stage. This was to be the final act of the night much to the delight of the older girl. She expected it to in with quite a bang so to say.
A tall, lanky, brown haired boy shoved his way past the finely dressed spectators, knocking over the two women as he passed. Blushing with wild embarrassment he stuttered his apologies as he dive to the ground to recover the taller girls wire framed oval glasses that had hit the floor with a sickening crack. The smaller girl darted out grabbing them before the clumsy fool could make matters worse. Returning them to the stern female she shooed the boy off. Gathering his papers he ran off in a hurry as the master of ceremonies to his place at the podium.
"Welcome one and all to the final showcasing of our cities newest defense systems. So far we have seen the brightest minds that our city has to offer and we hope to dazzle you with our final, most promising mind. Through trial and err he has proven to us, that even the youngest of minds can offer the greatest of hoped. I proudly present to you the creator of the Fan system, Icarus Malts.
the stage curtains opened up to reveal the lanky, brown haired boy and four large, metallic mecha suits. Much of the crowd let out gasps, some awe inspired praise. The older girl snorted to herself as she tilted her head to the blonde. The blonde nodded before disappearing in the crowd. The ebony haired girl returned her eyes to the stage with a smirk. Tonight was going to end with a bang whether or not she had to be the trigger.
The boy looked down at his papers before looking around like a mouse in the lions den. Taking a deep breath he took a brave step foreword. "G-g-good evening ladies and g-gentlemen. B-before you are the latest mecha suits to-to protect our troops from harm. As w-well as enhance their capa-pa-ba-bitity." Pausing he took a deep breath a heVy sheen of sweat glistening on his face. Turning around he looked at his suits clearly nervous and looking as if he were going to pass out. Turning back to the crowd he swallowed hard. The sound reverberating through the room as the microphone system picked up his vocal movements.
"Per-perhaps I should just show you." Turning to the closest suit he struggled into it every move being caught by the mic system as the auditorium was filled with the groans of it's occupants and the clashing of metal on metal as he finally secured the devise. Pick up the mechanical arm he aimed it at the podium. A high pitched squeal was heard as the appendage prepared to accomplish its task. After a moment the metal discharged a round that reduced the podium into nothing more than a pile of scatter wood shards. The crowd scream it's approval.


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