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Remaining Still

Novel By: JRA
Science fiction

It's not normal to be in a chamber. Even if your with other people. If your in a chamber, you've done something wrong, or you broke the law. So if a man has done nothing wrong, why is he in a chamber? Alone? Not even he knows the answer, but it's all he has ever known. And all his future seems to be. He could be anywhere, any time, but he can never know for sure where he is. It's a time capsule, his life is a time capsule. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 21, 2012    Reads: 3    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

The time is 12:46 P.M., Friday, what I assume to be February. I know the times, but the dates are hard to be sure of. I've been counting, counting every minute of my existence in this state. I've considered my first day here a Monday, because it seemed logical. But I've now come to the realization that nothing where I am is logical. Nothing really makes sense in my life, if my life is even real. Ive thought many times to myself that I could be some kind of experiment, or a simulation. I lack human physical reaction traits, but have strong emotional properties. My hands feel real, my body feels real, and all of my reproductive organs are in order, assuring me of my capability to function as a human being. So I've come to the conclusion that I am real, but this is not certain. It's just an assumption, a hypothesis, based on facts about myself. I would assume that at this time, someone of my apparent species would grow tired, but I have yet to find out why I do not get tired at times of exghausrion... I've come to my this box a home, but it does not fit the needs necessary to one of my kind. There's no food, which is why I wonder I haven't starved. There's no water, so I wonder why I haven't dehydrated. And there's no source of air, do I wonder how I haven't suffocated or died of heat exhaustion....I haven't even cried since the day I was materialized, or brought here, or something. Usually a person who had experience with an environment of other kinds would be questioning the reason why he had been locked up, or questioning how long he would stay sane, I assume. But the only thing I guess is stopping me from going absolutely mad is the fact that I have no knowledge of anything other than this dull existence. Even though I have no experience toward or with any factor of "fun", I know this is a boring life. One usually doesn't get locked into a chamber like this unless they have done something wrong, or broken a law of some sort. But I have no idea why ive been imprisoned, and why I've been alone, without any contact to an outside world, if there is one at this point. Maybe I'm a survivor, maybe I'm the last one, out in eternal stasis so I would not be the extinction of humanity, or a humanoid species I'm apart of. Maybe that's the reason why I know so much, because there's no reason, and no explanaition to why I know so much about a part of life I've never lived. Maybe how I answer my own questions, is how I live my life. How I form my life, and how I form my existence. But I could just be crazy. But then again, maybe I'm not.


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