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Soldier Side chapter 1

Novel By: kelsy mouser
Science fiction

A war is raging between the vulpine and canine against the lupine. A Young soldier fights all odds to survive and prove that she is strong enough to survive.... this is my first writing to show to anyone I would love ANY feedback I would like to continue this story if I get any support ^_^ thanks View table of contents...



Submitted:Nov 10, 2013    Reads: 31    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Its quiet in the small cafe tonight. The rain is still pouring, and I can hear the wind howling outside on the filthy city streets. What else is new planet Konii always has and always will be just a filthy, overpopulated, dump. Yet it does have its advantags, it is easy to hide here. The constant freezing cold wind and rain is the perfect excuse to bundle up, wear heavy clothing, and hoods; I fit right in. I look up and see the old greying muzzled waiter walking towards me. I instinctivly look down to hide my already barley showing face. The old vulpine quietly set a new cup of coffee in front of me before removing my old, never even touched, cup. He didnt even pause to question my behavior, this isnt exactly a trusting neighborhood, and i come here quite often. I found out a long time ago that if i dont ask questions and simply pay my bill that he wont question me. "Dont worry about the bill tonight sir" said the old fox. I looked up waiting for him to continue talking, but he only continued to clean, the already sparkling cup, in his hands. I look down at the new steaming cup the fox alway makes sure that the coffee stays hot, and never lets me go without a cup on the table even though i have never drank anything here before. I smile, he is probably waiting for the day that i take off my hood, but I never will. I feel my eyes slowly start to drift closed, it was a long night yesterday and I had gotten no sleep today. I look up at the fox, he is looking back at me with an odd half smile. The one that sometimes makes me wonder how much that sly old man really knows. I watch as he walks back behind the counter and begins to clean yet another already sparkling glass. I slowly close my eyes and begin to drift off into a light sleep. I dream about my family and the war. When I was just a kid a wolf by the name of Eclipse gathered a small army of wolves, bandits, criminals, and any black hearted soul he could find, and then he attacked any world that couldn't protect itself. The first world he went to was named New Liluria. It use to be the crown jewel of the Telmun System, but now its just another radioactive, barren wastelad.After each world falls Eclipse forces all survivors to fight along side him. He only leaves the women and small children behind to use them as blackmail to the men he forces to fight. If any soldier refuses to follow orders he forces them to stand and watch as their families are murdered in front of them. So many planets have fallen already, but the vulpine and canine have not given up yet. Almost every able bodied male joins the Star Fleet as soon as they come of age. The problem is that eclipse doesn't only outnumber us, but he also has the wolves on his side. Wolves live over twice as long as the canine and vulpine. They are stronger, faster, and trained from the moment they are born to kill. Star Fleet is currently losing this war. I feel myself fall into a slightly deeper sleep, and I could swear I hear the bell of the cafe door jingling. My thoughts turn to my family. They resisted Eclipse from the beginning even when others gave in, and like a coward he sent his men to kill us. My parents died fighting, and soon after the men started a fire in our house. My older brother died trying to pull me out of the fire, but my uncle found me barely alive. His name was Moss, and he trained me to fight from the second I could stand again. He told me that Eclipse would find out that I was alive one day and that I would be ready when that day came. Moss never finished training me; Eclipse found him a few years later, and I was forced to watch my only other family member die, the men left me bleeding out on the floor thinking I would die, but of coarse I didnt. His last words to me were to never give up and to not stop fighting until my heart stopped beating. And as I watched yet another of my houses burn I vowed to kill Eclipse and every damn wolf that stood in my way. With these thoughts spinning in my head I finally fell into a deep sleep, and vivid dreams of fire and pain flashed through my mind. These nightmares always have and always will haunt me.


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