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The Voice in the Darkness

Novel By: Kougaiji
Science fiction

I got this idea after reading Gone and Hunger written by Michale Grant View table of contents...



Submitted:Jun 28, 2009    Reads: 119    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   


The internet is down, the phones aren't working and the only thing that scares me is that mom and dad aren't in bed where they're supposed to be; where I saw them less than a minute ago sound asleep. I walk to my room in a daze. "Maybe this is just a dream, maybe when I wake up they'll be back" I said to myself. I don't even make it to my room when I hear the sound of metal being crushed and screams outside. Quickly I run outside to see where the screams where coming from. I'm half way down the hall and about to run down the stairs when everything goes black, not black like the lights went out but black like something is covering your eyes and the only color you see is black. I try to feel my way down the stairs but I can't find anything to guide my way. I keep walking. I hear other voices "W-what happened? I can't see. Mommy I'm scared. Mommy? Where are you mommy?" the voices sound so terrified. I try to say something but my mouth won't male any noise. I start to cry. I'm so scared. I try to speak again, this time I make a sound. Next I try to say a sentence but I soon realized that I had just made a terrible mistake because the voice that I heard was not mine. I didn't recognize it either. It was like something out of a comic book or a cartoon. My mouth opened on its own accord and I started talking but I wasn't the one that was controlling my mouth. As the voice spoke I listened intently "Welcome my children. My name is of no importance right now but I will tell you this. You are the only living things left on this rock you call earth." Some one started to cry. The voice, my voice, shouted "Shut Up you fool! You are in no need for crying now. Mommy and Daddy are gone and they will never be coming back!" Then kid did not stop crying in fact others joined him in sorrow. One kid thinking he was tough shouted to the voice "Listen here you, whoever you are. You are not welcome so just leave us alone!" The voice retailed. It screamed so loud I thought I was going to die. "You dare stand before me!?" it paused for about a minute "Let me see your face little one." Suddenly a bright light shone and I could see. I looked at the faces that I knew and the faces that I didn't know. In estimate there are about 500 kids that I could see. The voice spoke again. "Let me see the face of the brave human that spoke." Every face turned toward me. The light narrowed in on the kid, I didn't recognize him. "Tell me your name." The kid, not sounding as brave whispered his name. I could not hear him. "Speak up if you're so brave." The kid whispered his name again. The light faded. I could still feel eyes looking at me, burning a hole right through my head. "You all should know that I do not tolerate defiance. I will make an example of him. Listen very closely" I felt the voice leave. Realizing that I was free I yelled as loud as I could to the kid "Run!! He's going to kill you!!" Now people where truly scared. I felt the voice return to my body. There was an ear splitting scream and a flash of blinding light. The scream came as fast as it had went but the light, however stayed. It lit up the spot where the kid was standing. Now he was crumbled up, his limbs where at impossible angles. He was dead, lying in a pool of his own blood. Kids that stood around him took steps away from his crumbled up body as fast as they could, a couple kids screamed. One kid looked straight at me and sobbed "You did this. You did this to my brother. What did he ever do to you to deserve this?" I didn't know what to say (not that I could anyway). Other kids joined in his chant "Kill him" I tried to turn around but the thing that was inside me wouldn't let me move. "SCILENCE," the voice yelled. "Or I will make an example of you as well." The screams and chant abruptly stopped. "That's better. I do believe that it is time for me to leave. But before I go I must part with a gift, a challenge if you must." Kids wanted nothing to do with the voice. "If you kill me I will let you leave. But first you have to get by my dogs." One kid said "What's the catch?" The voice, sounding pleased, replied "That's for me to know and for you to find out." Then the voice left without another word. Kids, not knowing that the voice was inside my body and not actually me, ran at me. There was a low growl and out of the darkness came three dogs. The dog's feet had flames coming from them and a mane of flames to go with the burning feet. Their eyes glowed red in the dimly lit area. They were in fact Hounds of Hell…


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