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Quilla and her brother, Vuni, are crash-landed on a strange planet. They befriend a pair of Earthling twins, Ted and Jack, who agree to keep them safe and help them back to their home planet, Utopia. But when the government is tipped by a betraying friend, chaos breaks loose between the planets and are on the brink of war. Can Quilla and Vuni save both Utopia and Earth--and their friends? View table of contents...


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"Hush my precious

"Shed not another tear

"Child of mine,

"You will grow strong

"Count your blessings,

"Not your sheep

"And you must believe

"In Karma

"For she

"Will teach you life."

Where have Iheard that lullabye beofre? My mother? No, it coultn't be... She died long beofre I could have really remembered anything.

My sister. Of course!

I opened my eyes and sat up. Whoa... Where am I? Where's the ship? This can't be Utopia...

The color of everything is wrong! The ground should be pinkish-white, the trees should be yellow and blue! The leaves are too oddly shaped--and the same shade as of green as my skin!

The sky... The sky is blue! No, no, no! It should red! Oh, man, oh, man!

My sister's voice suddenly resonated in my mind. "The most important thing to remember if you ever get lost is to stay calm. If you can do that, you can think rationally and find help."

Good old Quilla. I took a few deep breaths to help myself feel better.

"Quilla?" I called out. She didn't respond. Huh. Guess Ididn't call her loud enough.

"Quilla?" I said more loudly. Why doesn't she answer? Oh... I get it now! She probably put the Virtual Reality Simulator on me while Iwas napping.

Only one way to find out. Igot up and went to look for the release portal that would wake me up. Boy, oh, boy am I gonna chew her head off.

I saw smoke in the distance, and just to humor her because she was watching, I went towards it. After a few minutes, Icam upon the spaceship, which was broken into a millon-bagillion peices. Iguess she wanted it to look like a crash.

A few of the strange, ugly trees were on fire. I laughed. "Nice touch, Quilla," I told her. She would hear me through the video she was watching of me. Oh, wait... If she's watching me, who's driving? Huh... Maybe it's on auto-pilot.

I walked closer to one of the burning trees. My antennaes twitched, telling me that it was hot. "It's a reality simulator," I told myself. "But the one thing that it can't simulate is pain."

I laughed and stuck my hand in the fire. It took me a minute to realize that my skin was actually burning. At first Ithought I was imagining the pain. But when Iremoved my hand from the blue-tinged flame, I could feel the anguish more intensely.

This was real. This was no jest. My flesh was burning away, yet I couldn't accept it. As the sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach spread, so did the fire.


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