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Back to Life

By: LexGun

Page 1, An orphan named Ivy wakes up in a cabin deep in the forest,with no clue how she got there.17 Year old,Head of the cabin,Named Krain,explains to her how her life has changed.She will now face the new world she has woken up too,and live a life she thought only existed in fantasy movies..

My eyes were shut.I could see a bright light behind my eyelids. I was laying on what feels like a bed.My body was tucked in with a blanket.I  felt the blanket a bit too well though..Oh god,am I naked?. The thought made me open my eyes wide,and boy,was that a mistake..The light in the room was too bright for me.I shielded my eyes with my arm,and sat up.I don't remember the room being this bright...


I blinked,trying to adjust my eyes.It was a big window by the bed that was sun-shinning the hell out of me.I looked around the room...Where am I?. The room had richly hued log walls,two wooden drawer lamp tables on each side of the bed,and a dark royal red rug with brown bear patchwork that covered the entire floor.the place looked so warm and comfortable.This is soo not the orphanage.what am i doing here? I looked under the covers,and was correct,I am nude.I had the first trickle of fear now.I grabbed the cover and hugged it to my chest.I sat on the edge of the bed and stepped on the rug,but as soon as I stood up,I dropped to the floor.


What's wrong with my legs? Why can't i stand up right? Did the people who live here do this to me? . I was breathing too fast.I had to take deep slow breaths,and think.What was the last thing i did?... i can''t remember. I have to get out of here. I have to come up with a plan.but my legs...they would sure slow me down.They feel numb,and heavy.. I heard noises right outside the door...voices.I had a moment of panic.They must have heard me when i fell to the ground.Way to go,Ivy.I quickly army crawled myself under the bed with the sheet held tight.I heard a guy say ''Not all of you are going in the room'' then I heard different people go ''aaw'',''pleeease!'',''We have the right to see..'' they kept arguing..


I looked from under the bed for another way out.Nope,None.only way out is the door the strangers are behind of...and the window.Oh yeah,suure. I can't walk,and here I am suggesting to jump out of a window and make a run for it from there. I heard the sound of a key unlocking the door,The knob turning slowly.I held my breath.The door opened gently,and two people walked in.I could only see their feet.It was utterly quiet,but my mind was screaming loudly.I saw one of them wearing plain brown boat shoes...while the other one wore...white bunny slippers?..You'd think for being kidnappers they would try to go for an intimidating look..Unless they want me to think they're good people,So they'd get me to do stuff... I erased the thought out of my mind.I was scared out of my pants...Oh wait..I'm not wearing pants.


They then stood in front of the bed.The bunny slippers were looking directly at me with a happy smile.I think from this day on, I will always have a fear of white soft bunny shoes.I heard a small laugh from him.''Babe,If you're going to be under the bed,could you do me a favor and check if there's any socks under there that need cleaning.I hate having to bend down to look for laundry.''


I blinked.Oh,my lord.They found me.Why does that surprise me? it's not like there's anywhere else to hide.He knelt down to see me,I quickly covered my face with my sheet.Oh yeah,GOOD THINKING,IVY. He'll never see me now!


''Aaw,C'mon. Don't be scared of me.I won't hurt ya'' I peeked over the blanket and saw him..He was only a teenager.and if the bunny slippers weren't enough,He was wearing a hot pink apron. He had black hair with cropped sides and a long bang swept sideways,blue eyes,curvy lips and a tiny birthmark right below his left eye. Boy,He's cute. He was grinning at me. I didn't say that out loud did I? I felt my face go red from embarrassment.He laughed ''I miss having females around,They get so cute when they're nervous.''  i felt lost and hopeless and this guy is here teasing me? what in the world is going on??


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