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Dangers of the Sea?

By: Lunareyes

Chapter 2,

Chapter One: Daddy’s little Tomboy

“ Lana!” My Dad called at me from his car smiling. I smiled back and noticed he got a new car again. He gets on every year. He came out of the car and glanced at it. I see he wants to play his yearly trivia game. “Guess right and ill give you something when we get back home, guess wrong and it’ll just become part of my collection.” He challenged with a grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and pretended it would be hard to get. I started walking around the car.

“Hmm...” I tried to hide the smirk that was on my face away from my Dad. This year I’ll make him think he won. “ A Mercedez?...No no...I think... Is it a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X?” I asked, not being able to hide the smirk that was on my face. My Dad sighed and got my bags and put em in the trunk.

“I’ve taught you to well Nana” he laughed. Now it was my turn to sigh. I hated when he called me Nana and he knows it.

“I hate you.”
“You say that now. Wait till we get home” He grinned. The rest of the ride we fought over what radio station we should listen to. We ended up not caring and arguing about which Music Genre is better: Rock or Classical.

By the time we got home we decided that Classical and Rock put together would be really cool and that someone should do it. As soon as I got out the car I saw a black Iron 883 Harley Davidson with a matching black helmet that had a red bow on it.
“Y-You did not!...Did you?” I asked my Dad while still staring at the bike, my jaw dropping. I hear him chuckle and walk over next to me.

“Oh but I did Lana. You like it?”
“Like it? Dad! I fucking love it!” I hugged my Dad, something i rarely do to anyone, and ran over to the bike and hopped on it. Feeling everything about. Its handlebars, its wheels. It was everything i dreamed of! “Can I go for a test ride?” I asked. Ive only rode one other bike before, and it was my Dads old bike from the 80’s. To think a guy like him likes classical music. I put the helmet on and looked over at him. He nodded and I smiled, even though he couldn’t see. I started the engine up and went out of the drive way leaving his massive beach house behind. I rode along side the beach. It was almost as great as surfing. It felt like I was at one with the bike. I rode for what was apprently an hour but only felt like a few minutes. I came back home and parked in the driveway. I took the helmet on and walked in. I’ve gotten use the my Dad huge house, which was more like a mansion. Most of the walls facing the beach were like big large windows. It was in a checkered patter so that on either side of each window-wall was an actual wall, and above it as well, much like a chess board. The window-walls, as i like to call them, reflected the ocean. I suddenly wanted to things. Food, and I wanted to surf.

-End of Chapter 1-

I know its not much but its and intro. THings’ll start off slow but itll get good, if you keep reading, I promise. :D

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