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Dangers of the Sea?

Novel By: Lunareyes
Science fiction

Lana's school year finally end and shes free to go to her Dads beach house and surf! However she goes against her mother warnings of how Dangerous the waters are. But Lana ignores this thinking her Mom is crazy, but this summer will she have to learn the hard way her was right? Or will she become the danger herself?

I guess youll have to read to find out. ;) View table of contents...


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Chapter 2: Just Follow My Voice to the Bottom of the Sea

I woke up in the morning to find my Dad had gone fishing. I'm not surprised since he does this everyday. I don't understand why, everyday he get enough fish to last a month.But I cant complain, I absolutely love fish!
"Ms. Quentin what would you like for.." the chef, Reyes looked at her watch and smiled "lunch today?"

"I don't know Reyes. Surprise me." I laughed knowing that she already had food ready. She winked at me and went to the kitchen and came back with Eggs Benedict with a side of hash-browns and toast. I raised a brow. "No Nutella?" Reyes laughed and took out the Nutella from a cabinet under the sink. "You know me so well. Still don't understand why you don't let me cook."
"Last time i let you cook love you almost burned the kitchen down"
"I was 10. Everyone knows 10 years old shouldn't be allowed to cook."
"You were cooking toast my dear, in a toaster! How you managed to cause a fire i'll never know" We both laughed when one of her assistants called from the kitchen about the meal for dinner. She went to go help, and do her job. So i sat alone in silence. By the time i was full the plat was clean, no crumbs left at all. Satisfied I washed dishes then rushed up stairs to get my bathing suit on and my surf board. Lately I can't stay away from the water. Its like its calling me. I usually watch some T.V after break-feast, or in this case lunch. I loved my bathing suit. It was turquoise and white striped bikini. It was so comfortable and has been with me for the past two years, through all my failed attempts at Carving 360 and Bottom Turns and all the times where i finally got Cut back and Floaters.

I walk down the beach loving the sand in between my toes. Feeling the heat radiating from the sand into my feet. I dig my feet in a bit ever other step. I don't know why but it makes me happy. By the time i get to the edge where the water barely reaches my toes I'm running towards the water, father in till my feet cant even touch the floor. I get on my board and sit there looking over the waters. It seems pretty calm today. Not many waves at all actually. I sighed, a bit disappointed. I really wanted to surf today. I laid down on my board letting the sun warm up my body and keeping my hands in the water. I stayed like the for awhile looking at the sun, when I felt someone come next to me.
"Thought there'd be some good waves huh?". I turned to see who was speaking. It was girl who ive never seen before. She was quite beautiful actually. She had long blonde hair that floated above the water and sea green eyes that looked like the water surrounding us.She looked at me with the most bored expression on her face.
"Uh,yeah. But its kinda dead. I don't mind though. I can stay in the water all day" I smiled but I was a bit confused. I don't usually tell people things like that when I first me them. To my surprise she laughed and nodded her head.
"I know what you mean. I can't get enough of it." It was then that I noticed her voice was beautiful and light, and a bit sing song-y. "We should go farther in." She said to me looking into my eyes. I nodded absently and followed. She was right. Going farther in was a good idea. I followed her taking my board. When she noticed she stopped and shook her head. "No board." I looked at her confused.
"But..why? There might be waves farther in right?"
"No surfing for the children of the sea. We swim along side the waves you see" She sang. I immediately dropped the board. "We love to call on humans. We pray on them for our queen Lauren. Just follow my voice to the bottom of the sea. Would you please?" She sang and sang. I followed her farther in. Not asking her questions at all. The sun still shone and made her look angel like. Soon she went underwater but I could still hear her song. I needed to follow her. I must. I swam under and listened for her voice. "...Just follow my voice to the bottom of the sea....Would you please?" I would. I followed her voice to where light did not touch. That when I saw her face. But it wasn't her. It was something else. Something from my nightmares. Something I wanted to run away from.

-End of Chapter 2-
Hope you liked it! Leave suggestions in the comments!! Ill take them all :D


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