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Dangers of the Sea?

Novel By: Lunareyes
Science fiction

Lana's school year finally end and shes free to go to her Dads beach house and surf! However she goes against her mother warnings of how Dangerous the waters are. But Lana ignores this thinking her Mom is crazy, but this summer will she have to learn the hard way her was right? Or will she become the danger herself?

I guess youll have to read to find out. ;) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 29, 2011    Reads: 6    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter 3: Real-life nightmare
Her voice was no longer angelic, it was now a growl of a wolf. Her eyes were no longer the previous beautiful sea green, they were now fully black. She had teeth of that of a sharks. It was gruesome and it felt like I'd just awakened from a wonderful dream. I immediately swam to the surface. It was now night time. The moon shone bright over the see and only gave light where light was needed. I swam to shore not looking back. I didn't realize how far I was from shore till now. I swam regardless non-stop till my feet touched sand. I looked back and saw nothing. I swam back to shore till it was shallow enough that I could walk.

I relaxed once I laid down in the sand. It felt good to be back on land. My hands were still shaking and it felt like my heart was in my throat. I looked to my right and realized there was a bonfire a few miles away. It sounded like fun. I wandered if i should go over, get wasted, and forget what happened. I was getting up when I heard my name from behind me.

"Ms.Quentin! What the bloody hell are you doing out here so late?!" It was the maid, Rivera.
"Uh,I....I decided to go for a late night dip... Sorry."
" Its late alright! You had your father worried sick! C'mon, lets go home." she said, her voice firm. I laughed under my breath. She reminded me of my mother sometimes. It was then I realized..

"Rivera...exactly what time is it?" It didnt feel late. And I was just in the water a few minutes last I remember.

"After midnight! I cannot believe you. Since when do you not come home for dinner?!" A smile creeped on her face as I laughed at that comment. It was true. I was always just in time for dinner.

" What was for dinner anyways?"
"Your favourite, fish." I almost gagged. "Whats wrong miss?"
"Uh..I'm not feeling fish tonight..."
"What but its your favourite!" She shook her head mumbling something in Italian. I sighed. I don't think I'd ever want to each fish again.

That night I slept with so many questions in mind. What the hell was that thing? And how was I under water for so long? And on top of that I was hungry. Everyone was asleep and I didn't feel like cooking. This day has just been weird and scary and I dont even know who I should tell, if I should tell. I don't even think I want to surf ever again.

I know its short and not my best but I've got writers block. I should have written a layout per chapter instead of just the whole story....Sorry :l Ill do better next Chappie. Promise :)


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