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Dangers of the Sea?

Novel By: Lunareyes
Science fiction

Lana's school year finally end and shes free to go to her Dads beach house and surf! However she goes against her mother warnings of how Dangerous the waters are. But Lana ignores this thinking her Mom is crazy, but this summer will she have to learn the hard way her was right? Or will she become the danger herself?

I guess youll have to read to find out. ;) View table of contents...


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Chapter 4: What a Weird day
I woke up early in the morning around 8 am. Which was weird since I never wake up so early. I was debating if I should stay in bed for a little while longer or go eat breakfeast when I heard my Dads voice down the hall way. I didnt know he woke up so early. I peeked out the door and looked to the left where my Dad was talking to some man. He seemed really angry, which was weird since I dont ever remember a time when he ever actually got angry. I couldn't make out what they were saying. I decided to get closer and hid behind the dresser by the bathroom, Never understood why there was a cabinet by the bathroom but they made it look pretty so I never questioned it.

" How could you let one get close to her? It almost killed her!" It was my Dad. I knew his deep voice anywhere.
"Sir, it was new and it didnt know-"
"I dont care if she didnt know James! You should tell everyone!"
"I can't control them all Rick!" This man, who's apparently named James, nearly yelled at my Dad. "I-I'm sorry sir..I didnt mean to yell. But you must understand, theres too many and some are starting to rebel.." I'm not sure what happened but James sounded scared now.
"Well fix it James! I don't want this to happen again." I heard my Dad's loud heavy steps go down the stairs and someone else walking towards my direction. I wasn't sure what to do. I panicked so I got up and walked to the bathroom door. I tried to be nonchalant but that failed when I bumped into someone.

I would've been knocked down had James not grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "Miss, Im sorry!"
"Ah, no, its fine" I smiled. "Im fine." Suring that moment I realized two things: James was very, very, attractive. He had perfectly messy black hair that fell just around his ears. His eyes were two different colours. One a deep sea blue while the other was hazel green. It was both weird and cool at the same time. The second thing I realized was that I had yet to brush my teeth. So here I am talking to a hot guy, who just had an argument with my Dad, and I have morning breathe. Great.

He smiled and I stepped around him and went to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth I went down stairs. My dad was on the table eating breakfast. "Morning Dad!" I smiled. He nearly jumped.
"Lana! I didn't know you woke up so early!" He laughed and wiped his mouth.
" Well, ya know. Early bird get the worm. And by worm I mean what your eating!" I smiled and licked my lips. Reyes cooked Steak and eggs with a side of mashed potatoes that had bacon bits in it. My favorite.
"Well well well look who's up early"I turned to see Reyes with a plate identical to my Dads except with way more eggs and mashed potatoes.
"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" I smiled and sat down to eat.
"Not enough love."
I laughed. Then i remembered Dad's and James' argument. "Uh Dad, I was probably dreaming but did I uh, hear you talking to someone this morning?"
" Uhm, no Lana you were probably dreaming. Though why you were dreaming that, I dunno" He smiled. I can't beleive it. Hes lying to me. Right in front of my face. I sighed and finished eating. "Going out to the beach today?"
"Uh, no...Uhm, I might stay in today..."
Reyes gasped. "What? Are you sick?!"
I laughed "No Ray I am not sick. Just..a bit tired. And thirsty." I realized as soon as I said it. I went over to the fridge and poured some water in a cup and gulped it down.
"So..what're you gonna do? Theres nothing fun to do here.." My Dad asked, clearly confused.
"Dunno," I poured myself another cup of water. "Might take my bike out for a spin.." I grinned. My Dad smiled and nodded in approval.
I drank two more cups of water then I went upstairs and got dressed. It was a hot day so I wore my favorite worn-out capris, and high-top converses. I put my Paramore sweatshirt on. The sleeves were cut off rather badly so I couldn't even say I bought it like that.

I ran downstairs just as I saw my Dad getting ready for fishing. "I dont know why you go every day. Im sure by now we've got enough to last a lifetime"
" You can never have to much fish" He laughed as I went to get a bottle of water.
"Very very true" I laughed and drank some water. "Where your, uh, fish hook thingies?"
"Uh, they're on my boat"
"Ya'know one day im gonna go fishing with you and we shall have a fish off and guess who'll win. Me" I teased and he laughed.
"Sure you will."

He left but not before kissing me on the forehead like he used to when I was a kid. I loaded my bag with like 5 water bottles. Im not sure why I was so thirsty. Probably since I didn't drink enough water last night.

I hopped up on my bike and put my helmet on. I decided I'd go to the mall and do some window shopping. I was getting ready to go when my throat suddenly felt really dry. I took a bottle of water and downed it. I cleared my throat. That was really weird. I shrugged it off and just rode. The mall wasn't as far as I hoped and I was there in 10 minutes. I parked my bike and put my helmet in my bag. I was looking at the mall and I realized, I didn't want to be here.I wanted to go to the beach. But after yesterday, I wasn't sure if I could. Before I knew it I was riding my Harley back home and put the same bathing suit as yesterdays on. I looked at the beach from my room window and the waves again were calm. I left my board and ran to the beach while gulping down 2 bottles of water.I ran into the water until my feet didn't reach the floor.I sighed happily and swam for what seemed hours. Then I realized how weird this was. Why am I suddenly acting like this?
What's wrong with me?


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