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The Runaway teens

By: Maisie Miller

Chapter 13,


“And that’s the school my darling!” Qiayra said to me giving me a huge hug, squeezing me so hard I thought we had something in common more then our time spent changing outfits.

“ Thanks for showing me around” I said shyly.

“ Oh honey our friendship does not stop here!” She said shaking her head in disapproval. “You’re sitting with moi at lunch! No questions asked! Wha-why..Honey baby, why with the down face?”

“ I- I just have a question! I’m sorry!” I said a smirk starting to form on my lips. Qiayra put her hands on her hips and smiled at me, nodding for me to ask.

“Where’s the cafeteria again? “

She started laughing, and so did I as we walked back to my newly assigned locker. I put my stuff in, said goodbye to Qiayra and ran straight into Matt, Emerson’s mentor.

“Oh my god I am sorry.” I said miserably.

“It’s really fine Hayden, are you okay?” He asked, a red bump forming on his head.

“ I am, but you aren’t. Lets go to the nurse, I need to know the way anyway.” I said wearing a guilty face. We walked down the hallway talking.

“Was that your locker back there?” Matt asked.

“Yeah it was, why?” I said raising an eyebrow.

“Mine’s in that area, number 45567.” He said confidently, the red bump only growing.

“No way! Mine's 45568!”

“We are so gunna be best friends” He gave me a charming flirty smile.

I was about to return that smile when the world started to spin, and everyone around me, including Matt collapsed.

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