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Terrorist biological attacks, alien invasions, ghosts from the future, killer robots... Any threat to the Human Race, and Jurrad is there, saving the world in secret. Loosely based on the TV show 'Torchwood'. View table of contents...


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Darkness. There is a dull light in the background. Close up of an alien creature resembling a sea creature, with Tom near it.

Tom: What are you?

The creature lets out a screech.

Tom: You've killed people today. If you can't talk I'll…

It screeched again.

Tom: Very well then. By the rule of Jurrad I must execute you. I'm sorry.

Darkness. Gunfire and screeching.

Opening Titles.

Shot of Micah in bed. Alarm rings. He slams hand on alarm and gets up. Next shot of him brushing teeth, then eating breakfast, and then walking out the front door.

At police station.

Sheriff: Tulloch, there's been reports of a breach of the peace down East, go and see what's happening would you?

Micah: (Gets up our of chair) Sure. (To Donald) Come on.

In car.

Donald: My first mission! Wow!

Micah: Yeah. Remember, act tough, and don't show your fear.

Donald: I'm not scared.

Micah: Not yet.

Donald makes a face.

Micah: (Stamps foot on pedal) What's THAT!?

Several bodies in front of them, with sea creature there. Car grinds to a halt, and Micah and Donald rush out to look at it.

Donald: What is it!?

Creature moves towards Donald

Donald: HELP ME!

Just before it lashes out, a laser beam is shot out towards it from the side. As that happens, Tom runs out and shoots it. It dies.

Tom (while shooting): You murdering swine!

Donald faints.

Micah: What was that?

Tom: I'm sorry sir (zaps Donald with ray).

Donald screams mildly.

Donald (On ground still): Coffee café latte Patty Daddy (Passes out).

Micah: What did you do to him!

Tom: What I'm about to do to you. Sorry.

Micah punches Tom and pulls out his gun.

Micah: You're under arrest for murder! Is he dead?

Tom (holding face): No.

Shaun runs out with a similar laser and shoots Micah.

Tom: He's responding differently. Take him back to HQ.


Next scene in Jurrad HQ, Micah wakes up.

Shaun: He's awake.

Tom runs through.

Micah: You maniac, what did you do!! (Struggles to get out of the bed but he's chained).

Tom: We scanned your brain; it's strangely resilient.

Micah: Meaning what? Are you going to kill me?

Tom: No (laughs), we'd never do that!

Micah: Then what?

Tom: What we did to your friend, the guy who fainted, was we wiped his memory of the event. He'll wake up in the car, and forget anything ever happened. But with you, it didn't work.

Micah: So what are you going to do?

Shaun: First we'll do tests to see why your brain doesn't respond, and then we'll use something stronger. You'll wake up in a ditch with the effects of a hangover.

Micah: And who are you?

Tom: Oh sorry, I haven't introduced you. I'm Tom Smith, leader of Jurrad-

Micah: And what is Jurrad?

Tom: I can't tell you that. There's the smallest chance the stronger ray will fail.

Micah tries to struggle again.

Tom: It's no use, that's a rare material found in a meteor. It's stronger than a diamond. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, and this is Shaun Diggory, a doctor (he's a bit mad),

Shaun: I heard that!

Micah: And why are you telling me?

Tom: Just trying to be friendly.

Micah: Yes, being tied here while being experimented on is very friendly.

Micah: Well, I'm warning you. I work for the police, and I could get them to, er, execute you on the spot!

Tom: Not if you don't remember. Gag him.

Shaun gags him. Micah tries to speak.

Shaun: Nighty night!

Blackness again. Squelching noises.

Tom (not viewed): It's not responding to the scans.

Shaun: We could operate but…it might kill him!

Picture comes back. Micah opens his eyes. He struggles again.

Tom: Don't struggle!

Micah's hand breaks off chain, and he punches Tom (again), and pulls of his gag. He then kicks Shaun, and presses all the buttons on the control panel next to him. The chains are undone, and he runs out the room.

Tom: Some back! Or I'll shoot!

Micah (running around): Where's the flipping exit?!

Micah finds the exit and runs out.

Tom: We have to find him, or everything Dan worked on was a waste of time!

Micah runs into his house. He finds his spare gun, and stocks plenty of ammunition.

Micah: They'll be after me.

He looks at the phone and sees he has a message. He picks up the phone.

Sheriff: Tulloch, where are you! There was a report of a ruckus there, and damage yet nobody can see what made it. We found Donald lying in the street - who'd been drinking. What the heck are you playing at? Report back to office immediately with a good reason or risk suspension! With your record you may even be risking the sack!

Micah: Yes…they might believe me. I may even get them to search that building they were in!

Micah runs towards police station (He left his car back where the sea creature attacked). He runs through the doors and into the sheriff's office.

Sheriff: Tulloch, what's been going on?

Micah: Sir, there were these people, and they, they must have drugged me or something because I woke up on an operating table and -

Sheriff: In other words you were drinking too much?

Micah: No! Oh, and there was this creature!

Sheriff: I've heard enough. I reckon Donald, being new, convinced you to go to the pub. Since he's new I fired him, but I'll give you one more chance.

Micah: No, it happened!

Sheriff: Well I have a breathalyser here, so I'm going to ask you to breathe into it.

Micah: Very well sir. (He breathes into it)

Sheriff checks it.

Sheriff: Hmm, you're clear.

Micah: Yes, I said when I joined that I don't drink.

Sheriff: I'm sorry. But your story isn't believable. I've got some eyewitnesses waiting to be talked to. Come down with me.

They walk down the stairs. In a room there's 4 people.

Sheriff (Reading from paper): Could John Jacobson please speak to me in this room.


Sheriff: that's you (points to man)

Cut to room.

Sheriff: John, I understand you were out shopping with your wife and daughter?

John: I can't remember. I think I was.

Sheriff: Before I asked you to come to the station do you remember anything?

John: Just being in a shoe shop, then you appeared. Please can I go?

Sheriff: Yeah alright. (To Micah). They all say the same thing. None of them can remember anything. I reckon they were drugged.

Micah: No they weren't!

Sheriff: Please, a believable story?

Micah: Why don't you try to contact his wife and daughter?

Sheriff: We already tried. We got his name from an I.D card in his wallet, which said he was married to a Melissa Jacobson. We contacted the address given, and his work but the people there just said when they last saw them.

Micah: Looks like we've got a deep case here. I guess my knowledge isn't valuable, so I'll just get on with filing the complaint for vandalism.

Sheriff: Alright Tulloch I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Tell me in detail what happened.

Micah (with clips of what happened): Well, there was this creature; like a sea creature. It was attacking people, and it was about to kill Donald when 2 men came out of an alleyway and shot it. They then wiped Donald's mind and tried to wipe mine.

Sheriff: How do you know that's what they were doing? See, you couldn't make up a story to save your life!

Micah: It isn't made up!! One of them told me.

Sheriff: Yeah right.

Micah: I woke up in this place, and they said there was something different about my brain. I just managed to escape.

Sheriff (half laughing): Well what do you want me to do, accuse them of abducting you?

Micah: An investigation would be nice.

Sheriff: (pause) Oh very well. You've never been wrong before, which is more than I can say about more other officers. But you'd better not be wrong, or it's your job!

Micah: Thank you sir. Will I be leading it?

Sheriff: Is that a hope for a promotion? No, I'll be leading it so I can fire you there and then if you're wrong.

Micah: When will we do it?

Sheriff: I'll need to file the paperwork, so probably tomorrow.

Micah: Ok, I'll arrive here ready.

Alarm rings, Micah jumps out of bed.

Micah (in car): I really hope they're still there.

Next scene is 10 policemen walking towards Jurrad HQ.

Micah: They were in that building.

Sheriff: Hmm, it looks like an old warehouse to me. Nothing interesting in it. Are you sure you have the right building?

Micah: Positive.

Sheriff (On speaker): This is the police. We have the building surrounded. Please come out and nobody will et hurt.

Tom comes out.

Tom: What have we done?

Sheriff: We are accusing you of kidnapping and drugging heaven knows how many people.

Tom sees Micah. Shaun comes out.

Tom: Shaun, I told you we should have brought him back!

Sheriff: Now, are you going to come out or will we make you?

Tom: I'd like to see you try.

Sheriff: I'm going to give you the count of 3. 1, 2

GUNFIRE! People in hoods from the side start shooting the police. People scream. Sheriff falls to the ground.

Tom: Return fire! Some soldiers fire, some are bewildered and some run away.. Shaun and Tom fire. Micah hides behind the car firing at them.

Tom: Keep one alive! (Extremely loudly) CEASE FIRE!

Shaun shoots last one in leg and he collapses. Only Micah and 3 policemen are alive.

Tom: Wipe their minds.

Shaun starts to, with surviving soldiers confused. Micah tries to run.

Tom: Don't run, we won't chain you this time.

Micah stops.

Micah: What will you do to me then? Implant nano-robots into my brain?

Tom (laughs): No. We wish to discuss something with you. Shaun, hide the bodies and zap anyone who sees. There's gonna be a lot of amnesia-sufferers today.

In HQ.

Tom: So, what is your name.

Micah: I'm Micah Tulloch.

Tom: Nice to meet you.

Micah: I wish I could say the same.

Tom: We don't enjoy what we do. But we have such secrets, and if they were spilled it would change the world. Likely for the worst. For example if these mind-wipers got out people would abuse them-

Micah: Like you do?

Tom: We have technology, that in the wrong hands could end the world.

Micah: Why are you telling me? Surely if you can't wipe my mind for whatever reason it is, then the last thing you would want to do is tell me more!

Tom: Well, I observed how you coped in that battle. You didn't run, or even think. You just started firing. It's good instinct.

Micah: I'd consider it bad, what if someone poked me in the back and I punch their brains out.

Tom: I think you only started firing once you saw people were dying.

Micah: How are you going to cover it up?

Tom: I won't. I don't need to, we'll dispose of the bodies and it'll be one big missing case.

Micah: Am I the only person to have resisted the brain-wipe?

Tom: no, but your results are different. You may have a slight psychic ability. Only stronger than usual.

Micah: Sounds complicated. So why haven't you tried "level 3 mind wipe" on me?

Tom: Half because it doesn't exist (laughs), and half because…

Micah: Yeah…

Tom: Well, like I said, you have good instinct. Shaun and I aren't soldiers. I'm a scientist, and he's a doctor.

Micah: Well I'm not either.

Tom: No but you act like one in battle which is good. We need someone like you on our team.

Micah: Are you offering me a job?

Tom: Well, since your boss and colleagues are dead…

Micah: What would it involve, how much does it pay?

Tom: We don't get government funding. We have however, hacked into their VAT system and added 1p to every bit paid. That goes to us.

Micah: That's criminal!

Tom: We do our bit to help society. Those people you saw, those terrorists. We're about to deal with them.

Micah: Will I get to help?

Tom: Yeah. Again, I'm sorry about the way we treated you. You were never supposed to remember.

Micah: Out of interest what would you have done if I said no?

Tom: If worst came to the worst you'd have been our prisoner. We'd have treated you well, but you wouldn't have been able to leave.

Micah: Ok then, let's "deal with" these people.

Tom: Ok, Shaun, we're ready!

Shaun: Welcome to Jurrad.

Micah: Thanks I guess.

Shaun: I was just interrogating that survivor.

Tom: What did he say?

Shaun: Something rude.

Tom: Oh well, we don't need him. Thanks to Dan's "Hacking in 5 easy steps" he wrote before he died, I managed to hack into their cameras. Their base is somewhere in Dublin.

They walk up to a computer

Micah: What are you going to do?

Tom: They use a radiation device. They mutated that creature you saw yesterday. But they stole the device from us, and we have a mechanism on it so that if we push a button on this keyboard it will explode.

Micah: But what if it's near a lot of people?

Tom: Exactly. But now I've hacked into this, I can see where it is. And it's in an isolated building which has no people anywhere near it besides them that stole it.

Micah: Who did steal it?

Tom: A group called TUAS; we've had trouble with them for years. This is the last of them. Ok guys, I'm contacting them with this webcam. They'll have some way of talking to me as well.

On screen appears a man.

TUAS leader: How?

Tom: We've found you. You've got a choice. Gibe yourselves up or be destroyed.

TUAS leader: You can't destroy us!

Tom: That radiation weapon has a self destruct on it. Don't try and take it off or it will give out an electric shock.

Micah (quietly): It's all very well organised.

TUAS leader: You're bluffing!

Tom: I'm not. Please, accept the offer you idiot!

TUAS leader: When hell freezes. As I speak an attack is being sent.

Tom: Then I'm sorry. (He presses the button. The screen goes blank).

Tom: (pause) They're…dead.

Shaun: It had to be done.

Tom (to Micah): With this job comes danger, and often, terrible choices. Are you sure you're up for it?

Micah: I hardly have a choice.

Tom: If you convince us you won't tell anyone we'll let you go.

Micah: Well. This job looks interesting. I'll try it. If I don't like it there's always the police. But please, don't do to other people what you did to me. Find another way.

Tom: Yes. I hope the situation won't come up again, but if it does I think we'll just ask them politely not to tell anyone. We could always put a microchip in them so if they tell anyone they die.

Micah: Well. Make it manually operated if you do.

Tom: But at times, this job can be very rewarding. We saved the world once you know.

Micah: When?

Tom: Last year. Dan gave his life doing it.

Shot of building, them credits.


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