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Quantums Children / Children of Quantum

Novel By: Mcpout
Science fiction

Set in a slight alternate reality to our own, it is the story of the awakening of a world to a universe that might not want them there... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 25, 2012    Reads: 64    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Quantum's Children/Children of Quantum


Out among the stars there are realms and places beyond the comprehension of mortal sentiment beings.

Where, thoughts and reality are one and the same, blended to a perfection of infinite actions.

This place beyond the veils, holds the power of creation in its very presence, the original spark whence all came.

It would infect any living consciousness to come in to its field, as they in turn would tarnish and corrupt it, giving them the power to create life by the merest of thoughts and desire. In a mixture of all conceivable possibilities and probabilities, existence would be their canvas to paint on.

The ultimate paradox of our fears manifested.

The singular actions of the one would have all the consequences directed between the bounds that hold reality together and the limit of their own imagination.

Here the divine universal laws would be pure chaotic and the whims of change.

If anyone where to observe this space, they would hold the eye of eternity in the palm of their hands, ascending to a level beyond any perceived comprehension, theoretically stepping out of the restraints of the known fabric of the cosmos.

We have known gods and their unlimited seemingly endless power and were awed and humbled as a people, yet through science and reason found ultimately them to be nothing more than a sentiment life at a different frequency to our own, bending our will and subjugating our people with their false promises for their own agenda's, only to be finally cast out in the gods war at great cost and sacrifice by our species, yet this being would dwarf them as if they were no more than an annoying Resd beetle under their foot.

They would know the mind of the entirety of reality and all its myriad shades.

They would be neither divine nor evil and their power could not be perceived in all the known words in all the levels and dimensions of existence, a new form of consciousness that would forever replace the old.

Even now as I write this brothers and sister my mind shudders and my heart's skip out of time trying to grasp the complexities of the anomaly that such a creation would become, leaving many a sleepless cycle wondering how can you define something that is directed by a single consciousness and made up of everything?

They would just simply be all.

The wave protect that the day never comes to pass my brothers and sister, that this place is ever found.

For the act of observation as everyone knows, will always forever change the observed…

The Kel'tar holy Science Scriptures book three Grand Umal's letter to the Conclave.

The room held no heat or warmth.

No cold had ever penetrated its translucent walls that danced with the images of a million stars being born and dying in the blink of an eye. The accumulation of visual data that was so much more, as the life of the universe was played out across its surface. The whole of creation twisted into the very fibres and essence that made up the structure of the small yet infinitely large room.

There were no imperfections to be seen, no windows or doors to mar the perfect balanced equation that was the display of everything, no cracks or signs of age or worn, almost as if nothing of substance had ever touched this strange desolate place.

A perfect void outside the rules of the normal constraints that governed all things within the realms of the whole of reality, clear of even the smallest particle of dust or moisture, nothing foreign contaminating its stately sterile self contained environment.

It was like someone had taken the night sky and folded it into a box, like some forgotten god's private origami show, twisted through all possibilities to reflect their own stately imagination.

It had always been this room, stretching over the bounds of eternity, yet was never more than a few seconds old, outside of a time that held no meaning of order to the conventional rules of a limited three dimensional space. It existed it seemed, for no other reason than a room was needed to hold together the occupants who were sitting deep in debate, occasionally glancing their eyes to the ever changing terrifying and indescribable beautiful images of super nova's and galactic chaos that raged across the ever changing images of the cube.

Entire solar systems racing across its surface like tiny pricks of flashing lights everywhere the eyes could look, seeming to change in complexity as they traversed their galactic journeys from their birth, life and death that all played out endlessly throughout the cycles, forever ticking over like some giant engine spreading its energy over and over as new life was born in all its subtle complexities.

The death of one realising the movement needed to start the process all over again endlessly. Each stars death, signalling the birth of countless others to take its place, in one final awesome act of physical power. Shepherding the massive pillars of creations millions of kilometres long filled with the tiny ingredients, too small to even be effected by gravity, needed to form a solar system or anything for that matter, that were waiting for the signal from whatever stars death would finally start its long transformation to something of substance. Dust no bigger than sand, drawn together by the pull of the desire to be something more.

Whole nebula's filling the walls to dwarf all other images, showing clusters of galaxies in their infancy stages to be replaced and over lapped by a million other diluted images in a never ending stream of perpetual information watched tirelessly by the observers.

The occupants all sat together huddled around the giant non decrypted table that was the only furnishing to adorn the infinite room.

Their where five of these strange beings, covered from head to foot in dark thick robes blocking of any view of the chairs they had to be occupying, billowing out around them like an angry storm with strange flickering murky light seeming to rise up to their surface and disappear. Each pattern unique like a snowflake, some of them of the purest simple design while others seemed to twist the very reality they occupied, looping and converting back on themselves, all flickering into life for the briefest of moments before fading away to never be repeated again. Robes that seemed to envelop the light of the translucent room, obscuring any details of who or what they may be as their musically sounding voices blended together in a harmony that would have brought tears to the eyes of anyone hearing its beauty for the first time, had they not been driven mad by the complexities of the information that it carried.

Every note, a concentrated beam of data that was to vast to be perceived by a normal consciousness constrained by the limits of dimensions, deeply laden with a plethora of information, that wasn't just a sound but a conduit to a whole new understanding of the subject being discussed. Images appearing direct into the listeners mind, far beyond the limited conduits that a mere vocabulary could ever produce.

"So we are agreed?" one asked of the other four around the speaker. Its voice being undistinguishable from that of the others as it blended in a harmony that was impossible to describe in a limited three dimensional universe.

"Agreed." they answered, their voices floating up to entwine with the first, blending together in a masterpiece of sound and the occasional colour as it slipped through dimensions while their constructed shapes unconsciously nodded along with the music, the matter of their constructed shapes instinctively following some unlearned guiding rule.

"She shall be summoned?"

"She shall"

With the last statement, before where there had been five there numbers seemed to increase by one as if six people had always been there, not appearing in a flash but more like they had always occupied that space, only now becoming visible to the awaiting others.

"So you have decided then?" the new voice asked, adding to the symphony of the others, yet holding a sweeter sounding octave than that of the rest, standing out proudly with its own unique brilliance.

"And you are all decided then?" The voice continued looking around at the seated hooded figures.

"Comply or face the combined actions of us all" the first voice stated ignoring the question of the new voice to invade their sanctuary as the murmuring of the others in agreement added a deep tone with a high tight sound, seeming to emphasise the danger implied with the undercurrent of the conversation.

"The probabilities have been reached, your outcomes are the same as our own, you know that you will be destroyed should you fall from the path." The first voice continued stating the outcome that they had all arrived at earlier after the data had been digested, the absolute outcome reached after analyzing every perceivable action and response that she could possibly make. Infinite amounts of possibilities discarded and duplicated as every other avenue had been closed off, until all that was left was the plan they had for her.

"There is no outcome were you will survive, the guiding mandate must be followed for all life, no exceptions". It continued as the melody changed to a more sombre tone.

"And what of the Morrarians?" a shill trill sounded as she asked, jarring through the listeners like a knife, bringing with it for the first time disorganization to the perfect sound.

"Where they part of the mandate as well." the second voice shot back, her words carrying the horrifying images of their work in improving a lower species life cycle as the tone of her voice took on the sound of deepest regret and sorrow.



"They still thrive" they seemed to scream as the pitch began to sound disjointed, the speakers not seeming to share the sentiment of the words they spoke.

"Enough!" the first voice roared slicing through all other noise and silencing the crescendo of disjointed sound that had been building into an uneasy spectacle.

"We who Sheppard the stars and guide the will cannot be wrong, we know all and see all, every action played out in a plan that has been guided by our own touch, we have existed before existence began, if we are wrong then existence it's self is wrong. There must be order."

"You're decision has already been made; now there is only the balancing of the equation. Everything will be as it was, it is set, and there is nothing you can do. Your actions are the same as they have always been, you must make the choice".

At this the new speaker seemed to pause, rising slightly as if a smile for the first time throughout the whole endeavour had graced their features hidden in the deepest shadow, reflected in the sudden airiness of the music that carried on regardless.

"My decision was made before time began, my moves are set in stone, and they have already been played." She replied amusement creeping into her sound as for the first time in their existence the others felt an emotion that they had only ever simulated.


As her laughter began to build to a wall of blissful raw power, the stars of the universe seemed to laugh with her, giving the ones who normally observe the strangest sensation that there was something out side where nothing could be, watching in.


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