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In year 2050, a war began. Not just any war, this war was a battle between seemingly imaginary creatures and the human race. It all began when scientist found a tear in the solar system. This tear created a force, a force strong enough to bend time itself. It was strong enough to make what was never real, just figments of our imagination, living. View table of contents...


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"Mommy, are vampires real?" The little girl stared up at her mom. "Do they really murder humans just for the fun of it?" Sadie looked down at her daughter. Where does she come up with this stuff? She's only five, for god's sake. "No, honey. They aren't real. In stories, they are, but they don't kill for the fun. They need food too." Sadie answered, deep in thought. They were sitting in the living room of their cabin, the one that was left to them after Sadie's husband died. She looked out the window longingly. A sudden cry snapped her out of her idle dream. Sadie sighed and stood up.

"The baby's crying, again?" Sadie sighed. She stood up and walked down the hall that led to the baby's room. The baby's cry's grew louder, almost as if it was in pain. Sadie's eyes filled with alarm. "Calm down dear!" She whispered as she rushed to the door. She tried the handle. Locked. But... I didn't lock this. The baby's screams cut off, but Sadie could still hear them, they were just muted somewhat. She panicked, running towards the front door, and around the house. She made it to the window that led into the baby's room and frantically tried opening it. No luck.

Sadie glanced in the room, and saw a shadow, in the crib with her child. Sadie looked down. A hole was gnawed into the side of the house, and claw marks surrounded it. She brought a stone to the window. The window shattered upon impact, and the shadow looked up, snarling.


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