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The Experiments: Book 1

Novel By: Moonlightwritter
Science fiction


Three teenagers kidnapped for unknown purposes. Injected and taught things against your wildest imaginations. Each given a gift or better yet a curse, which holds the power to unravel your comprehension of the human mind. A gift which will have you suddenly suspicious of your neighbor, friend, parent, lover, and yourself. None of them ask for this and none wanted this, but it still won’t change what they will become and never will be again. Three will enter, but how many will make it out?



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The thunderous vocals blasting through the state of art speakers have my ears ringing. Even though I feel like screaming out in disgust, I suck up my feelings and scan the crowd of rowdy college students. The dance floor is huge, taking up most of the floor on the main level, but you wouldn't know that judging by the way people are smashed up together. Your sweat mixed with a complete stranger never excited me, and it doesn't now.

Throwing back my shot of vodka, I slam my glass on the metal table in front of me; it's time to end this. My fire engine red dress mange yet again to shimmy its way halfway up my thigh as I stand, with a wary look around I pull the stretchy fabric down for what won't be the last time tonight. It's time for me to find me a new playmate, someone who can last this time. Jimmy didn't last, he was too frightened. Of me or what I had excess to, I never found out. Not that it was particularly easy with him running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

With a sardonic smile on my face, I walk slowly down the staircase adding an extra flare of sex appeal in my gait when I deem necessary. Just as my feet touch the tile of the main level, I can sense them coming. None of them would do for the long haul, but there is one that will work tonight. Turning my attention his way, I flash him a sexy smile. His blonde hair falls into his chocolate brown eyes. Tim is his name; he is named after his father. How cute? I've never had a Tim before, this should be fun. That is if he doesn't run, like all the others.

Ah, the others. I remember Jims' face when I retold one of his childhood experiences to him. His dark blue eyes widen in fear, as he scrabbled off of me. He shouted at me to stop when I told him about the time he took advantage of his best friend girlfriend. Jim wasn't particular impressed with my abilities, and he told me so. I remember how the vein in his throat bulged out considerable as he called me a witch. He looked up at me in disgust as he fumbled with the zipper in his pants, yes I disgusted him. Though I can't say the look of loathing he gave me as he ran out of the hotel door warmed my heart.

As the man comes close, arrogance enter his slightly handsome face. Humph, another self-confident pig. Lucky for him I'm in a rush to leave or else I would make it my business to bring him down a notch or two. His lips are a light shade of pink as he enters the light flickering above me. They clash harshly with him, and I note his imperfection with interested. The light brings out his pallid tone, the shadows underneath his eyes, the slightly redness in the whites of his eyes. Tim has been partying, partying hard might I add judging by his appearance.

"Hello, beautiful." He slurs out, he's drunker than I thought. But with another skull searing pain flashing through my head, I know it's now or never. He is going to have to do.

"Hello to yourself. I'm bored. What do you say we get out of here? And have a party of our own." Twirling a lock of my hair around my finger, I observe him knowing there is no way he can refuse my offer. He isn't in his right state of mind to questions my motives.

"Hell yes." Offering his arm out to me, he flashy a cheeky smile. If he was sober this offer would have came out gallant but all it results in tonight is looking sloppy and showing how drunk he is. I place my hand in the crook of his arm and lead us out of this hellhole. "Lead the way, beautiful."

As if I wasn't doing that anyways. Drunks can be funny but most of the time they come off as annoying. Hopefully this one will be different, I don't usually do intoxicated males- I prefer mines tipsy but not sloppy drunk- but Tim will have to do for tonight.

The clean air offers relief after being holed up in that musky place. Nothing like nice clean air. I'm content with walking silently to the nearest hotel but Tim hands have other plans. With a strangled groan seething with lustful desire he pulls me into a darken alley. Even though he can't see my frown I still do it anyways. What does he take me for, a common hooker?

"Anxious I see?" I tease in a low voice oozing with fake desire, gripping the front of his shirt I start to pull him out the alley.

Tim takes hold of my hands and jerks me forward. I let out an audible humph as I collide with his chest. Cursing at myself I jerk out of his hold, obviously he doesn't get how this is going to go. I am in charge and he is merely my entertainment for tonight. When I'm a couple of paces away from him I gaze at him with what I hope is a stern look. Tim looks at me mildly amused but then it turns into a look of horror. Before I can ask why, there is a sharp pain in my neck before everything goes black.


As I come down the stairs the smell of freshly cooked bacon tickles my nose. My stomach growl in anticipation, after arguing with my father last night I forgot to grab something to eat. Not that he cares, he never did nor will he ever. A bitter taste enters my mouth along with the thought of him. For a business tycoon, he can be so fucking simple minded.

Gloria our cook/ head maid/ nanny stand behind the stove. Her brown hair has streaks of gray in it, the only indication of her age. Since my earliest memory, Gloria has been here. There is not one special event in my life that Gloria hasn't been there for. She is the only one who knows my secret, maybe that's why I haven't lost my mind yet.

Taking a seat at the table, I glance distastefully at the newspaper laid out for me, turned to the business section. Damn that man he doesn't listen to a word that leaves my mouth. It's the same everyday and it will continue to be. He will have one of our maid lay out a newspaper turned conveniently to the business section for me, every single morning. I've told him a million times I'm not interested in going into business. I have half the mind of going to chew him out again but I already know he is probably half way to Hong Kong by now.

"He loves you, you know."Gloria says behind me, she places a steaming hot plate of bacon, eggs and waffles before me.

"He loves what I have the potential to be. Not me." I state angrily the hurt from last night still raw in my mind. Stabbing my fork into the eggs, I happily cram my mouth full.

Gloria sighs, since I was old enough to realize my father love was just a ploy for the cameras, I stop trying to please him. Maybe that's when our relationship went down the drain. And since then Gloria has made it her business to remind me of his so called love.

"Nonsense, Henry loves you." Turning around in my chair, I give her my best -are you serious- face. Her laughter spills into the room like the sunshine coming through the kitchen window. "He just has a weird way of showing it."

"Whatever, Gloria. You can't make up excuses for something that's not there." Chewing a piece of bacon, I mull over the situation. "It's like the Salem witch trials. Instead of realizing those girls had been sick from poison, they deem them witches because it was more convenient."

"Really, Vance? Since when are you an expert on the Salem Witch Trials?" Gloria asks jokily from somewhere in the kitchen.

"Since Daniel Day-Lewis looked hot in the movie The Crucible." Gloria unsuccessfully holds back a snort of laughter. She thinks it hilarious when I joke around about sexually so openly.

"Vance, My sexually deprived Vance, what am I going to do with you?" She asks with a smile in her voice. Not bothering to offer an answer I finish the rest of my food.

"See you later, Gloria." Taking my school bag from by the door, I pause in the archway of the kitchen. "And try and get laid today, will you?"

Wilson has brought the car around and is waiting patiently by it when I exit the house. With a tip of his hat he opens the car door for me. Sliding into the cool interior of the car, I pull my blackberry from my pocket. Dana has texted me four times since last night. If it wasn't enough that I was only going out with her for my father benefit she wants to add to the load and screw me. Every straight boy wet dream but my worst nightmare. Shaking my head I text her a quick excuse of why I can't come there tonight. Sooner or later I'm going to have to come clean. But no one knows I'm gay, no one, only Gloria. It's our little secret.

"Wilson, pull into the gas station. I need to go get some gum." Wilson silently pulls the car into the parking lot. Unbuckling my seatbelt, I clamber out the car.

Smiling at nothing in particular I start to open the doors to the store. I feel a presence behind be and briefly see a glimpse of something black behind me in the glass of the door. There is a sharp pain in my neck and then everything goes black.


"Die, Bitch!" I scream as I shoot another person in the head. These fucking zombies just keep coming. If there is a never ending supply of them, how do they expect me to kill them? Adjusting my headset I listen to my opponent string of curses as I kill another one of his people.

"Take this, Bitch." He yells, as my eyes scan the screen before me, looking for his attack. I am not going to die; some unknown person is not going to kill me. Just as my eyes land on a hidden zombie there is a loud explosion. My screen goes black and three big bold letters dance on my screen. You have failed. "Want to play Black Ops?"

"No, fuck you." I spit out, angry with my loss. Throwing my headset away, I rub my temples. A damn thirteen year old beat me. How in the hell was that possible? I am the freaking king of video games. This won't happen ever again.

Getting up out of the rolling chair I found on side of the road, I start towards my bed. But for some reason I feel like something different. Someone is here and they don't plan on being friendly, or maybe that damn game is messing with my head.

"Hello, anyone here." Glancing out the corner of my eye I clench my fists, "I'm a great person once you get to know me, as long as you don't mess with my computer." There is no reply, just a sharp pain and sudden blackness. This will not lead up to anything good is the last thought in my head.

At the Lab

The band of scientist and their new test subjects make their way down the hall. By the cheery expression on the faces of the scientists you wouldn't expect them to be kidnapping and torturing random children. But the unconscious bodies in the arms of what appears to be very strong looking guards, is evidence enough.

The group comes to a halt outside of huge metal door. A skinny man, with a slight limp breaks away from the group and steps up to the door. He stares into a metal device implanted into the wall, after a moment he steps back and offers his thumb to a scanner. Once the security identifies him the metal door swings open. With a brief look back he waves the group forward before disappearing into the room.

Once inside the guards break away from the scientists, to lay the children on separate cots. If it wasn't for the steady rising and falling of their chest you would have believe they were dead. The guards back away from the children, none wanting to get in trouble for lingering. Who knew the penalty they would receive?

They could just kill them and throw away their bodies, no one would ever know. There might be a brief speculation of a mass murder as their bodies pop up around the city. But these scientists will be careful; after all they do want to continue with their experiments.

As the guards exit the room with stiff backs, the scientist busy their selves with hooking the kids up to various machines. They take the children's vitals before measuring them and other things. Even as they move around getting the children acquainted with their new home, none of them look at the girl lying on a cot in the middle of the room. Her auburn hair lay limply around her in greasy ringlets; her dark eyelashes casting a nice shadow on her sunken cheeks, her usually pouty red lips are pale and slightly parted. But if you look closely you will see heavy manacles on her arms and feet, connected with her cot. These children are not only new experiments but these people prisoners.


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