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Normal Life part 1

Novel By: Muffinn
Science fiction

Its a first part of a story that i am writing about teenagers with super powers. Just trying something new. Sorry if i'm crap. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 12, 2013    Reads: 29    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

My name is Mabel & this is our life.

Fresh air, trees, nature, everything you need for a perfect place to liveā€¦ A house made of wood that my brother, Cyrus and his friend Dorian have made last summer. It has 12 rooms. In each one there's a bathroom.

There are 12 of us in the house. Me - Mabel, My brother Cyrus, his girlfriend Angel her best friend April, My best friend Summer and her boyfriend Dorian. There is also Tobias, a posh player guy, Mona, another Angel's friend, Rhedon - his new here, Scarlett, my old friend, Erin, a guy that has a crush on me since last year and Everett. Everett is the strongest guy in our house... and the hottest. I've been crushing on him since we came here but I don't think he knows that yet. I have been planning to tell him... but I plan a lot of things and never do them.

All of us are different than any normal teens. All of us have powers that we can't explain. Like I've already mentioned, Everett is super strong. He could pick up our entire house. My brother Cyrus has the same ability but he isn't as strong as Everett is. My brother's girlfriend Angel can control the air and the ground. Most of us are immortal like me and my brother, but one of us is the strongest. No one knows who that is. By the legends that Cyrus has been telling me, the 'strongest' is able to kill other immortals and bring people back to life and has the powers of any other Supernatural.

This is the start of our story.

"MABEL!". I was sat under a tree I call 'Mine', deep down in the forest that is right outside our house. I could hear Cyrus call for me but I tried to ignore him, as I didn't want him to know that I was back in the forest again. He's over protective with me, so he doesn't allow me to stay there all alone.
" Mabel, come out. I know you're there. I need your help". The only time he ever needs me is if he wants me to do something for him or use my powers for his needs.
" I'm coming! Gosh." I walked slowly towards his direction.
" I need you to tell Rhedon and the others to be back in the house by 8pm, we have a lot to discuss about tomorrow." I have the power to connect to the others minds and speak to them while they're away.
" and by the way, you're grounded."
" Okay, Wait WHAT!? Why? What did I do?" This time I was super angry and furious at him.
" I asked you several times not to go into the forest alone and you didn't listen to me." Okay I know his my brother and he cares about me, but does he have to ground me for something so stupid?!
" Well, can I at least come outside with Eric or Summer?"
He paid no attention what so ever. "Maybe, but you have to ask me first." At least I now know how to make him angry when he makes me upset. Not that I do it already.

Being the youngest in the house is hell! They treat you like you're 2 years old. Most of them are 17 or 18 years old. The oldest is Dorian his 19. I'm only couple years away. I'm 16 years old and so is Scarlett, but no one pick's on her just because she's going to be 17 soon. Now that I was grounded I had to stay in doors, which kept me away from hanging out with Everett. We use to practise together, but now that Scarlett told Everett about her feelings toward him, she ends us asking him to practise just before I do. He might have some feelings for her too... well if he does, she'll be the luckiest girl here.


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