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Atlantis (1 of 2)

Novel By: Neutrastaff
Science fiction

Now I'll go ahead and get this out of the way, I did see both Nadia: mystery of blue water anime and I saw the Atlantis the lost empire movie. There may be some similarities to them in this story but it's all coincidence, I didn't copy their ideas. This is part of a story I made up in my head a few years ago (updated for today's views). This is also something I wanted to work on for a long time. So here it is, my story on Atlantis. **also, it was originally just suppose to simply be labeled 'Atlantis' but it won't let me do it**

The ancient city of Atlantis, once thought to have been destroyed has finally been discovered. A young man will travel there to follow a life long dream. During the process, he has a faithful encounter with a very special individual. Along the way, events happen quite different then what was originally thought. © Copyright 2013 Neutrastaff View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 19, 2012    Reads: 41    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

"Hhh, Huhh...oh no, NOT AGAIN! Darn, not again. Please don't tell me I overslept again! Darn it all, I keep oversleeping".

After rolling over in bed to see his alarm clock, Jabari awakens to see that he has overslept. In a panic he quickly hops out of bed and get's dressed as quickly as positive. "Man, again with this mess. I got to stop staying up so late. Thought for sure I could control it this time, though I could wake up on my own. It's nine twenty and the thing begins at nine forty, and today of all days", he quickly grabs a cold pop tart as he changes quickly into a suit and tie, fixes his short brown hair and grabs his glasses putting them on. After changing, Jabari grabs his backpack and heads downstairs out the door of his apartment. As he heads outside he thinks to himself 'thank goodness I managed to get an apartment close to campus so I don't have to walk too far'. He locks his door and heads off.

As Jabari rushes on he thinks about the day's events, his schedule and his work. 'Hope I got everything straight', thinking to himself, 'I have been working for a while now and I hope it's alright'. Jabari rushes onward when he sees a familiar individual come closer into focus. As he approaches the person he immediately recolonizes them. It's a rather large person who is also wearing a suit and tie but not quite as neat as Jabari is as this person's tie is uneven and messy.

"Doran", Jabari calls out, "what are you doing here". Doran turns around to see Jabari approaching, "hey, finally awake are you. I've been waiting for you that's what".
"I know, I overslept again, sorry about that. Thanks for waiting up but weren't you concerned of being late yourself",
"Well, I knew you would be late again, but I knew you would at least be up enough to make it to the assemble today, knew as long as you've been working on that paper you'd want to see this, even if you did oversleep. Knowing you, you'd probably rush in with your pajamas on wouldn't you, hahaha",
"Yeah, maybe", Jabari responds with a low look to his feet, "we should hurry before we're too late and won't be let in",
"Don't need to tell me, let's go then",
"Wait, let me ask you something",
"What is it, hurry up and speak",
"Why are you dressed like a fat New York Cop?",
"What do you mean?",
"I mean yeah, you look like one of those fat cops from back home, you remember don't you, a detective I mean. They dressed all messy like that like you",
"Who cares, im in a suit that should be good enough. Physical appearance means nothing to me, you know that. Let's just go already",
"Alright, let's go".

Together Jabari and Doran rush toward their destination. Their destination is at the University of London college campus. They walk for a bit on the campus greeting people along the way. They continue to travel walking fast to their destined location, the Windsor Auditorium. Waiting outside the Windsor building are two people in their late teens, a young man with short blonde hair wearing a suit and tie and a young woman wearing a short skirt, shoulder length brown hair and an upper business attire. These two people greet Jabari and Doran as they approach running toward the building's glass front.

"Hey there, Taji, Raine, you two waited for us", Jabari exclaims out short on breath, panting afterwards.
"Yeah we did", Taji responds, "what were you doing that took so long, we know it was you taking so long, Jabari, and not Doran",
"Probably oversleeping again, didn't you, Jabari", Raine ask.
"Mm, just a little", Jabari responds looking embarrassed.
"Hey come on", Doran says, "we're all going to be late now. We need to hurry".

The group of four head on together into the Windsor building and head toward the auditorium. Along the way they pass by other students, some of which are heading toward the same destination. "And you guys were worried that we'd be the last ones there", Jabari says enthusiastically. "We all still could had been here sooner though, Mr. Sleep a lot", Taji exclaims to Jabari. "Alright, sorry I overslept", Jabari says, "come on, we're here now let's go". They continue towards the auditorium's location.


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