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Atlantis (2 of 2)

Novel By: Neutrastaff
Science fiction

This is the continuation of the first story. The first one got so long that I decided to post the rest in a separate section (it's all one story which is why the chapters are labeled the way they are) so if you want to know the plot look at the first story's summary (don't feel like writing that again). © Copyright 2013 Neutrastaff View table of contents...


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It is shortly before noon and the convoy of SUVs head toward the marshlands of Dona Ana park on a specially constructed road made to drive through the area shortly after the discovery of the atlantean ruins. Along the way, Jabari studies the route and looks at the destination coordinates carefully, "thirty six point nine five one nine one five and minus six point three eight nine one five four". As they drive on, Nayriti takes time to look outside and look at birds flying through the marsh, of which include cormorants and purple herons. She watches with a smile as they fly upward into the sky. Tech is getting his equipment ready, digging tools packed in a duffel bag he brought with him. "Here, take these, it's probably going to be messy out there", says Jabari, handing Nayriti a pair of rubber boots which she puts on. Eventually all the SUVs meet in the destined area, a large circular parking spot where they all gather around sparking up dust and gravel. The construction vehicles also arrive as with special vehicles to bring the digging equipment and research tools. All the people exit the SUVs and meet in the center where they are all greeted by Prof. Rhines.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at our stop. At long last we are here. I welcome you all to the city of Atlantis. This time of year the water level has dropped allowing us just enough time to survey and study the area for a brief time". Throughout the area, a few buildings that had been previously excavated are visible all around a massive circular patter around the area around the marsh. "This is the outline for the city, and there are still wonders yet to be discovered. We will all cooperate with one another to help solve the ancient mysteries that awaits us. Now, as I call out your names you will report to your assign team, either the excavation team or the research team".

Rhines calls out the students names and they all go to their assigned team. Tech goes with the excavation team and finds that he is to work with two of the treasure hunters Jabari spoke of earlier, Lotta and Jake, thinking to himself 'kinda glad I finally get to work with that hot woman who sung in the dining room two days ago, too bad she turned out to be a treasure hunter'. Jabari goes over to the research team he is assigned to and brings along Nayriti, Rhines didn't call her name so he quickly pulls her with him so no one will notice her. "So we finally get to look around this place and see what's here. This sounds kinda fun but boring as all we'll do is look around at old stuff", says Nayriti. "Hey, I brought you here because I think this place can jar your memory, not to have fun, don't forget that", says Jabari. In addition, Aubrey is present to assist the excavation team, both as a construction vehicle driver and also to instruct the construction team that has come along to help dig through the area.

Jabari and Nayriti wait for a second with the research team and a young man suddenly bumps into Jabari and falls to the ground. Jabari quickly looks down and spots the young man, who seems like a few years younger than Jabari and is also wearing glasses, he's quite shorter than Jabari though taller than Nayriti and has short brown hair. He is also wearing a tanned adventuring outfit. Jabari reaches down to help the young man up, who adjust his glasses and grabs his briefcase pack which was on a strap around his arm. "Are you alright", Jabari says to the young man helping him up. "Yes, I'm fine. Sorry about that, I'm a bit of a klutz", he responds brushing the dust off of him. Jabari decides to speak to this young man, "so your on the research team are you". "Yes sir", the young man responds, "my name is Dias Sanders. Though im only eighteen I have been wanting to see this city for quite some time".
"Oh you too. I'm here for the same thing, as I've wanted to see this city since I was a child",
"Sir, may I ask of your name",
"Of course. My name is Jabari Ratcliff",
"Jabari, nice to meet you. It seems as we will be working together",
"Yes we will, nice to meet you as well", shaking hands with Dias, "oh and this young lady beside me is Nayriti. She's my...assistant. Yes, she will be working with me",
"Oh, hello Ms. Nayriti, it's nice to meet you",
"Hi, nice to meet you too", says Nayriti.

The research team receive their instructions which are to travel east to a low level partially dug area where a few buildings are lying low. Above the area a few trees overlook the area below. Jabari and Nayriti keep distant from the other students to avoid attention and look around the more isolated buildings. They are joined shortly by Dias who is a bit lost thinking to himself 'wow, there's so much here. I don't even know where to start looking', "can I work with you guys for a little while", he ask Jabari and Nayriti. "Sure", Jabari says thinking to himself 'probably won't get too curious of Nayriti. Together they look around spending a while examining the old buildings and what furniture is visible. They find that atlantean society is similar to life today apparently. Around three hours later, Jabari makes a brief analysis at Dias, "it seems that they lived like we do, went to work, came home. I'm sure they had personal trouble like crimes and family issues but it seems that they're the same as us". "Yes it does", Dias agrees. Jabari looks around slightly disappointed, "I was hoping that we could learn more of their advance technology. Maybe we'll find more of it later".

Jabari spins around and faces toward Nayriti asking her "so what do you think of this place, anything look familiar". Nayriti looks around curiously, "hmm, well...not really". "Nothing at all", asks Jabari. "No", replies Nayriti. Jabari begins to walk back around, "well just shout is something looks familiar. Well, not too loud now, because you know...". "I know", Nayriti replies.

More time passes and Jabari, Nayriti and Dias continue to examine everything around them. Jabari is still disappointed that they haven't found anything of real relevance that stands out from what has already been discovered. They go to a pretty barren part of the area to the east away from the buildings. "This place feels a little strange", Dias comments noticing that the ground seems to crumble as he walks across it. "Actually this place does feel kind of weird", says Jabari who notices as well as he walks across. Dias puts weight on his foot prints wondering if there is something underneath. The ground cracks more and more as he does this. Suddenly the ground from underneath his foot gives way and a large hole opens and Dias falls down below.

"Dias!", Jabari shouts out, "Nayriti, wait here". Jabari carefully moves over to the hole and looks down. "Dias", Jabari continues to shout, "Dias, can you hear me? Are you alright". A few seconds later a slight cough can be heard, "yes, I'm alright", responds Dias. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a flashlight shining through where he fell. He finds that he is in a dome shaped chamber. He looks at the walls and notices what's there, his eyes widen and he speaks upward, "Jabari! I think we may have made a discovery".


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