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*(Rated M for mature-Or rated R if you're a movie person)* In a large city, the shadow of darkness hangs over as it's corrupted with the evils of man. Protecting the city, keeping a watchful eye is the mysterious being known as D.S. who uses vigilante force and violence in conjunction with bizarre abilities to keep darkness from obtaining too much power and control. D.S. struggles with his own personal belief system wondering if he should continue to help the world around him or allow it to collapse onto itself with it's own darkness.

Though this is a superhero story, the main theme is the darkness in humanity and the consequences of making bad decisions in life. To get a different view of the story it's shown from both first and third person perspectives. © Copyright 2013 Neutrastaff View table of contents...


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In the north eastern united states there's a metropolis. It has it's share of problems just as any other large city, full of crime, drugs, corruption, various sexual crimes, greed, temptation. However this city is a bit different then other cities with the same problems. Perched atop one of the skyscrapers, a paled skinned individual looks down at the streets below. As the sun goes down his yellow eyes glow bright in the approaching darkness. With dusk leaving, the sky becomes cloudy and rains heavily across the city. The person wears a long cape-like scarf wrapped around his neck which flaps in the wind. As night begins, the person begins to feel energized, as if something has awakened within him. He looks down at the city streets below, thoughts race through his mind.

'As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. Yeah, fear no evil. You can't fear evil around here. Of course, instead of fearing it, one could always embrace it, make it easier to accept. I for one do not fear evil. Maybe I do not fear evil myself because...I am evil. I mean, I do good things, but maybe I have just as much evil in my heart, my non beating heart. Evil and darkness are such taboo things, people talk all the time of...how they wish evil was exterminated from existence so good can prevail. However the same people who criticize evil are just as bad as the evil the scold. They talk all the time of how "we need to do the right things to eliminate the threats" but no one ever takes actions, always expecting someone else to do it, to come to the rescue. People are real experts of choosing the wrong paths and pointing the finger at someone or something else to hide their own mistakes, never taking responsibility for their actions, "if it wasn't for him" or "if only she did this so I could do better" some shit along those lines.

I can't help but think of how much corruption is all around me. People giving into the darkness around them to make it easier on themselves. When I think about it, it seems that people only want two things out of life. To obtain, and to reshape the world around them to fit their liking. People will tell you "that's not wrong for someone to get what they want", but that's just to justify and provide and excuse for their actions. They'll do whatever they have to in order to get what they want, the quicker and easier the better, course... quicker and easier doesn't always mean better.

They say humans are the most important animal on Earth because they can think and make judgements that other animals cannot. If this is true, then this would mean that humans are the only animals that willingly decides to hurt one another just to please themselves for their own amusements. I once read somewhere that the legendary Mark Twain said basically the same thing, that humans are the only animals that causes trouble just for the hell of it. I recently read some shit online that said "since humans are the self proclaimed advanced life forms on the planet, it is their duty to protect the planet." and all I can think of after reading this is "yeah, fine job their doing, did you mention the part about the crimes, temptations, how they look down on what they consider weaker then themselves and the damage to the planet including destroying ecosystems and global warming" and all that other shit. Now I'm no expert on all of this, but I know enough to see that the positives don't outweigh the negatives.

Honestly, I wonder why I keep doing what I'm doing. Maybe I do what I do so I won't be compared to them. Just because the world around me is wrong doesn't mean I have to be the same as I can still make the right decisions. Course with my appearance, people automatically assume that I must be a monster, demon, or some kind of forbidden thing. As I come out of my thoughts, I hear and sense someone nearby, screaming and struggling.

I head off toward the sounds of the distress. Even though I can drop down and run there, it's much easier for me to just leap from building to building, prancing with all fours like a cat. I'm always barefoot so it's easy for me to navigate using my physical limbs all in conjunction. I leap down onto a monument sticking up on top one of the roofs. I look down to a back alleyway to see the source of the cries for help.

There's a woman below on the ground kicking and screaming with a guy on top of her holding her down. There are two others on the sides. Carefully, I grip the sides of the building and crawl down the wall, carefully hiding myself in the shadows. I'm not too concerned with being quite as well, this is a city, there's always noise. So I hang above watching for a minute.'

"No-ooo...please, please don't!" exclaims the woman, shrieking in pain with tears streaming down her face. The other two men walk around with anxious looks on their face. "Would you hurry the hell up, damn! I want some of that too." says one of the men standing above. "I know, taking all damn day!" says the other man. The man on top of the woman looks up angrily at the other two, "Look! You two, chill the fuck out, I'll be done when I get done. You'll get a turn but only when I'm done. "Greedy ass, hogging all the pussy." angrily says one of the guys above.

'Well, I know what I have to do. I let go of the wall and drop down, landing on my feet below making quite a crater in the pavement. I stand up and notice that I have quickly grabbed the attention of the three guys. "Let her go." I say calmly.

They all look at me surprised and look toward each other. "What the hell...who the fuck is this?" asks one of the men standing. The other guy looks with a dumfound look on his face at me like he's never seen anything like me before, "More like what the fuck is this?" he says. I look at them with a hard stare, "I said let her go."

"Look you," says one of the men, "this is our pussy, we bought her fair and square. Our time with her hasn't even started yet so go somewhere. Take your ass on before you get fucked up back here." I notice that I have to do this the same way I usually do, there are some people who cannot be negotiated with even if you say please they still don't want to do the right thing. I breath out a sigh as I know what's coming. The two guys see that I don't back down from their threats, so they charge at me.

One of the men runs up to me holding his fist back. He throws it but I catch it with one hand. I grab his head and lightly toss him, well I thought I tossed him lightly anyways, into a wall. I don't really pay much more attention to him but I think I saw some teeth and blood explode out of his head after I...lightly threw him. The other guy looks at the wall in shock, "The hell..." he says, struggling to get the words out. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a knife and comes at me. He begins to slash at me but I just side step, sighing along the way at how dumb this fight is. I grab his hand and smack his head down on the pavement which bounces back up.

As I walk in the pool of blood from the guy's head to the dude over top of the woman, I begin to feel depressed a little. 'These ignorant bastards,' I think to myself, 'just once I wish they just did what you ask of them and just stop doing what they're doing and...do right, no kind of thoughts for others. The guy on the woman stands up and staggers a bit as I approach. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a Beretta. He points it at me and I just close my eyes in depression, 'Kind of had a feeling one of these assholes had a gun.' I think to myself. "Look motherfucker," he says to me, "I don't know who or what the fuck you are, but...wait" he pauses, "oh shit...oh shit" he says backing up slowly, "your him aren't you? Your the guy...your that D.S. guy, aren't you?"'

The pale skin mystery looks on with a hard stare, his yellow eyes temporarily glowing in the darkness. The man with the gun points it at the mysterious stranger, screaming and pulling the trigger in a panic. As soon as he pulls the trigger, the mysterious stranger appears at the side of the man.

'I grab that bastard's hand squeezing it and breaking off his fingers. The Beretta falls to the pavement. As he screams in pain, I real my other arm back. I throw it forward and slam it into the back of the guy's head. I hit him just hard enough to send him flying into the darkness of the other side of the alleyway. A trail of his blood smears as he slides across the pavement.

I step on the gun, crushing it to pieces. As I look on to the darkness to where the guy went flying I remember the woman on the ground. I look over and see her struggling to stand up. She's dressed up in a shiny vinyl outfit, tank top, short skirt, platform heels, large hoop earrings. Her purse spilled over the pavement and she struggles to pick up...the money, large wads of cash she picks up and stuffs into her purse. Much of this money fell out of the guy's pockets who I just hit. She briefly glances at me and she takes off running. Then, I think back to what those three guys were saying.

'So...turns out these guys were telling the truth,' I think to myself, 'you weren't an innocent young woman, you were really a pros. I mean I already knew that but still I couldn't let a woman suffer just so three guys can have fun at her expense.' These guys, don't think they'll be raping anyone else anything soon obviously, but for this woman, look at her, she grabbed the money, took off running. She'll either give it to her pimp or buy some more shit to pucker herself up and she'll be back out whoring in the streets in no time. See this is what happens when you give someone a second chance in life, it just gives them another opportunity to fuck up again. Oh, and while your running away, your welcome, I didn't mind taking out time to save your ass, you ungrateful bitch.'

Police sirens echo coming close to the entrance of the back alleyway and two police cars pull up. Before the officers can walk into the alleyway, the mysterious stranger leaps high above, making another crater in the ground as he leaps with such force. He climbs the walls and navigates himself buildings away perching himself on top of the stone structures above overlooking the city below once again.

'As I sit here looking out, I wonder to myself how long will this cycle continue. Will humanity outgrow it's selfish needs and understand that there is more in this world then what only they want or will their selfishness cause the death of this world. There has been many a time like this when I helped someone only for them to blow their second chance in life. I use to hand out money I obtained to people on the streets, after all it's not like I can go into a store anymore to buy stuff. I stopped that when I learned that the people I gave money to used it for drugs and alcohol. Once again I wonder why do I continue to help people as nothing positive comes out of it. I look at the sky and see how cloudy it's getting and then I feel it. It's going to rain.'


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