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*(Rated M for mature-Or rated R if you're a movie person)* In a large city, the shadow of darkness hangs over as it's corrupted with the evils of man. Protecting the city, keeping a watchful eye is the mysterious being known as D.S. who uses vigilante force and violence in conjunction with bizarre abilities to keep darkness from obtaining too much power and control. D.S. struggles with his own personal belief system wondering if he should continue to help the world around him or allow it to collapse onto itself with it's own darkness.

Though this is a superhero story, the main theme is the darkness in humanity and the consequences of making bad decisions in life. To get a different view of the story it's shown from both first and third person perspectives. © Copyright 2013 Neutrastaff View table of contents...


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On a hot night, two Metropolis police detectives are on a stakeout at the warehouse district, standing guard in their car parked on the side of a street. In the driver's seat, detective Will Scott is lost in thought as he waits patiently. He combs back his wild Afro hair as thoughts come to his mind.

*Working homicide, there's no such thing as an easy day. I've seen so many disfigured bodies murdered in so many ways, even in one's wildest nightmares can't image. I think back to the time I worked narcotics and sometimes I miss it, it's a bit easier on the eyes then homicide. I use to work undercover. Once I was on a stakeout for a month, had myself a nice ass apartment, large flat screen TV, surround sound, had the good channels like showtime, it was some nice shit. Now the chief has me and my partner out here waiting for some guy to show up who we don't even know will or not.

"So tell me," I asks my partner, "what do you think of this?"

"Honestly, I'm probably thinking the same thing you are, this is horseshit of how the chief has us out here."

"I heard that," I reply, "but I guess someone from the squad has to do it."

"Actually, Scott, I've been thinking about transferring back to narcotics."
"You have?"
"Well, considering it anyways. Looking at all these corpses gets old real quick."

Matt Murdock, same age as me in his mid thirties. We both worked narcotics but we weren't partners at the time. I transferred to homicide after my old partner got into an accident some time later, Murdock also transferred, he's got a wife and daughter. Homicide offered better pay so he took this as an opportunity to support them better.

"Yeah, this shit will consume your soul if you're not careful. So, about this case, what do we know about it?"

"Well, apparently a week ago, a man was gunned down around this district. We think he may had been a victim of gang related activity. Some of the people we questioned during the week said names that lead us here. According to the chief, there's a guy around here dressed like a gang member that appears occasionally who we need to take in as a lot of leads says that he's either the one who did it or knows who did it."


"Surprised you asked," he says to me, glancing his eyes over, "I thought a young black man such as yourself would know all about it."

"Hey," I exclaim, "don't you go start that racist shit. Not all black men are in gangs."

"Hey, that's not what I meant. But now that you mention it, there are more black males in jail then Caucasians, at least here in Metropolis."

"Yeah, I've noticed. Listen, I can't speak for everyone and I hate to play the race card but honestly you have no idea how hard it is for the average black man to find a job around here. Sometimes you can't get a job to get money so some people have no choice but to steal to eat."

"And I understand that, Scott. But people don't always steal to eat, sometimes when something looks good...well let's just say some people seem to have a hard time keeping their hands out of the cookie jar."

"As I mentioned before, I'm not speaking for the whole race. Don't get me wrong, I know stealing is wrong, me being a cop and all, what I mean is for some I understand why they do what they do, sometimes you don't have a choice if you want to survive. Not everyone has the best opportunities and you have to do what you have to do."

"Only for us to arrest them in the end. You have to ask yourself, 'was it worth it'."

"Look, ultimately sometimes there is no right answer. It can either be fucked up this way or that way."

There is a silence between us, not like when two people argue and don't want to speak to each other afterwards, but just a 'cool off' kind of silence. A few minutes go by, I look outside and see steam come out of a manhole. I hate warm nights like these, actually I hate cold nights as well. I don't know, maybe it's all this time out here in the city, when you know all you're going to see is death or some shit out there ruining lives in one way or another what is there to look forward to. I look out this window and all I can think to myself is 'Somewhere out there right now, there is a woman getting raped, a child being traumatized, gangs robbing and killing and drug junkies selling anything they can find to pay for a few second high. It seems that no matter how much good you attempt to do here it doesn't do a thing to fix the situation as shit still happens.

I glance over to Murdock who's looking out the window to his side. He's got a family but I live by myself. I don't know how he does it, this city is no place to raise a family. I once thought about getting married, back when me and Sherri were going out, she left before I could get the words out, says "Scott, your life as a cop is too much for me, you're not committed to me enough." I don't know, maybe it's for the best that she left.

I look forward and spot a guy heading into a back alleyway. I think for a second and turn to Murdock.

"Hey, that's the guy."

He turns to me, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, he fits the description. He's in his late teens, Caucasian, skinny, and short blonde hair. I'm sure it's him, let's go."


We both exit the car and follow him. We edge around carefully as to not alert his attention, I don't feel like chasing him if he runs. We go around the corner and head into the alleyway, slowly following him. He turns around a few times but we manage to hide behind garbage and wooden planks. We follow him to an abandoned warehouse. We move in closer, much closer then I'd prefer when Murdock steps on a glass bottle, shattering it.

"Shit!" exclaims Murdock.

The guy turns around and spots us, from his expression I can tell he knows we're the police. He immediately takes off running. We go after him, going into the warehouse.

"Five O!" exclaims the guy yelling all around the warehouse, "It's five O!"

We look around and spot people all over the damn place, both on the ground and up on the balconies. They're dressed up in gang clothes, all black with skull and gravestones on them. Many are wearing head bands. They look to see us.

"Fuck, it's the cops man, we got to ball out!" exclaims one of them on the lower floor.

Many quickly grab nearby weapons, Uzis, sub machine guns and begin firing at us. Me and Murdock quickly duck around metal pillars to avoid the gunfire.

"Shit!" I exclaim as the bullets hit the pillars, "Murdock!"

"I got this!" he exclaims.

He reaches down to his belt and pulls out a flash bang. He pulls the pin and flings it behind. I look away as it goes off creating a blinding flash. As it's light begins to die down, me and Murdock turn from the pillars, pull out our handguns and begin firing at the men. We hit a few of them. I hit one in the shoulder and watch as his blood flies through the air. Murdock makes several kill shots in the heart and the head to several of them.

"Come on, we have to kill these fuckers before they bring more of their bacon buddies!" exclaims a gang member shooting at us.

During the gunfire, we constantly have to hide behind the pillars to reload. As we fire back, Murdock is hit in the upper chest and flies backwards.

"Murdock!" I exclaim.

I rush over and grab him and as fast as I can, carrying him to a pile of metal and wood for cover. I prop Murdock on my lap as a hail of bullets continues to fly at us.

"Murdock, Murdock!" I exclaim, watching him go in and out of consciousness. Blood's gushing out of his chest and I attempt to stop it with my hands. As more shots come in, I can hear the gang members moving in closer to us. I attempt to grab my hand gun but with Murdock's blood on my hands, it makes it slippery and hard to hold. I quickly pop out a few shots and reach for my walkie talkie.

"Ten thirteen!" I shout , "Ten thirteen! Shots fired, shots fired at police! Come in!" though I get no response, I figure the warehouse interior is blocking the transmission. I check back at Murdock who's fully unconscious.

"Dammit, Murdock! Stay with me!" I say to him, slapping him in the face, "Hey, hey! Stay with me!"

More shots come in and I attempt to lean over Murdock's face to shield him from the debris. I then hear this loud crash, almost as if something's breaking through a wall. As the gunfire continues I hear a loud scream coming from one of the gang members. Some of the gunfire stops and I hear more screams. I glance up and spot a gang member being flung into one of the pillars, his head splits open from the impact and his body flops back down to the floor. I continue to hear screams all around and breaking noises. I have no idea what's going on, but my attention is more towards holding back Murdock's blood.

I quickly glance up to see what's going on. In the back, I spot what looks like someone hand fighting with the gang members, knocking them away, tossing them, beating them and flinging them. I duck back down and check on Murdock who's fully out.

"Hey, come on, Murdock!" I say continuing to smack him in the face, "Come on!"

After a few minutes, the screams all stop, as does the gunfire. There's silence and dust rolling towards me and Murdock. I then hear something sounding like it's flying through the air. It sounds like it lands near us. I then hear it slowly walking towards us. As it approaches I wipe Murdock's blood of my hands on my pants as I grab my gun. I step from the pile and point out my gun.

"Don't move!" I shout.

I pause and feel my eyes widen as I look at a person. His appearance is...he has long black hair that comes past his shoulders, he's wearing a t shirt and black sweat pants, he's not wearing any shoes, he's wearing a very large and long scarf around his neck that dangles in the back and flows like a cape. I see that his skin is very pale, almost a ghostly white, and his eyes...they're bright yellow and glowing. I stand there motionless as he looks at me with a hard look.

"I'm not the enemy," he says slowly in a deep voice, "unless you're a member of the black serpent eggs, you have nothing to worry about." He turns around and looks all around, I do as well, seeing the bloodied bodies all around motionless, "I have been tracking them for a while now, finally found them. I was going to sneak in and take them out one at a time when I heard gunfire." He turns to me with an angry look, "Thanks for fucking up what I originally planned."

I point my gun at him steadily holding out my arm, "Who the hell are you?" I asks.

I think for a second. In some of the case files we have reports of people claiming to see a guy with the same appearance who's been going around stopping robbers and gang members. I look at this guy...no...no! It can't be, that's just some urban legend bullshit, a child's story, there's no mythical vigilante running around stopping bad guys. I can't take my eyes off this guy, I don't know who he is but...

"Oh, shit. You are him, aren't you? You're that D.S. guy they speak of?"

He walks past me almost as if I'm not even here. He looks down to the left and spots Murdock on the ground.

"Shit, he's lost a lot of blood." he says to himself quietly. He walks over to him and bends down, he effortlessly lifts him over his shoulder.

"Hey, hey! Put him down, put him down!" I exclaim pointing my gun at the guy.

"So I was right, you two are officers." he says looking back at me, "I can take him to the hospital if you would like, it's much quicker if I take him there myself instead of you carrying him back to your car and driving there."

I stand there for a second, I don't know what to think right now. He's offering to take Murdock to the hospital. How the hell can I trust him, for all I know he could be one of these bastards. Then again, if he really wanted to kill us, with that strength he'd probably done it already, plus what he just told me about going on my own. Murdock has lost a lot of blood and I can't do this on my own. I also wonder how is he going to get to the hospital quicker then I can with the car.

"So, you'll get him to the hospital then?"
"I will, but I have to leave him outside so someone will see him and bring him in."
"Alright fine, I don't have much choice right now. But if you cause him anymore harm then he's already in..."
"Don't worry, I won't."

He walks outside with Murdock over his shoulder and I follow. I watch as he leaps several meters high into the air and...runs up the wall of the warehouse. I watch in disbelief of him leaping high from the rooftop and going outward through the night sky. 'What the hell...' I think as I watch. Coming to my senses, I rush back to the car and head off to the nearby hospital.

As I arrive, I head inside and go to the main desk, learning from the receptionist that they already rushed Murdock to the emergency operation room. They don't let me go see him, even when I show them my badge and say who I am. A few hours later, a doctor comes in telling me that they have him in critical but stable condition and that he was still out. I take the time to call the office to tell them what happened and his wife who rushes down to the hospital.

"I am so sorry, Jenn." I tell her, seeing her holding their daughter.

I step outside to take a smoke. All this shit going on I need something to calm my nerves. My partner is barely hanging onto life and we didn't accomplish our mission. The thing I think about now is that guy who helped us, that guy in black. Who the hell was he, seriously? I'm not believing for a second that he's some superhero who just appears. Maybe he did single handed take down those guys back there, but...this is insane, I'm a grown man, there's no way I'm going to believe it.

Outside, as I smoke, I look to the arriving morning sky. That guy, I wonder if I should bring him in for murder and vigilantism...or thank him for saving our lives.


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