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*(Rated M for mature-Or rated R if you're a movie person)* In a large city, the shadow of darkness hangs over as it's corrupted with the evils of man. Protecting the city, keeping a watchful eye is the mysterious being known as D.S. who uses vigilante force and violence in conjunction with bizarre abilities to keep darkness from obtaining too much power and control. D.S. struggles with his own personal belief system wondering if he should continue to help the world around him or allow it to collapse onto itself with it's own darkness.

Though this is a superhero story, the main theme is the darkness in humanity and the consequences of making bad decisions in life. To get a different view of the story it's shown from both first and third person perspectives. © Copyright 2013 Neutrastaff View table of contents...


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Outside Metropolis, lies a countryside filled with grassy hills and trees with farms scattered about. It is a cleaner atmosphere then the city and is quite tranquil during the day, however at night it becomes a hive home to the same darkness that plagues the city. Due to the lack of police activity, the countryside has become a prime operative location for criminal activity. On the night of a full moon, D.S. finds himself moving through the area.

*This wilderness may have a different appearance then the city but it still has that dark feeling. These withered looking trees are fully in shadow and sway as the wind blows. Sounds of owls can be heard above. There is black all around but the flowing grass is being reflected by the light of the full moon.

Earlier I hitched a ride on top of a transport truck and hopped off when I arrived here to the outside. As I move through the area, I think of the reason I'm out here. Earlier in the week while spying on a group of gang members I heard word that a large shipment of cocaine is scheduled to be transported from the country and into the city. From the way they described it, it sounds as if this is going to be one of the largest shipments on record. I decided that I'd pay them a visit before they sent out the shipment.

I run through the grassy fields and sense around to find anyone. The field grass is tall enough to hide in. I reach a farm and run through a corn field, sensing around but I don't detect anyone. I find a tall tree and climb to the top, sensing around hoping I can get a better perspective from the height. Jackpot, I sense people close by, a lot of them but far off in the distance.

I leap through the trees, from branch to branch heading towards the location of the people I sensed. I arrive down a flat area surrounded by large hills and rock formations. I find a dirt road going down a large basin. I go down into the basin by sneaking around away from the road going down the sides. At the bottom I find myself in front of a massive field. This is another farm but not one that grows vegetables, no, I could smell the stench all the way from up the top of the basin. There's coca plants all over the place. I both sense and look around to find several people at a large red barn in the back. With the lack of police in the area, this is a pretty good location to be doing this type of shit.

I sneak over through the field and carefully ease myself closer as not to get their attention. If this gets into the city it really will be one of the largest shipments on record. As I trek through the field, I survey around to see what I'm up against. Several guys outside harvesting the coca plants, checking out the quality. I edge past a few of the people near some vans parked in front of the barn's large entrance. They have Uzis ready on the floors of the vans in back.

There's no way I can sneak through in front especially with all the bright lights around so I edge around the back of the barn. I spotted a large tree in the back of the warehouse that use to climb up; I leap from the tree and land on top of the barn's roof.

"What was that?" I hear someone inside say.

"You mean that thump noise? Probably a bird or a nut from the tree hitting the roof." says someone else next to him.

"You're sure it's not a pig? You don't want to go check?"

"Dammit, stop being paranoid and get back to work! You know we only have two days to make this shit, now pay attention to what you're doing!"

Through a crack in the shingles I look around. There are lots of people brewing using large machines and cooking utensils like pots and stoves. I think for a second of how to cancel the situation. I gain an idea, but first I have to find the fuse box to this place.*

The people outside and inside continue to work around the hour to make the shipment. Suddenly the lights in the barn go out blanketing the inside in darkness and causing everyone inside to panic. In concern, the people outside arm their guns and wait. Sounds of people being thrashed about are heard inside.

*I enter the roof and use my invisibility ability. I crawl across the ceiling and use my tendrils to ensnare the people below and thrash them about, dropping their bloodied bodies once I'm done. It may be extreme, but I have no sympathy for people who willingly gives bad substances to others so they get no mercy. In the process I use my tendrils to wreck and destroy the machines and cooking equipment. Once I know everyone is down and out I drop down below and finish the job, destroying the remaining equipment by tossing it throughout the barn.*

The people outside shine bright flashlights inside to see what the disturbances and loud crashing noises are, finding their coke making equipment in shambles. As they prepare to head inside, a lone figure slowly walks out from the darkness and stand before them.

*I look around and confirm to myself that these people are indeed gang members from the city. I think I've ran into them before, not these exact ones but the gang they belong to, the 'Deth Doctors'. They specialize in not only cocaine but other substances as well. They call themselves the Deth Doctors, but really they are death merchants, selling their shit to kids and teens on the streets. Because they produce so much of their products, they are famous for selling cheap so many people go to them.

I immediately go to work and rush to them before they can respond. I take out the three in front of me before the rest begin firing. Though they hit me, their bullets just fall as I rush in and gradually take them each out using punches and chops. Once I'm done, I take a second to see the bodies all around, bloodied on the ground. There's no point calling the police all the way out here, even if they were arrested they would just be out in a week.

I look around to see what's in the vans, maybe something to help destroy all this shit. I find several tanks of gasoline inside, guess they use it as a cooking ingredient or to help cook their coke. While I do this, the wounds I got from the gunshots regenerate.

'This is good gasoline.' I think to myself.

I take two large cans of gasoline and sprinkle them all around the walls and inside of the barn which takes a while. I use the remaining gasoline from cans still in the vans to wet small portions of the gardens. I pull out a cigar and light up a smoke. I use the lit cigar and walk around, igniting the barn and garden while enjoying a few puffs. The fires spread and sets the whole entire area ablaze. I sit on top of the roof of one of the vans and watch as the fires destroy the barn and gardens.

"That's all of the cocaine fields." I say to myself as I take a puff.

With so much of the stuff already in the city and in the possessions of young people in the city, I know I can't get rid of all of it, but at least for now I have stopped a lot of it. I'm sure future gang members will just make more someday. There's nothing more I can do right now. I sit and continue to watch until the last ember fizzles out.*


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