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This is a story I wrote a few years ago but never finished and just decided to leave it where it was. I looked and found it deciding to give it new life. Let's see how this works here.

It's about the...end of the world. In a nutshell it speaks about five people who survived a horrible disaster and are now struggling to stay alive themselves. They have seven days to stay alive before something happens at the end. View table of contents...


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The date is December 5, 2012. Everyday life is going on for the people living in new york city. People walk to their jobs, businesses go on and people work and interact as they would. Around noon the ground begings to vibrate and slight tremors can be felt. People barely notive as the streets are always filled with machinery and people walking drowining out the noise of the vibrations. Over the course of three hours the vibrations in the ground slowly become stronger and strong enough for the people around to feel. Pipes bellow begin to burst and throughout the city, power begings to flicker. Fifteen minutes after three, the entire city feels the tremors and people begin to panic. The ground's quakes become unstable. Food stands tip over, the pavement burst releasing hot air. Suddenly the ground shakes and massive cracks break up the streets. Large splits appear in the streets and cause several cars to crash into one another. People as well fall into the earth. The quakes spread throughout the city anddestroy even the massive buildings and sky scrappers. Large internal structures inside buildings colapse causing them to fall upon people bellow. People become trapped until they are killed by falling debrits. Some of the damage is so severe that several tall buildings completely break apart and colapse. The streets are filled with grey ash that looks as fog. People struggle to escape the carnage. While attempting to escape people fall victum to the quake. As some people are able to get away to safer locations their attention is drawn toward the sky. It's slowly changing to an eerie colored red. It also becomes somewhat cloudy and occasionally thunder rolls by. The people are scared and in an awe sense of wonder of what is happening. Many people in the thousands have lost their lives in the event. The remaining people scramble to do anything they can, searching for survivors and tending to the injured. Little do they know over eighty percent of hte city's population has perished. The whole scape is a view of colapsed ruined buildings with streets full of red dust under a glowing sun.

From the rubble are five people who were knocked unconcious during the quake and have survived. Dan, who's a police officer who was on duty was attempting to evacuate people during the oncoming quake and was hit by flying bricks from a falling building, last thing he remembers is seeing the bricks rain down from above. Frank, a firefighter who was also helping civilians escape and got pummeled by debrits flyingthrough the air. A postal worker, Philip, was working and had a large desk fall over top of him knocking him unconcious. A stripper named Starlette, was working at an exotic club was pinned under apart of a falling ceiling when the quake happened. Ralph, a construction worker, was at a construction site when the quake hit which caused him to be buried under debrits as well. As they all lay unconcious they each dream the same dream. They each see a woman with long white hair, wearing a long white gown. She has a bright glow coming from her. Though she appears human a strange feel about her tells different, as no normal woman would seem like this. Though hard to make out all five could swore, looking behind her...there were a pair of wings. The dreams are all blurred so it's hard to make out. Before each slowly regains conciousness they get a message from the woman, "seven days from today will be the last day of your life. How will you make it, separate or working with others, and what will your ultimate destiny be at the end? For I cannot say right now toyou, as you have to discover your path on your own. But do not fret, for on the seventh day...we will see each other again". The woman smiles as each of the five begin to awaken.

Though slightly injured and bruised all five manage to escape their entrapment, crawl to safety or rise from the streets. They look around to the destruction around them, seeing no people around anywhere. Looking at the red sky they marvel at how could this happen. There's an eerie silence throughtout the area, no people around screaming, no machines, nothing but dark echoes. Ash clouds still quilt the area reducing visability as the sky is the only thing still visable enough to see clear. Each rises, brushes themselves off and with no other choice, decide to head off to look for survivors, people to rescue them and answers.


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