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Accept it, this is YOUR destiny.

Novel By: Penelope Garenther
Science fiction

This is about a girl who didn't nor doesn't care about life and than she is kidnapped and finds out she is a fallen angel with a prophecy and needs to balance good and evil and end a war that is on the verge of destroying all the realms...this is the account of her life.
this is one of my attempts to start a novel...please give me your comments they'll be greatly be appreciated. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 5, 2008    Reads: 218    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Great, how am I going to get out of this one? I was tied to a tree staring into the eyes of a man with emerald eyes; surprisingly I wasn't scared…at all. I just knew I had to figure out something to get out of this predicament. Everything
"How is she doing Danylo?" A husky voice called out and the man with the emerald eyes turned around to face a burly light skinned fellow.
"She's breathing so that must be a good sign." I rolled my eyes from the humor and the laughter that came with it. My mouth was covered with a piece of now damp cloth probably to keep me from screaming. A fire was burning nearby and could see we were in the middle of a forest where snow has fallen on the ground I sure don't think I'm in Arizona anymore unless were in Flagstaff . There were men, women, and children bustling about; the men were gathering firewood, the women cooking up something that was foreign yet smelled delicious and made my mouth water, and the children were taking out blankets from the wagon looking things. I couldn't help but be curious of these people. They didn't look much different from other humans, but there was something about them that was different. My eyebrows knitted together trying to look for the thing that made them so different.
Danylo looked at me, "what are you thinking about, my dear?" he sounded proper, did he just call me dear?I gagged into the cloth to "my dear" and looked at him trying to tell him with no words "I can't answer you dumbass, there is a gag covering my mouth." I guess, he figured what I said because he untied the cloth from behind my head, but all I hoped was that he wouldn't know I called him a dumbass.
I stretched my mouth and replied, "you guys are different, what are you?" I asked curiously.
He smirked and laughed a little, "in this realm we are gypsies." I rolled my eyes, great I'm captured by gypsies…in this realm, what the fuck is the guy talking? I think he is loony. I looked back over at him and noticed he was completely calm and tranquil, it was weird. Just by looking at him I felt myself beginning to calm down and not being angry and feeling at ease with no worries. Danylo sat down looking at me intently and I stared back down at him. I watched as he flames dance across his perfect skin, no pimples were seen, not even a blemish of any sort was seen. I tried leaning forward to see if there were any freckles on his face, but I was still tied to the stupid tree.
"Can I be untied… please." I wanted to be polite so I wouldn't anger him, but after my words left my mouth he just stared at me and my patience began to wear thin.
"Kirill?" was the only word he spoke.The broad built man came back from before and the two began to speak a different language, never have I heard this language before. It sounded like the angels from Heaven speaking and bells softly ringing, it was clearly a beautiful language, but the language barrier annoyed me very much so I wanted to know what they were talking about and it wasn't fair that I had to be tied to a tree and listen to them talk about me in this beautiful language and I could do nothing, but slump there and try not to glare.After minutes that seemed like hours Kirill faced me and came close with light green eyes he looked at me harshly, "You better not run, I'm not afraid to destroy even though you may be the prophecy I do not care. So don't try anything stupid." I rolled my eyes un-moved by his threat. Kirill nodded to Danylo to let me go. As he untied me he asked of what my name was.
I answered him in a hard whisper, "Lilia." I rubbed at my wrists bringing life back into my fingers I glared with all the hate inside of me at the ground. I was rather pissed at having been tied up for the last day and not remembering ANYTHING that was happened after being kidnapped and it greatly flustered me. We walked toward Kirill,
"How are you?" I didn't understand how he could ask that. How do you think somebody would feel after being tied up to a tree for hours and kidnapped?
I wanted to throw so many questions at him, but instead I replied "just dandy" not trying very hard from keeping sarcasm drip from my words, "how about you?" I flashed a fake smile his way.
He grinned, "I'm great. It's a wonderful night and everything seems to be at peace for now." He turned to Danylo and told him "make sure she eats…"and he cut off into the foreign language again. I turned away and pretended to ignore the fact that they were talking about me. Danylo grabbed my hand I tried pulling it out of his, but he kept a tight grip and walked forward. We walked through the campsite and I observed everything around me watching the flames dance and looking at the humans beautiful strange faces. They all had fair skin with blonde hair and green eyes; but all their eyes were different shades of green. I saw a pair of green eyes that belonged to a small child, but they were of an un-normal mint green, nonetheless beautiful just strange and I couldn't help but stare until Danylo pulled me along. I could feel the temperature begin to drop and goosebumps crawled up my arms and legs. I shivered from a gust of wind blowing through the camp, Danylo looked behind him at me and grabbed a blanket from a wagon that was hanging off the side and threw it at me, I wrapped the black colored cloth around my bare arms.
"Danylo!" A sweet voice rang over the campfires the voice came from every single direction making it difficult to determine where it directly was, but it seemed as if Danylo knew exactly where it came from. He led me towards a group of women sitting in a circle one woman had a small child in her arms like everyone else they were pale with beautiful pure green eyes.
"Yuliya, how are you? Long time no talk." Danylo embraced the woman warmly. Her hair had gone white with old age, but she didn't look a day over twenty. The two chatted in their own "special" foreign language that I couldn't speak I tried understanding some of their words, but I gave up after awhile and looked up at the stars instead and let my thoughts run wild through my brain. I wanted answers to my questions of why I'm here, of why they are treating me so nicely, my thoughts kept on running and running until my name was called and it stopped all my running thoughts and gave me a head ache from the collision of thoughts in my brain.
"What?"My voice gave off as if I was irritated.
"Lilia this is Yuliya." Danylo introduced me to her and asked me to sit. I didn't understand why they were being nice to me, aren't they supposed to be treating me like another piece of shit?
"Lilia…" She hummed, "lily flower, correct?"
I nodded and cocked my head a little. I sat down and looked at the food sent before me. I was starving and could hear my stomach begin to growl, but I refused to eat worried that it was poisoned.
"Are you not hungry?" Yuliya asked and Danylo watched me waiting for my answer.
Shaking my head I told her no, "I'm fine thank you; I'm just not very hungry right now." I managed to get out without stuffing my face into the steaming bowl of soup in front of me. She looked at me insulted as if I just slapped her in the face.
"Hmpf suit yourself, now I want to know about you, please tell me about yourself. You know… the basics." Yuliya looked at me curiously.

I looked at her blankly not really knowing what to say. I thought of something and stuttered them out, "Well… my name is Lilia Hillmer, umm I'm from Mesa Arizona… yea I don't know what else to say about myself." I hoped that was enough to satisfy her.
"May I see your arms?"
"Oh…uh… sure." It was a little weird to remove the blanket and show my tattoos, but she didn't seem to find it weird at all. She grabbed my wrist as soon as it was revealed I winced at her pressure they were still sore from being tied up. I was wearing a tank top because of the hot weather of Arizona, but in this weather I shivered even more without the warmth of the blanket. Tattoos covered up and down my arms and two silver studs were put in on my left wrist. Yuliya first examined my right arm, starting from the top of my shoulder and down to my wrist. There was a huge lily flower that sat in the water of ink at the top of my shoulder the water twisted down into blue to black music notes as the notes twisted down it showed they came from the mouth of a singing bird. On my left forearm the word "peace" was tattooed on with a peace sign next to the word and my studs next to the sign; on my left hand "love" was written on my index finger and a star was put to the side of my palm. The last of my tattoos and the newest of them all was on my shoulder blade, an angel sitting on a cloud with rain and lightening coming from under it, it was one of my favorite a good friend of mine drew it and I wanted it as a tattoo. I sat looking around the circle of unfamiliar faces staring at my arms.
"Child, do you have anymore?" Yuliya asked out of the blue, I turned around and moving the strap of my tank top so they would have a clear view of the angel. After a few seconds passed by I twisted back around only to face Yuliya. I could see the details of her sea foam colored eyes they seemed to curve out from the pupil. She gently moved my bangs from my eyes, her fingers were warm and the glided smoothly over my forehead; she looked deep into my blue eyes and I could feel my guard go down from the gentle look of her eyes. Everything from the past started to fly past my eyes I could actually see them replaying themselves in front of me; the abuse, the midnight visits, the rape, the beatings, the fights, the burning, the bleeding, the cutting, everything was played. Was SHE doing this?? I put my guard up at the moment and glared at the ground and numbing the pain as quickly as I could on the inside and I could feel my anger flare. The wind blew on my face as I looked up and the tears dried in the frosty breeze. Yuliya looked at me as if in disbelief I looked away and put the blanket over my shoulders. I ignored what just happened, it has happened multiple times in life. I would see the whole person's life past and future, but it has never happened where a person could see my past.
"Danylo!" Kirill's husky voice boomed across the camp and I could hear him walking towards us.
"Kirill, we are here!" Danylo stood quickly reaching his full height and waved his hand to grab his attention.
"Did she eat?" He questioned Danylo as I looked at his plain dark green eyes.
Danylo looked down and shifted his eyes, "no. She wasn't hungry." Kirill's face flashed with anger and yelled at Danylo in their "language". I rolled my eyes and stared at the ground trying to get over what happened with Yuliya, trying to figure out why I was brought here just to be played with pissed me off. Kirill's pitch kept on getting higher and higher and his eyes turned darker and darker, but all the while Danylo stood there taking in every word as if it was a bitter piece of candy.
"You!" Kirill turned to me, "you need to eat or you will NEVER survive." I rolled my eyes at this and smirked,

"I have survived much more than anything you can do to me." This must of set him off for he came to for arm, but Danylo muttered something under his breath that had Kirill stalking off in a puff.
"Come," and he grabbed my hand once again and led me through the campsite to a small tent that I imagined must be his.


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