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Jack Of All Trades - Four Of A Kind

Novel By: PinkFoxTails
Science fiction

A fun story that puts fantasy and sci-fy in the same realm. Skye is a surviror from a hostlie world, rescued by the mysterious Erics. An Ex Milltary captain, now a for hire Merc taking any job she can get. Or that Skye wont mess up for her. They are later joined by Connor an odd elf with a temper. And a undine from the water worlds, which has a deep grudge against Erics for his brothers death. Whatever the job, what ever the reward, We\'ll do it as long as he get paid! View table of contents...


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Chapter One

Into the Wasteland.

In the deserted part of the city, shadows play tricks on the walls. Old buildings long forgotten crumble as scurry feet made their way along their surface. Whatever happened here, no one wanted to remember and kept their mouths sealed tight about it. The advantage however, it made the perfect place for the illegal activates of the city. It was here their exchange was to take place; two figures had been out here all day. They had set up light flares and a little surprise in the building ahead of them. Their base of operation was a little covered part of rubble about 100 yards away from the building that was a lit. One of them toke out night vision goggles and checked the surrounding area. So far there was no sign of life in the deserted city. Still she watched the road and windows of the buildings still standing with caution. Light flooded out into the rocky streets from the house off in the distance. They sat there and waited two young ladies out in the middle of crumbling wasteland. The older of the two was a tall with long red hair bound in leather binding that ran all the way down her spine. . It looked like a tube with a fluff of crimson at the end, which she got teased by contently by her friend and partner she went by the name of Erics and was not a novice when it came to dirty jobs. . The other was younger in her late teens with sliverish blue hair that was cut short. Skye was an unusual ally, but she came through when she needed too. She was short in size but packing one hell of a wallop when cornered. Looking out in to the distance was not a problem for her; she swung her head around to Erics and gazed at her with piercing blue eyes and a cop that barely kept her hair out of her eyes. The girl was sitting next to Erics smiling like a lunatic as she observed the device in her hand. It was a small box that was made of a shiny metal and a button on the top. There was also a pole sticking out of one end that Erics had explained to her. It was called a antennae and she had never seen one before, she didn't know what this device was for but it was very important and she was allowed to press the button when Erics gave the order. Erics had planted a bomb on the inside of the abandoned building earlier today when they also set up light flares to guide the way back to the city. It was a simple plan all together but it did take a while to set up right. She placed the goggles back to her face and looked at the road leading into the building ignoring the crazy sate of her friend. She didn't have wonderful night vision like Skye, or her hearing or sense of smell. She had to be extra careful out here; there could be hidden dangers like fellow mercenaries out there. There were also rumors of animals out here that could eat anyone that stepped foot in their territory. She looked around but finally came back to her friend and let out a sigh.

"Do you remember the plan?" She asked, Skye nodded her head up and down, or at least she thought she saw that. "Remember; don't push the button until the bad guy is in the building." She looked concerned, and was but it was better than not giving the girl something to do. She might run off chasing a lizard or bird if she wasn't occupied. Reluctantly she went back on the lookout, the lights coming off of the building where making it hard to see with the goggles though. The light made everything blurry it was going to be difficult for her to make out what was going on. Erics placed them on the ground, and tried to relax. She would have to depend on Skye to press the button when the time came. They couldn't afford to screw this one up; the payout would be handsome if they could get the exchange to happen without a miss-hap. Their client worked for a pharmaceutical company that had made a new wonder drug. Of course when the rival companies heard about this breakthrough they weren't' going to be left out of the loop. Finding a lone employee they struck up a rotten deal, he was to deliver the formula to them at this secluded spot where they would guarantee he would keep his life. Of course he was in a tight spot, he might have his life but the business he was working for now would find out he was the leak and then he would be out on the streets. That was as good as dead, so there was only one other option, send a message that he wasn't messing around. He sent the information along the broker network; Marlon picked up the information and knew exactly who to call. Erics got the offer and a job was lined up for her. They were going to be hurting for cash soon, and with no hits lately the bounty on their heads was going to go down soon if they didn't do a job. The higher the bounty the more jobs you got. That was just the way things worked out here, a knot started to build in her stomach. She needed this to work, or she might as well start frying up meat slugs for the nearest fast food joint. Erics heard a pebble or two bounce around and put the goggles to use looking up the road. Green and white shapes showed a nubby looking man with a briefcase. The agreement was that the documents where fake, just in case Erics and Skye failed. He was ordered to leave the documents in the building and walk away. No doubt there was a hired man from the rival companies that would come in and claim the information. Then boom, the building collapsed and the man gets off scot free, and might even hire them for a protection job. He was making his way sloppily to the building as he came closer the lights blurred her goggles. She got updated by Skye when the man entered the building at last, it toke him a while but he didn't have night vision. Placing the useless machine on the ground she waited as patiently as she could for her partner's next update. Erics was sitting on needles as she waited for the man to come out, ounce he was out of the way the plan could move forward.

Skye's finger itched over the button, but she didn't press it. It was taking the man too long; it was starting to looks suspicious. There was too much at stake for them to make a move yet, the best course of action was to do nothing for the moment. Looking over to the dark blob next to her, she couldn't help but ask.

"What is he doing, why isn't he coming back out?" Erics whispered, but Skye didn't budge. She was trained on the house and didn't say a word in response. "We'll, stick to the plan don't press the detonator tell the other guy is in the building." Although it was near impossible to see her friend, the distinctive cap bobbed her head up in down. If Erics could see Skye's face, there was also a wild grin as she held the button.

To be honest she was ecstatic to see what an explosion was, Erics had tried to explain it to her before the mission. It sounded amazing; she had never seen one before. On top of that, Erics had trusted her with the button thing that was supposed to make it happen. The girl could barely contain herself as she waited for the bad man to go inside the building. Her partner looked worried, but everything was going to be alright.

Erics may not have been able to see her friend, but suddenly she was tense. "I heard something Erics" Skye whispered, describing it the best she could. It was in the distance, a small bang, followed by a clank. Fumbling on the ground for a bit, Erics looked for the goggles she had put down earlier. They both searched through the dark rubble of the fallen city; however Eric's was not finding anything.

Erics couldn't find her goggles; this wasn't good they must have rolled off somewhere. The tension was rising something was going wrong here. All Erics could do was wait and hope the plan still was a success without an accidents happening. Skye watched in amazement as a large body flew across the sky, the sound she heard was a grappling gun. He was swinging down from the line into the building, she laughed a little at herself thinking how cool it would be to swing from roof to roof like that. Skye's partner looked over to her in confusion, what the hell was so damn funny right now. It finally dawned on her Skye straightened up, this is what they were waiting for the man was in the building. There was no doubt that he was the person she was supposed to watch for.

"Skye what is going on, what do you see?" she asked, looking down at her partner the gleam of light bouncing off the button's shiny surface. With the detonation switch in her hand, the girl laughed madly. "No, don't do it!" Erics yelled but it was too late, she pressed it.

The Canisters of flammable gas she had carefully placed there. Hidden under the floorboards so no one could tell, all the preparation and planning that had went into this job. It all went off in an explosion that shook the entire area like an earthquake. The pillars holding up the building fell under the weight of the ceiling and collapsed around itself. Fire and dust flew everywhere; the people in the city probably heard it. The whole county no doubt saw the blaze in the sky, and the large cloud coming from the remains. The dusty wind swept into them with enough forced to knock Erics off of her feet. Skye had taken refuge in some crevice and was un-harmed. Erics' tailbone on the other had hurt like a train crashed into her ass. She sat up with a start and looked at the pile of rubble that was once the building. No sign of the employer or the enemy just dust and rocks. This was not good, why did this happen it was a perfect plan. Crawling out from her hole, Skye looked at her friend button still in hand she could feel ringing in her ears. Everything seemed blurry at first, she couldn't hear anything but the ringing. Placing her hands on top of her hat she tried to cancel it out but it was not use. In time she was able to hear soft noises, Erics had warned her about this but she didn't think it would be this bad. Erics was yelling something at her, so she was kind of glad for the lack of noise. Erics wasn't able to hear either, but she knew Skye could see her mad all the same. Finally sound did return, and Skye wished it would go away again.

"What did you do" she asked looking down at the pair of eyes cutely looking at her dust and grim all over her round face. Through the blaze she could see her fine without the goggles which were most likely blown away somewhere.

"I pressed the button," She said softly mimicking the motion with the button in her hand. "See I went like this and then the building went like that." She said quietly, Erics was speechless. Skye at first that meant Erics wasn't made at her anymore. And so Smiled and giggled loudly, truly amazed at the force one little button could unleash.

"That was so cool, it was so loud and my ears were ringing and you were talking and I couldn't' hear you and it's so bright." She rambled while Erics thought about what this meant. They were doomed that was it, doomed to a life of dish washing for the rest of her life. She could already see the wrinkles forming on her wonderfully smooth hands, as well as her forehead. Erics startled giggling too, she had found a solution. (I'll kill her, that might help.) All she wanted to do was straggle her little neck till the head popped of like a daisy.

"Do you realize how bad this is, you can't just blow up your employer. Especially when he pays you for protection, it just isn't right. Speaking of employer how are we going to get paid, or even find a new job now. When Marlon finds out he is going to kill us" Erics screamed she wanted to pull her hair out by the roots, and Skye didn't seem to grasp the situation at all. Finally she calmed down a bit and rubbed her hands through her bangs instead. Looking at the flames as everything she had went up in smoke. There had to be a way to fix this, she just had to think of something that would work. She could lie and tell Marlon the employer called it off at the last minute. Only they would have called Marlon first so that might not work. Maybe the client died before the trade off, but he hired them for protection so that would still be bad. She was going to lose the shirt of her back she just knew it.

"I'm just going to have to seduce him into letting us off the hook. Let's just hope he isn't married or anything." She was sure he would work with them; after all it looked bad on him if the two of them failed. There was an odd clicking sound that echoed in her head as she thought out her plan of attack and what she was going to say. Looking down Skye was still playing with the device and looking at the flames in intense interest. It was almost like she was trying to figure out a puzzle in her head, which was not helping Erics mood at all. Skye just kept pressing it confused when nothing happened.

"Skye now what are you doing?" she asked, though honestly she really didn't want to know. There was a groan in Erics voice as she spoke, the noise was not helping her headache. All she kept hearing was that annoying clicking noise over and over again. Skye kept pushing the button and looking at the pile of rubble, she kept turning her head so much that Erics thought it might fall off.

"Trying to undo explosion" She finally answered and continued pressing the button. Erics let out a sigh, of course having Skye understand something like this would be too easy on her. All Erics wanted to do is get a drink and go home, but that's what she gets. Rubbing her hand over her face, Erics attempted to find strength she knew she didn't have to explain destruction.

"It doesn't work like that; once an explosion happens that's it you can't undo it." She was raising her voice, she knew yelling at Skye. Erics couldn't help it, under the circumstances she let herself slide. Skye didn't stop though, the clicking of Satan resounded within Erics brain.

"Yes I Can!" Skye yelled back, nose flaring in anger under her little baseball cap. She pressed the button harder, until it was smashed in her hand. Again she looked confused at what had happened, and Erics was at the end of her rope.

"Now you can give it to me," She yelled getting to her feet sorely, and demanding that she place the broken device in her hand. Skye held onto the pieces keeping them away from Erics' outstretched and open palm. When it looked as if Erics wasn't going to let her go, she hugged the button to her chest and stuck out her tongue. Finally Erics had enough and tried wrestling the button from Skye. She landed on top of Skye trying to get the thing from her, Skye ended up lifting the woman above herself with her feet. The bottom of Skye's feet dug into Erics' abdomen as she stretched out her hand to try and get the thing from her. Finally Erics got off Skye's legs and the two glared at each other the flames still lighting up the area around them

"Skye you need to give me that, you've already done quite enough with it." Erics yelled; face matching her bright red hair.

"No, I Can Fix It You Just Watch!" She yelled back, and like a two year tried to put the thing back together in a jigsaw puzzle manner. Ignoring her partner completely, Erics was pulling her hair out by the bangs at this point. What did she do to deserve this, was she such a bad person that this was her fate? Thinking for a moment she wasn't a saint, but still this was too much for her.

"Skye I have had enough of this, do you even realize how serious this is!" As Erics ranted, and seeing an opportunity she toke it. Skye was distracted for a moment and Erics knocked the device out of her hands. It slid to the broken concrete floor and while Skye was still trying to figure out what had happened Erics rushed over to it and smashed it to little pieces on the floor. Crushing the thing beyond all recognition what so ever, it made her feel slightly better anyway.

"Stop playing around we have to figure out what to do now!" She yelled, her voice echoing through the chasms and recess of the forgotten city. She noticed it was starting to get harder to see what was going on around her; the flames were dying down now. Erics looked at the building the light dimmed a little bit at time and soon it would be dark ounce more. Skye was still, she just stopped what she was doing and looked out into the shadows of the broken buildings.

"Shit what now?' Erics asked, Skye ran up to the top of jagged nearby. She was searching the darkness for something that was out there. Erics knew better then to doubt Skye's sense they were very sharp. Erics only watched as long as she could finally all the lights in the area were out. She couldn't' even make out the back of Skye's shirt in front of her.

In the broken walls and shattered houses lying around them, Erics started to see what it was. Red eyes peered at them glowing from off in the distance. More red lights shined as Skye backed up down from the rock, and picked up the bag of supplies they had brought. The figures moved, like ghosts in the dark around them coming closer. Although Erics couldn't see them she had been warned they were out here. They were a native species to this planet. Large lizards called Basilisks, when grown in captivity they can sense magic and are no bigger than a dog. Wild they were huge and attacked anyone that came close to their domains. They even hunted in packs when they weren't tearing each other's throats out. She could hear their hisses and their forked tongues as they licked the air. Catching their scent and hissing as they came closer to the girls surrounding them. Erics was still, Skye was stiff but prepared to act she only needed a command from her partner. Basilisks could crush bone with their jaws and swallow a corpse whole if they wanted to, this wasn't good Erics thought. Eric's tried to get her head together. The whole job issue could wait first hey had to get out of the wasteland without being eaten by giant lizards.

She could hear the long claws as they climbed over the debris of the fallen city with little effort. She spun around as one slapped his tail against what was a tractor car, crushing it under its strength. They were getting to close for comfort, finally Skye asked.

"Ok, so what was the plan?" She put her back up against Erics. It was a simple motion that at least let her friend know where she was. As nice of a gesture as it was, it was going to little good. Skye's head peered to her left and she could feel the brim of her hat hitting the bottom of her shoulder blade. Most would judge her weak for her size but Erics knew better. It was a bad idea to judge a person by their size, out of the two of them Skye would be fine. She had grown up living on a hostile planet called Rushiem, Erics mind raced from one subject to another. All of this wasn't doing any good; just as she came back to herself a snapping jaw came close to her shoulder. If Skye hadn't used her feet and waist to push Erics out of the way she would be missing an arm. The reptile was going to rebound, and then the others would attack. It most have she heard it shuffling across the concrete floor and a grunt from Skye, in the dim light she could see the scales on the mouth of the basilisk being held open by Skye. Her partner gritted her teeth as she demanded an answer from Erics now.

"What do you want to do, fight or run?" She yelled, and twisted each of her arms in a different direction. The motion snapped the jaw from the skull and the creature feel down with a thud lying on the ground. "We can't wait any longer, what do you want to do?" Erics looked around there was no way she was going to be able to fight them all. Especially if she had to defend herself while fighting them off the only logical decision was to run.

"Alright, we are getting out of here." She yelled a pulling the device for the light flares and hit the button. As the lights dimly turned on one by one Erics could see the odd standoff between Skye and the lizards. The red eyes of the reptiles stared angrily at the icy blue eyes of Skye. They didn't move though, it was an odd tension she didn't know what was scarier. Basilisks that could swallow you whole, or Skye, it was a hard tossup. It didn't help that as the girl turned to look at her the flares glow reflected in her eyes. They shined in the dark, two blue lights that danced in the dark.

"Are you ready Skye?" She asked, slowly stepping carefully from the pack of reptiles.

"Yeah, let's make it a game. First one to the city's edge wins" She laughed, Erics decided she was more afraid of her partner then the basilisks. "Ready on the cont of three" She said watching the basilisks as she got ready to run. Erics wasn't going to wait, by the time Skye had counted to two she was already several feet away.

Erics was running as fast as her legs could take her. She saw the scales in the glow of the spikes in front of her. She hadn't counted on the pack being able to run ahead of her. It leapt for her appearing from the darkness mouth open and claws ready to rip her apart. She barely escaped the jaws as it crashed to the ground behind her. She heard it turn around for another go, she got back on her feet and tried to get out of the way. She could see a abandoned tractor car and hid behind it waiting for it to go away. So she could continue running along the lights ounce more.

Back at the clearing, Skye watched Erics run for a bit dumbfounded. Even the lizards seemed to be watching with the same sense of lost. It was an odd moment girl and basilisk horde sharing a moment of confusion as the woman ran off. She didn't even move to save her from a leaping tyrant, as it lounged at her in the distance. Skye was deep in her own thoughts, ("Erics left me behind, and broke the rules. I thought we were going to make this a fun game. Does she not want to play with me anymore, she did seem really mad before?")Arms hanging loosely at her sides and sad look on her face she pouted for a second. Skye started yelling at her partner from across the wasteland.

"That's not fair if you get a head start, you big fat cheater!" A hiss behind her reminded the young lady why they were running in the first place. she kicked up her own feet and ran as fast as she could letting the reptile eat dirt and not looking back.

Skye wasted no time trying to catch up, and she had a few advantages that let her catch up to her friend. First off her size, smaller targets where harder to hit. So try as the lizards might she just was to hard to get a bite out of. That and some of them decided she was too much of a problem after watching what happened to their buddy. Erics was still running at top speed when Skye casually ran up beside her. Looking over Erics saw how effortlessly she was running, and wanted to scream. It wasn't fair, she was huffing and puffing to keep her pace up and it was easy to Skye.

"You broke the rules!" Skye yelled while they were running which pulled Erics out of her own thoughts of jealousy. Skye playfully pushed Erics which almost cost her arm as a moth snapped next to her. Why the hell didn't she bring a gun or bazooka or something, this was not planned out very well at all. Even if Skye hadn't blown the man up he would've been eaten before he could get back to the city. The lizards chased them into a area that might have been a construction site at one point in time. They hide themselves in some old metal pipes. Taking a breather, Erics asked in between gasps

"What are you talking about me cheating?" She could feel the sweat dripping from her forehead. This was not what she had planned out at all, it was going to be a long night.

"I was going to count to three then we were going to race. But you started without me so that's why I called you a cheater." She responded. Erics could hear the anger in her voice. Great she gets mad about a game but not about killing someone in a burning inferno. Glad I picked a winner here, she let loose not thinking about what she was saying.

"Well sorry I'm not some freak that can crack a basilisk skull in half. I ran because I can't do that, and I wouldn't have to if you would have listened to what I said in the first place." She realized what she had said after it was too late. Even in the faint glow she could see the water well up in her eyes. Reflecting the light caught in her eyes. Erics felt like shit, but there was still a long way to go if they were going to make it back home in one piece. She stubbornly walked away, leaning her head out of the pipe to see if there was any more left.

"Look I'm sorry you want this to be fun then alright." She sighed, and heard Skye come up behind her. "How about if you can get home and protect me from the lizards tell we get to the city then I'll take you out to eat. Any restaurant you want, does that sound like a deal?'" She asked, and heard the girl moving behind her, sniffling as she rubbed her eyes out

"Okay, umm….Erics…." Skye wanted to apologize she had done something wrong too. But Erics just ran off ahead of her.

"Come on, we have to get out of her" She yelled back, Skye chased off after her along the path ounce more. Erics had promised her a treat if they made out okay, she didn't know if that meant things were okay between them. She didn't like to see Erics upset, especially at her.

They raced up and down jagged rocks and dodge between tractor cars and fallen lamp posts. They were about three fourths of the way there; the basilisks were chasing them down at every turn. Falling down from building roof tops and springing up from holes in the ground. Erics toke a look back and saw one coming behind Skye, mouth open and ready for a bite. If it landed on her it would kill Skye in one blow. Out of reflex she yelled out as loud as she could, trying to warn her before it was too late..

Worried or not Skye showed she had everything under control. The lizard was caught off guard and found a fist to the bottom of his chops. The red eyes rolled in its head, before it finally fell down on the ground. A small pack came at her from all angles, perhaps driven by rage for their pack member. She was frozen unable to move or speak as they rushed Skye, she tried to do something but it was like she had been turned into stone. Skye on the other hand was not so easily scared; the lizard would soon regret messing with her. She grabbed one by the tail and swung him around into the others before releasing him into the air smashing a stone beneath it.

That didn't stop the attacks; they came out from every knock and cranny in the abounded city. For every lizard that jumped in the air two were sent flying, or were brutally smacked to the ground. The force of the blows cracked bones which Erics could even hear. The cement was soon riddled with cracks from all the blows Skye was delivering. Erics was captivated, so it surprised her when she saw the lights in the sky. She watched them hover in the distance for a while, and was able to move ounce more. She might not be able to kill reptiles but this seemed like something she could handle. A pit grew in her stomach as the hover chopper made its way to a clearing a ways off. From experience Erics knew that it was a civilian air craft, and it wanted to find them for some reason.

"I have to take care of something, meet up with you at the ship!" She yelled, and then remembered what the city can do to Skye. All the lights, sounds, and smells would be overwhelming for her. "On second thought I'll meet you at the outskirts, just follow the lights!"

With that Erics made a narrow escape leaving Skye to fight of the pack of lizards. It wasn't what she wanted to do; she had a nasty habit of getting carried away. However, they would keep her occupied till Erics could figure out what a hover-chopper was doing here. It all pointed to a bad sign, showing up mysteriously for them after the building blew. The cops wouldn't be out her looking, they didn't want anything to do with this place. She wondered if it was one of the pharmaceutical companies looking for the documents. Either way she had to protect Skye, she wasn't going to rick her getting caught up in this if she could help it.

The good news was she was able to find the clearing, and since all the lizards were after Skye she made it without incident. The hover-chopper rested in a open clearing as Erics moved toward the chopper they shined a light on her from the vehicle. She raised her arm over her eyes as they adjusted to the light. "Miss. Erics I presume?' That proved it, they were looking for her. She only hoped that Skye wouldn't be upset at her for leaving her alone like this. She just didn't have any other options at the moment. Carefully she placed each footstep until she reached the chopper. Dreading what was inside the passenger compartment waiting for her.


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