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A computer programmer buys a cyborg female to be his companion, then falls in love with a real woman , and people die . This is my first sci-fi story . View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Shawn looked at the clock on his desk , it was 5:30 p.m.. time for him to clock out for today. The thought of going home made him very depressed, because he knew he had nothing to go home too. No wife, no friends, and in the year 2085 all pets were banned by the current overlord , anti-Christ , world leader. Shawn would've stayed, for overtime but that also had been banned by forced implemented union laws, so he had to be out of the building before six or face dire consequences. Shawn was computer programmer in one of the worlds top-notch Internet security defense corporations in "The New America" . His job was to help develop the anti-virus operating systems and help make the definitions updates for the antivirus programs. The antivirus programs of 2085 are much more sophisticated from the ones of today. These viruses not only attacked a victims computer and steal information , now they had subliminal codes on certain affected websites that could put a virus through a persons memory ID chip that was now inserted in everyone brains . Once the virus was in your brain the attacker would use it to control you and make you give up personal information , most hackers would get personal information and let you go, but more malicious hackers would make you kill yourself , or insert demon spyware into your brain and destroy your brain so Shawn's job was important and never ending, but he was not allowed to work over time due to strict union laws people had to abide by.

Shawn was walking to the elevator teleportor that led to the exit of the building when he saw the most beautiful woman ever come from down the hall. She had snow pale skin, beautiful, blue eyes, and luscious black hair. Her eyes were so enchanting they could stop any man in his tracks . Shawn had seen this woman before , but he never spoke to her no matter how much he wanted to because he was almost moronically shy. He was trying to avoid her eyes but she looked directly at him and spoke , then walked off. Shawn didn't manage to get anything but a stuttered "Hey". When she walked off he smacked his forehead and cursed. He was always a stumbling moron around women and he hated it. Shawn got in the teleporter elevator and was transported to the exit next to the security scanning center. When he got up to the exit When he got to the exit the security guard told him to turn around so that she could scan the barcode branded on his neck that all employees of "The New America Network Security " had to be branded with to employed there. Shawn exited the holographic doors and stepped outside. He could see through the dome sky that the weather outside the dome was scorching the sun was blood red. Shawn sometimes pitted the people who refused to be on the grid, and chose a life of exile outside the domes. Christian organizations refused to live under the laws of the new order, and criminals,ex-cons were not eligible to live in the domes. He imagined they died and suffered horribly, because temperatures on earth now got up to 300 degrees enough to burn a man alive. Shawn shook his head and walked towards home.

On his way home Shawn thought about the beautiful woman from work . What he wouldn't give to be man enough just to ask her out .On his way to his house he stopped into a coffee shop . Coffee doesn't exist anymore, but people still call places like Starbucks coffee shops. They drank a new plant that aliens had brought with them when they first interacted with human back in 2025. The plant was much healthier than coffee and it gave you natural energy , plus it was filled with vitamins and antioxidants that keep you healthy and well Shawn bought a cup , with his government issued paycard. Currency and other credit cards are gone. The government took over , and now you are only allowed to have one bank card from a government owned bank, your paychecks must be deposited into these banks, and they take taxes out at will. After they are done they give you your allowance to live on based on your status. How much weigh , if you were married or had kids, it calculated how much you would need to survive and give you an amount to live off of. Then if you had anything left it was put in a savings account you couldn't spend out of until retirement. After paying for his "coffee" Shawn went out side and saw an advertisement on the side of a hover powered cab for "Cyborg Romance Connections".. Under name it had a link that you could use to speak to a live representitive. Shawn pulled out his scan tron phone and scanned the number which pulled up the website . The website asked him did he want to speak to a live representative or order on his own , he chose the live representative and after a second of buffering a holographic person came out of the phone told him her name and walked him though the process of ordering a cyborg, but first he had to let them scan his mind chip for a signature ,of their license agreement. After he did the representative led him through the prompts of what he wanted his cyborg to look like , he wanted it to act like , whether he wanted male and female, and whether he wanted friendship or a relationship. Shawn chose and athletic woman, large breasted,nice hips, female of of course, nice and intelligent personality, and a relationship. When this was all confirm they needed to scan his government paycard and he was good to go. After the payment confirmation the representative told him his cyborg will arive at his house in 10 minutes and signed of. Shawn raced to get home.

Just like the representative said the cyborg was there in almost less in 10 minutes. He dragged the the box inside his apartment, let the scantron at the door scan his eyes and entered apartment. His living room consisted of a giant white sofa and big flat screen holographic TV. in one of the coner lied an almost invisible desktop computer. He put the box on the floor and in excitement ripped it open , when he got it open he pulled out the lifeless figure of his dreams . He was amazed by how beautiful it was and marveled at for a minute until he got bored of just looking at it and looked in the box for instructions on how to bring her to life. He found the instructions , that told him to insert the disk the port in the back of her neck. In red letters it clearly read "If the disk you have is green DO NOT insert into the cyborg! There is a malfunction with those disks! If you call technical support ,we will have a new disk sent in ten days and and an upgrade that will add more features to your model . Sorry for the inconvenience and thankyou for being a valued customer. " Shawn looked at the disk it was green as the water they drank know. Shawn thought to himself for a minute and figured he could fix the problem himself and quickly went to work with the disk. He found the the defective transistor and repaired it, or so he though . Then inserted it into the cyborg. as soon as he did her eyes jumped open and she began to speak. "Hello my love what can I do for you today ?"


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