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The Boy in the Box

Novel By: RaisinGirl
Science fiction

This is the beginning of a psychothriller/Sci-Fi novel about a teenage boy named Patrick Winston, who finds himself, face to face with Fear itself, and alien workshops, and trapped in the middle of 'Nowhere', within his infinite imagination...please disregard "prince of medora"(this is the real thing)...I found this on a lost disc, and was grateful to find it after almost five years of it being missing...please tell me what u think, because I certainly had a real plan for this one, and I need feedback, so that I can continue, after I regain the story within.... View table of contents...


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On this wonderfully gloomy day, as the sun began to set into a magnificent layered prism, it was back to normal for seventeen-year-old Patrick, or so he had certainly wished it to be.He would finally put all his worries behind him, and in turn, start a new life of his own.Everything seemed bright in his mind, though dusk was now settling in.

He laid out his favorite pair of bluejeans, flannel red shirt, and kicked off his tattered old brown combat boots, which looked as if they had spent an entire decade in a World War.But for Patrick, that was his style-grungy-for he just adored the master rocker, Cobain.He then popped in his favorite tune, crashed himself onto the bunk in which he had slept on since he was a small child, and softly hummed along to the music.He contemplated many thoughts, including those that involved the next day of school.As these thoughts swept through his mind, he soon drifted off into a very deep sleep.


When Patrick arrived at school the following morning, he felt as if he was mighty.He tucked each of his hands in his pockets, and swiftly strolled through the halls of the campus, all while greeting and chatting with some of his acquaintances.As soon as he turned the corner and walked through the door to his Geometry class, his teacher, Mrs. Henley pulled him by the arm and led him right back out of the classroom, and into the hall again."We need to talk, young man," she said to him accusingly."Come with me".
So he held his head high, didn't say a word, and casually followed her to the end of the hallway and out of the building.Waiting outside the building, there stood a very tall, lean man, who looked to be in his mid-thirties, or so.He gazed into young Patrick's eyes for a few seconds without saying anything. Then Mrs. Henley said, "Well Patrick, I don't know what you or that crazy brother of yours has done this time, but whatever it is, I don't think I even want to know.I'll just let this nice man handle it."
Patrick started to open his mouth to speak, when the nice, tall man cut him off.He pulled out a golden badge that sparked in the light of the fresh morning sun.Mrs. Henley quickly turned and walked away from the scene, and darted back into the building.
"Well, well, young Patrick Winston-that's your full name, ain't it son?" the man asked, with a slow, suspicious tone in his voice."Yes sir, it is.""Good answer, boy…I'm a licensed P. I., son-I'm sure you're familiar with the term, ain't ya?" Yes sir", Patrick replied once again."Well then Patrick Winston, let's take a little walk."
He obeyed like a well-trained little boy, without asking why or what for.He soon found himself walking half-way across the parking lot, even passing by his own pick-up truck, and then getting into a black mini-van with the strange man.
"Patrick, now you just hold your horses, son, and I'll let you know when it's time for questions and answers," the man said with a wide grin.Once again, Patrick stayed perfectly calm, and didn't say a word.
The drive seemed very long and boring, and as they rode together, Patrick studied the man carefully.From what he could tell, the man must have come from somewhere out of the South, such as Tennessee or Alabama.Of course, the accent he spoke with gave it right away.For here in Iowa, he just wasn't your normal everyday people.
The man also sported a brown leather jacket, with matching cowboy boots, along with a wide-brimmed beige cowboy hat, that had a copper bird feather sticking out of the side.Underneath his hat, he showed some sandy-colored stringy hair, about shoulder-length, and upon his face were freckles spotting here or there.He had a long, straight, pointy nose and a thick blondish mustache covering the top of his upper lip.
After only fifteen or twenty minutes had passed, Patrick began to wonder why he had ever agreed so easily at getting inside this vehicle with the strange cowboy.After all, though he was seventeen years old, he soon found himself overcome with anxiety, and felt he should have found out beforehand, why exactly he had agreed, and where they were going, and who really was this man.Despite these thoughts, he still kept his cool about him and eventually they even came to a complete stop.Only something wasn't quite right about the environment they were in.
For one, they were completely surrounded by dead, weathered trees, and second, he noticed that there was a slight, steamy mist occasionally hissing up through the holes from deep within the ground.Not only this, but when he turned his face back toward the cowboy, something very eerie had suddenly appeared on the man's face right before Patrick's eyes.A shiny, silver bullet-like object, about � of and inch in diameter, busted out through the man's forehead, then it cunningly stretched into a tubelike form and soon wrapped itself around his face in a very orderly manner, yet still being attached to his head.Patrick's jaw dropped when he saw this.But the man was still intact, and said "Don't worry boy, nothin's wrong here-jus' happens to be a new investigation device I'm testing for the military.It was implanted in my brain recently, and now I will have the delight of being the first to use it, alright?Understood son?Don't be frightened."
Of course, Patrick tried to keep very calm, but a million thoughts ran through his head per second.Then he replied, "Okay sir, but I would seriously like to know why you brought me here, what on earth that thing does, and why I am suddenly involved in your alien mission."
With a huff of a laugh, the man did not receive this questioning well.Instead, he took it rather with a sarcastic approach, and quickly said in a low even tone, " As I said once before, son, I'll let you know when it's time for questions and answers."Then he swiftly turned his head away and the silver device raised itself up and entered into Patrick's ear.
Patrick was definitely nervous, when the man said, "You see, Patrick, this device allows me to see inside your mind; your thoughts, your dreams, and possibly solve crimes-sort of a tracking device."Patrick did not receive this welcomingly at all, and raised his hand to the device and pulled it out very fast."I will not let you involve me in these mind games; I am not a criminal and I certainly don't want anyone to get inside my head," he shouted without hesitation, and following with, "certainly not you, or those quack psychiatrists, or the military, or anyone!I've been through that; my brother's in a cage because of this crap!"
Well, he had said too much now.The silver device pulled back into the man's head, and he stated, "It's about time someone mentioned a little something about your brother again.""Come to think of it, you might even know more than that, so I'm going ask you a few easy-to-answer questions.""Patrick, first off, what happened January 1, 1999?
He just stared back at the man for a while, then finally said, "I didn't want to talk about him; he hates everyone."Then he turned his face away and stared out the window of the van for a second or two. Before he spoke another word he started humming a little tune softly.Then he looked right in the man's eyes and said, "I'll make a deal with you; you tell me your name and I'll tell you something about C.J."
"Oh, so C.J., that is short for Christopher James, right?," again controlling the order of the conversation.
"C.J. is supposedly still in the nuthouse," Patrick said." But wait a minute, please tell me your name first."
"Alrighty, Patrick, I think you've earned it for being polite.Son, my name is Sheldon Wayne Cornwallis the Fourth.""And now we get to work."

Just at that moment, a magnetic wave of energy drew Patrick out of the vehicle and he found himself hugging a dead tree instantaneously.The force was very harsh as if a strong wind had blown him smack dab into that tree.He was calling out to Mr. Cornwallis when he suddenly fell on his back and started experiencing a gravitational force pulling him hard into the ground.Then all at once, the ground opened up and he found himself being swallowed by a grim black hole of death.Be he did not feel afraid nor did he cry out in fear, for he felt a wave of safety float about his falling body into the depths of the unknown.He somehow knew that he would not die, but would keep falling away for some time.Some time passed as he fell deeper and deeper, but Patrick just closed his eyes and embraced his dark surroundings, until finally he found himself at the bottom of the pit he was within.Nothing.Not a sound.But he felt about him soft, grains of sand-like substance, which he was sitting upon now.He felt a comfortable security about him now despite the darkness all around, but what would he do?Where and what was this place and why?



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