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The Lome Wars

Novel By: Raiu
Science fiction

Lome is a planet at war with itself. Half of it wants more technology. More power. More death. The other half wants better safe technology. Better understanding power. Less death. But in the midst of all the battling there is a sad truth. Lome is dying. All the war. All the manufacturing of weapons. Both sides are killing their home. But Lome won't leave without a fight. It chooses a small group of Lomens and grants them the abilities needed to carry out it's wishes. These abilities are called Gifts. The blessed few are grateful that Lome has granted them the blessing but what their world asks of them is impossible... or is it? View table of contents...


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The world of Lome is a world much like Earth. In fact. Some would say that God himself molded Lome in Earth's image. But there is more to Lome than meets the eye. You see. Lome is actually Earth. Those theories of parralel universes are true. This is what happened to your planet in a different universe.

This is the story of Lome. Or as you may call it... Earth.


He was soaring over the world. His world. Lome. Hands outstretched and a grin spread over his face the man dived through the clouds and dashed back upwards. He had taken to memorizing every aspect of his world. He was on the side of Lome that wanted peace. Such a sad way to live. Litteraly half of the world chose peace. The other chose greed. But neither could see what they were doing to their world.

Their dying world.

The man studiedPeaceas he chose to call the northern hemisphere of Lome. Cars were hovering slightly over the road as the Peaceful Lomens hadn't quite figured out a way to ensure safety of their enviornmentanduseful technology.

They were so naive. If theytrulywanted to change then they would have dropped the technology. The ThrusterRides, the Thermal Dispatchers, the PortRemotes.

The buildings were all sleek and shiny and the millions of windows that had prieviously been there were replaced with open gaps giving them a deserted feel. The same couldn't be said forGreedthe southern hemisphere of Lome though.

The man banked a hard right towards the boundry line that separated the two nations. He was using hisGiftat the moment. So far he was the only one blessed by Lome. But he knew there would be more. There had to be.

He concentrated on going faster as there would be miles and miles left to go on his journey of familiarizing himself with the nations. The constant pressure of wind increased as he sped up. First going the speed of sound and then the speed of light.

Under normal circumstances his body would have disitergrated from the particles hitting his face at 1750 miles per hour but his body had adapted to flying. The man's lungs had strengthened and it had become easier to breath in the thin air. His bones had thickened and lightened at the same time. His internal body now resembled a bird's.

He passed the vast stretch of water that separatedPeacefromGreed.His body was a blur with his arms pressed tightly against his thighs whitch were squishied together making his form as straight as it could be. Finally he arrived in the modern location ofGreed.


The cars reached the sky. Or as high into the sky as they could go before cracking under the pressure and cold. The man however could go higher than they could. But he was still limited to the Earth's atmosphere just like the vehicles.

The streets were not non-exisistent as some would hope. No, now the streets were a public conveyer belt that held out toys and machinery for the citizens. The man couldn't help but feel anger at the way that the people acted. Like sheep. They would do anything forGreedif they knew they would get things.

Greed. Such a fitting name for this nation. Sadly the person he was here for lived inGreed.The man dove down from the sky careful not to be seen. He dashed behind buildings, their reflective glass showed his form as a blur.Just the way he liked it.

He closed his eyes and stretched his senses towards Lome's core. Another Gift. Lome had chosen him to assemble it's army. It had given him two Gifts. One was to fly. The other was to speak to it at all times.

It sent him an image of an apartment. The address:232BThe man nodded to himself as the image helped him remember the location of the apartment building. His eyes scanned the ground looking for a familiar land mark. He had used to live inGreed.But that was before Lome had showed him the truth.

That it was dying.

It knew that there was no chance of it living but it wanted to get the Lomens off together. It had told the man that in order to get everyone off the dying world they needed to stop the war. The man had protested that that would be impossible. Even if he could fly but Lome would not hear it. It sent the man off toGreedto locate a different man. It said he would recognize him by his eyes. Whatever that meant.

The airborne male grinned as he spotted the apartment building. It had a different theme to it than all the other buildings. The windows literally glowed with nano tech. They could not be broken into. The man frowned as he dropped lightly from the air.

How would he get in?

He walked to the door and opened it. Walking into a foyer the man spots keyboard where he is supposed to enter an entrance code. He rolls his eyes at it and bashes his elbow through the glass-which was suprisingly normal-chips of the clear mineral flew through the air as the man reached his hand into the gap and opened the door.

Hovering slightly up the stairs he spots the door that he is supposed to enter. With a kick he busts open the door and closes it slightly behind him. Noticing the apartment is empty he entertains himself by cooking some eggs and turning on the Holo-TV.

In the distance the man hears alarms. "Looks like somebody had a break-in." He chuckles to himself.


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