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The story takes place in a secured location in Japan.A man-mad virus spreads and infects those who are unfortunate, mutating the infected mentally and physically into a monster similar to a wear wolf named by the military "Moon Phaser". The military cannot handle them with normal weapons and "normal" fighters, thus creating the agency "Moon Hunters".The story is from the main characters perspective. Satsuki Black half American half Japanese 16 year old girl that works with 14 others in killing off the infected.Being so young, she is different from the rest, being a survivor of being bitten. View table of contents...


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Its only been 6 years since the almost end of the world. In 20XX an man made virus managed to escape a secret biochemical base on an island close to Japan. The virus spread like wild fire. Almost all of Japan was consumed by that virus. The military decided to barricade the infected area and put up a secure remote area for those who where not infected. The population started to decrease during the years and the military couldn't keep up with the infected. So a scientist and combat specialist put together a "special" group of people that were to be trained to get rid of the so called infected people. Soon after they named the virus. Moon X09, but what our group calls it... "Moon Phasers" since the infected only reacted to the view of a full moon. I thought it was almost like wear wolfs but I guess its kind of similar. Our group consists of 15 people and only to that amount since we were specially picked for the job during the training course.

My name is Satsuki Black, my mother was foreign and my father was Japanese. Unfortunately they both my parents along with my older brother died during the spread of the virus. Though I was a survivor at the age of 9 I was bitten by one, I was rushed to the infected room. I thought at first I was going to turn into one of the Moon Phasers...but when they took a look at my blood sample. The side effects where much more different than what they've witnessed in the past. I was kept on watch by a few security guards. This was during the moon cycle where the effects should have suffice. By the night of the full moon I looked nothing like the Moon Phasers.

The scientists looked over my blood once more, to their amazement my blood cells where mutated. I got my inner body checked out and my muscles mutated as well. My eye color changed from dark brown to blood red. I was scared and relieved at the same time. When I turned 10 I was sent to the MPH head quarters (Moon Phaser Hunter). And I was introduced to the founder...Dr. Okinami he told me he looked into my files and decided it was best for me to join their group. He was not worried about my age. What was important was that I was one of the infected a Moon Phaser but the virus inside me was much more advanced in the cycle than the others. And so my training began from there.

This year I have just turned 16 the year 20XX. I've gotten used to the sight and scent of blood. Since I am a Moon Phaser my abilities are more advanced than a humans. The agency has taken care of me since I was 9. My training is in higher rank than the others that are in the group. I; 1 out of 15 hunters is specialized in really hunting down the monsters that swarm our country. The first time I killed was when I was 11 I was really scared back then...being forced to kill at such an age. I was almost killed during that battle and I was punished for being so careless. So I began to train myself hard so I wouldn't have to deal with the shame I ounce felt in the past.

Each kill brought a somehow intense delight to me...it felt good to be of use to someone, I was already told not lose myself to the virus, I needed to stay sane during those times...again and again each kill made it harder not to go insane. I was and still hated by the other members, they where scared of me. None of them went near me or talked to me. I didn't mind being alone...However we got news from one of our superiors that our eldest member died during battle, everyone went silent and some started to cry. I did not feel any sadness because...I did not care if one or more members die. I felt weird when I heard the news so I retreated to my room. In the bathroom mirror I saw something horrifying. A slight smirk began to show on my face. Why was it there? Whats so funny about the situation? Did I find it amusing in some way?

All these questions went through my head. I thought during that time I was not sane. The virus made me feel this way. Curiosity struck my mind. How did he die? Did he scream? Did the scent of blood bring ecstasy to the murderer? I sometimes thought about what it would it be like to kill a living human and not an infected. Each time this thought crossed my mind I found it funny how stupid of it was to think such things. Once I regained myself I headed toward the kitchen. 2 members where there...if I recall the one near the sink was named Rain and he came here 2 years before me so I guess hes like...18. And the one on the couch smoking is Jiro he was here before I came so...maybe in his late


I only noticed a few months ago that only 3 including me there were more males than female hunters...How rude does that mean men are stronger?

"Ah". I flinched when I heard Jiro say that.

"What"? I looked at him sternly. He just sat there smoking his big old cigar like he had no care in the world.

"...Nope never-mind". I really started to get pissed...did he want to tell me something or was he just doing that to annoy me. He took a deep breath and walked towards me. He bended down and gently tilted my head towards him. I didn't like the feeling of being touched especially by this one man. He always manages to piss me off somehow. He grinned and blew smoke into my face.

"Heh". He dare do that to me and he was well aware that I was a Moon Phaser. Before he managed to get away I grabbed his arm and at full strength pulled him to the ground. There was a loud bang once he hit the floor.

"Oh, Was I too rough for you? Flea". As I looked down at him I knew this was humiliating for him. I backed away once he stood up, he was still shaky getting off the floor. Rain was reading a magazine, ignoring our fight like we weren't even there.

"Damn you little brat"! He tried swinging at me with his left fist, of course I blocked it. He was slow when it came to hand to hand combat. He tried again with his right...again I block him.

"Ha ha...slow as always you'll never-". Before I knew it he had bunch my right cheek sending me flying to the wall. There was another loud boom when I hit the wall. It started to crumble. I was out for a few seconds.

"I'm not finished yet". Jiro sprinted towards me. Once I got out of the Crater that was created when I crashed into the wall I saw him, about to strike again I dodged him using just my hand to block his fist. I punched him again but this time the blood rushed to my head. Sending him into the courtyard.

"You better stop fighting me now, Jiro...or I just might lose myself to the insanity".

"Y-You don't need to tell me something like that. As if I would be scared of a little girl like you".

My blood started to boil...I know I cannot go against the agency rules, I cannot kill a hunter, but if this keeps up I don't know what I might do. Everything is going blurry I see blood dripping from Jiro's head . A deep red color, the scent was unbearable. I noticed blood on my hands, the scent was similar to his. I smelled it...the scent rushed to my head I felt my eyes roll back as the scent spread. This was another side effect from Moon Phase.


A voice came from the building, shouting I could hear it faintly. I turned around to see who was shouting so loud.

"What did I tell you about causing a riot...Jeez this happens almost everyday". Dr. Okinami stood there were the once glass window stood now shattered everywhere on the ground.

"Che! I could have sworn I just put a new glass window here...Satsuki pull yourself together. And act like a young lady should in front of your new member".

I rubbed my eyes and saw there was a second person standing next to the Doc. He was tall and didn't look much like a talker. He had greenish-black hair. There was a small pony tail in the back and his bangs enabled me from looking at his face. He looked older than me.

"Damn that hurt". Jiro was up again, I really wanted to punch him so hard that his skull would crack under the pressure of my fist. He dusted off the crumbled walls dirt from his shoulders and hair. He patted my head, and grinned at me again.

"Get your stupid hands off me you prick". I slapped away his hands off my head.

"sorry, sorry". He jogged away back into the building.

Dr. Okinami waved his hand telling me to come back inside. He ordered all members to assemble in the main room.

"Well, I know you've all heard about the unfortunate news last week but rejoice for we have a new member that has joined our team starting today. If you may".

The new member stepped up and was silent for a moment.

" Names...Joshua and well...". After that he went silent and everyone was waiting for him to speak more.

"Come on no need to be shy, boy". The cougar woman she is Hanako goes after boys that are younger than her...shes 30. she the type who's big boobed and has no shame showing it to the world.

"Shut your trap Hana you'll scare him with those large cow glands". Hats off to Sen who's always like that to Hanako...He's the somehow poker face funny guy he's 20.

"If you keep talking like this, he wont have a chance to speak". Whenever I speak everyone seems to listen since I know their scared of me. Though the desire to bully them like this worsens my insanity of Moon Phase, putting that aside. The Boy spoke.

"Like I said the names Joshua and 'm only 18 I suppose I'm the youngest among you all-".

Dr. Okinami spoke up, "That's not exactly true...Joshua". He pointed to my direction.

"That young one-".

"If I may... I would like to introduce myself".

"Ah...go ahead". I took a step forward, standing in front of Joshua. I looked up noticing his height I stepped back a little.

" Satsuki Black, I'm 16 so don't jump to conclusions on saying your the youngest by not noticing me you half wit".

The room went silent again. He looked down at me.

"I'm sorry I really didn't notice you until you actually stood in front of me". I got so pissed I really wanted to see the smile on my face right now.

"See I told you, you were short...". Giggles surrounded the room. Even the Doc wanted to laugh. Thats it...I can't control my insanity.

"Jiro" Even I heard my own voice, it was cracking. The Moon Phase taking over my body. My anger was rising. I glanced at Jiro who was smoking a big old cigar again. I walked toward the broken glass and picked up a piece. I could hear each and everyones laugh...Stupid virus, I'm losing control over such small matter. What will I do if I end up killing everyone...Again.

"Heh". I started to giggle at the thought of Jiro screaming for his life.

"Oh, No" Everyone knew what was going to happen. When an Moon Phaser is angered then that is when they are at their most strongest also during a full moon.

Taking the glass shard, I tossed it across the room hitting the tip of Jiro's cigar. Halfway splitting it open.

"Oh man, and I was so close the cutting that pathetic face of yours...right"?


"Too bad...and I really wanted to see you bleed". The room was intense. I saw Mari take out his gun for Moon Phasers. He was prepared to shoot me if I ever were to lose control. I looked at my reflexion in the remaining glass window that stood before me. Just as I thought a bright blood red color... Well at least I still held some humanity in me. I slowly raised my hand gesturing to Mari that I was still sane, put down his gun back in his pocket. Mari was the nice type...always there with a gun ready to fire at any given time.

"I think I'll retire to my room for the day...to...regain myself...hopefully".

"Satsuki don't forget to get up early tomorrow-".

"I know, around 4:30 am correct"?.

"Ah...yes, thank you for remembering".

Every one usually trains starting from 5am to 9pm the same day. But for my cause...Moon Phasers are much more active at night, meaning I don't rest in the night. So when I go for training I don't sleep once the time comes. Rather, I don't sleep at all...maybe I take occasional naps in between training but the rest I do not sleep.

It must be nice to sleep. To re-energize your body and let it be prepared for the days to come. I do not have that lifestyle...anymore.

When I looked at the clock it was only 2:09 am in the morning, I was getting thirsty so I stepped outside into the kitchen to get something to drink. All the lights were off of course Moon Phasers can see well at night. I've only seen it once, during one of my rounds in the infected district I happen to glance at a store window, giving off a strange reflexion. I then realized it was my eyes that where giving it off.

The bright glow of a Moon Phasers eyes seem frightening to humans but I find it quite interesting. The look of a predator stalking its prey


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